A few months ago, I was part of a discussion in my Facebook group with about 100 other homeschooling moms. It was a lengthy discussion, filled with almost a sense of despair.

The topic of the discussion?


Everyone in the conversation verbalized just how important fitness was, but 90% of us simply couldn’t make regular fitness fit into our already too full lives.

So, we started discussing what a perfect fitness plan for busy homeschooling moms would look like…

It could be done at home.

It would not require the use of any equipment.

It would be a total body workout that could be done in a matter of minutes.

It would provide support, encouragement, and accountability from like-minded participants.

It would fit into our day.

It would work for any fitness level: beginner or advanced.

It would be designed by a fitness professional.

It would address and common issues like Diastasis Recti.

It would provide modification for common joint issues.

It would be possible to include our children if desired.

It wouldn’t require a monthly payment.

It would be affordable.

It would be more of a lifestyle than a “workout”.

It wouldn’t be associated with a MLM company {such as Beachbody}.

Well, friends…you asked, and we listened.

I teamed up with my husband, Scott Bowen who is a certified Personal Trainer, and we created Homeschool Mom Fitness: Discovering a Healthy You in the Chaos. 

Homeschool Mom Fitness is a program like no other…because it was designed specifically for you, the busy homeschooling mom. 

The program includes:

  • an 8-week at home fitness plan with clear instruction that requires NO equipment
  • an exercise video library of all 30 exercises {includes modifications}
  • a highly effective total body workout that is done in 5 minute increments a few times each day
  • access to a certified personal trainer and other like-minded homeschooling moms through an active and engaging Facebook group. {optional}
  • modifications and strengthening exercises for common issues plaguing homeschooling moms including: Diastasis Recti, knee and shoulder issues.
  • tips and ideas for family fitness and homeschool PE ideas
  • beautiful, 17 page fitness tracker to help you stay on track and monitor progress {can be used with any fitness program}
  • a one-time {super low} payment- no monthly fees!
  • completely self-paced program {we have it scheduled for you, but we know life happens. If you need to skip a day or a week, just pick up where you left off} and you have lifetime access to all materials
  • coming soon- a mobile app

What are the workouts like?

Each day {five days per week} consists of three prescribed exercises {strength, cardio, and core}. These exercises are perfect for beginners or for those with more experience alike.  Each exercise is performed for a specified period of time before moving on to the next exercise. Once you have completed all three exercises for the appropriate lengths of time {this will take you less than 5 minutes}, you will choose to either complete another round or move about your day. The goal is to complete 5 rounds of all three exercises each day. You fit them in where you have time. When you have completed all five rounds, you will have completed a total body workout for that day.

But, does this type of program really work?

Well, let’s let our program testers tell you about their experiences with it:

“Between homeschooling my 3 young children, a husband that works out of town all week, and the HUNDREDS of other things that go on in our busy life, making the time to go to the gym was just entirely TOO much of a hassle – the baby always cried when left in the nursery (that’s when I remembered to make an appointment), or I had to find someone else to keep my children for a couple of HOURS (when I could find that amount of time) just so I could workout. Way too much trouble!  When Scott shared with me the idea for Homeschool Mom Fitness – I WAS SOLD! I needed that accountability that came along with a trainer, but I also needed the freedom to fit my workouts into my everyday routine. This option was all that and more! This program has been so “freeing” from the “I must go to the gym to exercise” mentality! I am no longer scared or filled with anxiety at the thought of exercising. My workouts don’t have to be long – who would’ve thought?!?! A set of squats here and there throughout the day, counter push-ups while cooking, stool step-ups while brushing my teeth, burpees, high-knees, or jumping jacks during The Price is Right – I’m toning, losing, AND WINNING at the same time! In 8 weeks, I am down 22 pounds, several inches, and 2 whole pant sizes! This has been life changing and I am so thankful I took the plunge and partnered with Scott on this journey! I am grateful to have this program and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone – exercise DOES NOT have to happen in a gym with gym equipment!” ~Amanda, homeschooling mom of 3

“Homeschool Mom Fitness has been a game changer for me. I used to dread the thought of working out. That is when I thought I must dedicate an hour to it each day. Now that I have adopted the lifestyle of fitting fitness into my days, my entire outlook has improved. Not only am I down 14 pounds since beginning this program, I have more energy, am sleeping better, and my kids are even joining in with me. The support that Scott and Heather have provided along my journey has been invaluable. They are truly a wealth of knowledge and this program can’t be beat!” ~Carrie, homeschooling mom of 6

“I’ll have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I have started many exercise programs {ahem, Beachbody coaches always get me} over the years, and I have never stuck with any program. I would start out strong and then life would happen and it would get tossed aside. I figured this would be the same.  I was also very hesitant to believe that 5 minutes of exercise a few times each day would have any real effect on me. I was SO wrong. 8 weeks later and I am still going strong. My endurance and strength have both increased…and the number on the scale and my pant sizes have decreased. Not only that but I feel so much better. This program is definitely designed to fit all fitness levels. The exercise library is great for showing how to properly do the exercises and also help to modify certain exercises that I was struggling with. If you’re wondering if you should sign up for Homeschool Mom Fitness, the answer is YES. You have nothing to lose {except for some extra pounds and unhealthy habits} and everything to gain.” ~Cheryl, homeschooling mom of 4

The perks of the Homeschool Mom Health & Fitness Facebook group include: {this group is only for registered Homeschool Mom Fitness participants}

  • Access to a certified personal trainer to answer questions and provide support.
  • Nutritional advice and ideas {including recipes, discussion, and more}
  • Tips, encouragement, and ideas for family fitness
  • Accountability and encouragement from fellow homeschooling moms
  • Exercise and advice for treating and managing common conditions affecting
    homeschooling moms including Diastasis Recti, fatigue, stress, joint issues, reproductive
    issues, and others
  • General fitness and health-related tips and resources
  • And much more!

Click here to purchase the Homeschool Mom Fitness program now!


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