IMG_1817 Hi! My name is Heather and I was a planner addict. My husband joked that I needed a planner to organize my planners….and he just might have been on to something. At the apex of my addiction, I had a homeschooling planner, a personal planner, a family planner, a holiday planner, a financial planner, and a fitness journal. I was losing my mind trying to keep up with all of my planners! These tools that were supposed to make my life easier were doing nothing but piling on stress….and I knew something had to give.

I began talking to other homeschooling moms and many of them expressed a desire to have one planner that would cover all areas of their life. I couldn’t agree more!

Say hello to the Homeschool Mom Life Binder.


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Finally, an easy, stress-free way to organize all areas of your busy homeschool mom life! If you are ready to say goodbye to the chaos that stems from being unorganized and unprepared then the Homeschool Mom Life Binder is for you!

What’s included?

The {downloadable} binder is broken down into 6 key sections:

  • Monthly Planning
    –monthly calendars

    –important dates
  • Weekly Planning
    –to do lists
  • Household Planning
    –menu planning {weekly and monthly}
    –cleaning schedules {daily, weekly, monthly}
    –babysitting information forms
    –refrigerator/freezer/pantry inventory
    –household project tracker
    –categorized grocery shopping lists
    –family’s favorite meals tracker
    –recipe cards
    –pet health tracker
    –automobile maintenance tracker
    –password log
  • Financial Management
    –bill payment tracker
    –quarterly budget trackers
    –checking and savings account registers
    –monthly budget planning
    –gifts planning
    –Christmas budget tracker
  • Homeschool Planning
    –attendance forms {3 styles to choose from}
    –grade records
    –monthly planning pages {with goals}
    –yearly plan for each student
    –field trip logs
    –reading logs
    –unit study planner
    –digital curriculum inventory
    –weekly planning sheets for students
    –curriculum shopping wish list
    –mid-year homeschool review forms
    –weekly lesson planning forms {templates for 1, 2, or 4 children- can mix and match to fit your needs}
  • Personal Planning
    –prayer list
    –categorized prayer list {my life, my children, my marriage, my home, my homeschool, others, and praises}
    –monthly fitness plan
    –weekly fitness trackers {2 designs to choose from}
    –personal goals

Not a homeschool mom, but still need to get organized? If so, the Mom’s Life Binder is for you! Click here to learn more!

Other amazing features:

  • 5 beautiful cover designs to choose from
  • undated {buy once and use year after year}
  • colorful design and functional layout
  • prints beautifully in color or black and white {if you want to save your color ink}
  • hyperlinked table of contents so that you can find exactly you are looking for when you need it
  • fully customizable {meaning you can print only the pages that you want}
  • outstanding customer support {Need some suggestions on how to structure your binder or how to use the planning forms? I am only an email away!}

*Since this is a downloadable product, you do not actually receive a binder in the mail. However, you can purchase a 3-ring binder for less than $2 from an office supply store or Wal-Mart.*

*Disclaimer- due to copyright regulations, I am unable to offer any refunds for any reason on digital products*

See what other homeschooling moms have to say about the Homeschool Mom Life Binder:

“As a type-A, crazy planning homeschool mom entering into her 12th year of homeschooling, I’ve have used several different types of homeschool planners. This is the first that I’ve found that not only helps me organize my homeschool, but my entire life!” ~Carlie K. from Today’s Frugal Mom

“I am a planner junkie. I can’t tell you how many I own. This digital planner is like planner icing! It has everything you need to organize your life in one simple spot! I love that it is versatile and has so many great features! Heather hit the ball out of the park with this one!” ~Mandy K. from Worshipful Living

“Being organized is key to a successful day no matter what you are doing, but even more so when you are homeschooling. This planner incorporates all aspects of life into an easy to use, easy to print, binder, that any mom can benefit from!” ~Stephanie E. from The MultiTaskin’ Mom

“Because moms are managers of the home, there is the Homeschool Life Mom Binder. Everything the busy mom needs to plan, organize, and manage her family is included in one place. No more filing this here and keeping track of that there. The Homeschool Life Mom Binder keeps everything from schedules to meal plans to pet health information at your fingertips.” ~Marcy G from The Homeschool Scientist

“I’m not one to use a planner to organize my life, however after looking over The Homeschool Mom Life Binder I can see I’ve been missing out! This planner has everything I could ever ask for plus so much more! This is going to make my life so much easier!” Christa B. from Little Log Cottage School

“As a homeschooling mom of 8, I can say that organization is key because we must combine our homes and our homeschool life into the same space, the same day, and the same life. This planner does a fantastic job of seamlessly blending the two together, meeting the various needs and demands of a homeschooling family.” Jennifer R. from The Intentional Mom

“If you need more peace and less chaos in your life, then Heather’s new planner is going to provide immediate relief! Each pretty page will help you get organized so you can focus on your priorities. Plus the undated calendar makes this a super-duper value!” Diane L. from Classical Scholar

“I will be honest, I am not great at organizing. I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants gal. However, as my kids get bigger I have found that it is impossible to organize their school, life, and activities without—well organizing! I had been on the look out for the perfect planner, with Heather’s planner, you have everything you need right at your finger tips! I am excited this year to have an organized life, thanks to Life of a Homeschool Mom!” ~Laura P from Raising Soldiers 4 Christ

“Never before have I been able to find a planner that had IT ALL! Now I can sit down and do my homeschool planning along with my monthly household planning. My favorite part? Everything coordinates! I am so excited to plan out our new homeschool year and get my home in order with The Homeschool Mom Life Binder.” Joanie B. from Simple Living Mama

I struggle with organization and planners often frustrate me. This planner is simple yet so well thought out, I don’t have to do the thinking- just fill in the blanks. When I heard Heather was also going to blog about how to use it, I knew not only did I have to get it, I would actually get help using it!” ~Kimberly V.

“This amazing planner has everything I need and so much more! I have searched for a long time to find a planner that would incorporate every aspect of my life and never found one, until now. I am so excited to have found the ONE planner that has it ALL! Now, I am looking forward to getting myself organized once again.” Jessica A. from Intentional in Life

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*Disclaimer- due to copyright regulations, I am unable to offer any refunds for any reason on digital products*


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