Superwoman Has Left the Building by Amy Wyler– STOP trying to do it all and believing the lies that women that accomplish everything are SUPERWOMEN! Grab a cup of coffee and come listen to Amy as she blows the lid off some truths and myths about having it all . Learn the real definition of balance, HOW women who “seem” to have it all together really do it. And be ready to make your goals for 2019 actually HAPPEN! You won’t just learn HOW to make goals. Amy will help you dig out what is stopping you from achieving those goals…self awareness isn’t always comfortable but you can’t fix something unless you acknowledge it!!! This is a session you won’t want to miss

New Year, New Systems and Routines by Connie Deal: The new year is a fresh start and a time that many start new goals, but as we know, those new year’s resolutions don’t always last. In this workshop, I’ll share strategies and methods for making goals (resolutions) that will last well into the new year.

Setting Goals and Actually Achieving Them by Julie Mendez:“Setting goals takes desires, completing them takes determination!” – Julie Mendez. During this workshop, we will discuss how to choose goals that fulfill you, that push you toward your personal vision, that both challenge and motivate you, and propel you toward your definition of success. In short, yearly goals that matter!  However, that’s only part of the story – the next step is to create a plan and organize yourself to implement that plan, with clear goals that are ambitious, attainable, and fulfilling your own life vision. Let’s start a national trend of motivated and focused goal setters and “goal accomplishers,” so that you end 2019 with excitement and success.

From Dream to Business Plan: Planning Guide for Launching a Profitable Blog by Katelyn Fagan: This workshop will go over 12 different points of thinking, dreaming, and ultimately putting together a real business plan for a future blogging business! It will go over monetization ideas, content ideas, developing a target audience, niches, mission statements, naming your business, and much more!

The Process of Identifying Your Purpose by Krissy Scoon: Did you know that you were created on purpose and for a purpose? It’s true but somehow as we go through life as moms we tend to put everyone else first and then get left simmering on the backburner. If you have ever thought that life should be more fulfilling then join Krissy Scoon as she walks you through a simple process. One that can shift you from mundane to marvelous. She will not only help you identify your purpose but also show you that walking it out is not as hard as it seems.

Finding Your Sphere of Influence in 2019 by Kristi Bothur: As a mom, do you ever wish you could be making a bigger mark on the world around you, especially spiritually? Your sphere of influence is bigger than you may realize! Join blogger Kristi Bothur from This Side of Heaven to discover your unique sphere of influence and how to make the most of it in 2019!

Vision Board – Types of Boards and How to Create Them by Lesa Dale: Life Transformation comes when you can visualize & surround yourself with images of who you are called to become, what your ministry should be, where you want to minister. Your prayer and attention are that powerful! Vision Boards add clarity to your desires and feeling to your visions. Let’s walk through the three types of Vision Boards and gather all the supplies you will need. Once you are clear on the type of board you are creating, it’s time to put it together.

Vision, Mission and Goals by Lisa Nehring-In this workshop we’ll talk about the power of setting a vision and mission with your spouse, synergy and SMART goals that can take your year from ordinary to extraordinary.

How to Stop Procrastinating and Finally Reach Your Goals by Melanie Wilson: Would you like to write a book? Grow a business? Get organized? If procrastination and time-management struggles have kept you from achieving these goals, Melanie has good news for you. There is a method that will super charge your productivity and make your dreams come true. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but one that is custom made for you. She’ll help you find it in this session.

So, You’re Not Wonder Woman? by Melanie Wilson: Most women laugh about being Wonder Woman. Of course they’re not! But I believe God tells us in His Word that that’s exactly who we are. In this session, you’ll learn how to be the organized Wonder Woman God has created you to be. We can be transformed by changing the way we think about ourselves, God, and our homes. (Wonder Woman costume optional.)

Setting Goals that Work by Michelle Huddleston: Ever find yourself saying, “This time will be different, I just know it!”?? Then, time will pass and you’re back to beating yourself up for yet another set of goals abandoned. Michelle will shine light on the true roots to failed goals – unexpected expectations and limited beliefs – and share affirmations to trump that negativity, leaving you feeling empowered and victorious.

How to set 12 week goals to get more done in your year by Monique Boutsiv: Feeling like those yearly goals never amount to anything? Want to accomplish more in your year? Set 12 week goals instead and see how much you can get done. No more falling flat when March comes around. Join Monique for this practical and enlightening workshop where she will show you how 12 week goals will set your year up for success!

Breaking the 3 Excuses That Keep You From Achieving Your Goals by Rachel Martin: Did you know that gratitude, yes gratitude, is one thing that can keep us from achieving our goals. Once identified and removed, you’ll be able to accomplish more in less time than you ever have.

Gaining an Eternal Perspective by Richele McFarlin: Does the idea of a New Year evoke more feelings of hesitation than hope? After several hard years in a row Richele was gun shy to begin a new year. Through faith and God’s refinement the prospect of a New Year once again brings hope. Allow her to share with you what God taught about gaining an eternal perspective.

Finding Your Purpose Through Christ’s Atonement by Sarah Bean: Do you feel like you are in a constant pattern of impatience, yelling, and guilt? Do you wonder who you are outside of your role as a mother, and what you can do for yourself? For others? Please join Sarah in changing your life, starting with Christ. Learn how to use Christ’s Atonement to change your live, and the lives around you.

Faith Resolution: From Resolution to Revolution! by Wanda Gibert: Renew your resolve. Finally, accomplish it all, Go for it! Every year we make new faith/spiritual resolutions but usually by the end of February they have been consumed by the busyness of life  This workshop will equip you to “keep the faith” in practical and manageable ways! Let’s move from a Faith Resolution to a Faith Revolution!

5 Stones of Goal Setting by Lesa Dale: Goal setting is not easy for Lesa. She feels like most of them set her up for failure. People say if you shoot for the stars and land in a tree, at least you have accomplished something, but what she focused on was that she did not meet her goal. Then she found and fell in love with the 5 Stones concept of goal setting. In this workshop, she shares the principles of the 5 Stones of goal setting in hopes that you too will find a goal setting method that works for you. There is nothing more important than becoming extremely clear about what God wants you to accomplish, creating a plan to accomplish it and then actually doing it.

Goal Planning with your Teen by Laurie Geary: Join Laurie and walk through the process of helping your teen goal plan! Does your teen run and hide when it comes to goal planning? This workshop is for you! We’ll chat about why goal planning is an important teen skill, how to create S.M.A.R.T goals, and ways to maintain peace during the process!


Living out your Faith in your Marriage and Parenting by Bridget Childress: Daily we have the chance to impact those in our lives with our faith. In this workshop we will cover ways to keep our spiritual cups filled with practical applications for our marriage and our motherhood journey.

Five Ways to Avoid An Argument by Cheryl Carter: In this session participants will learn five ways to avoid an argument by enhancing their communication skills with their spouse. Come and learn how to express your deepest thoughts to your partner and have a meaningful dialogue. Even those who have been married for a long time will enjoy this practical session.

Bridging the Money and Marriage Gap by Danielle Tate: Are you trying to figure out how to keep your family on track financially but struggling to get your spouse on board? Maybe they are uninterested, passive, or just plain don’t care, but it could be more than that. Learn strategies for stree-free money conversations with your spouse plus ways they can get involved without overwhelming them.

Romance for the Exhausted by Hal & Melanie Young: How do you find time for romance when you have kids? And work? And everything else? The littles get up at the crack of dawn and the older kids won’t go to sleep at a decent hour. Even if you had time, how can you find the energy? Don’t let the busy-ness of this stage of life turn the two of you into co-workers and roommates instead of best friends and lovers. In this session, Hal and Melanie, parents of eight, will share ideas that will help you find romance in the midst of the exhaustion!

Your Marriage and Your Kids by Hal & Melanie Young: Does your marriage affect your kids? You bet. It affects them profoundly. It impacts their security, their identity, and their sense of worth. Beyond that, our marriage toolkit will be the one our kids reach for in their own marriages. Come get some new tools for your box and learn five ways to tune up your marriage to make it even better for you and your children.

Marriage Secrets From 40 Years by Kathie Morrissey: Marriage is God’s design, but the devil is out to destroy marriages, so we have to be purposeful and intentional about working on our marriage. Learn secrets to make your marriage not only last through the years, but also thrive.

Laughing Again in Your Marriage: How to Communicate with Your Spouse When It Feels Like You’re Speaking Different Languages by Micah Klug: When was the last time you really laughed with your husband? (I’m talking belly aching laughing)! With so much stress and pressure trying to balance your work, kids, the house (just to name a few things), the last thing you want to do is put your relationship with your husband on the back burner. Micah wants to share with you the same method she and her husband use to communicate together to eliminate misunderstandings, avoid arguments and contention, and really laugh together (and sometimes at each other) so you can rekindle your marriage and prioritize the relationship you have with your husband.

How to Help Your Spouse When You Have No Idea What to Do by Michelle Huddleston: Do I speak, or should I remain silent? Surely I can fix my husband, right? I expect him to… and the list goes on. If you find yourself in a spot where your spouse needs help but you have no idea what to do, Michelle wants to share four proven ways to keep your helping from hurting.

Marriage Goals: The Why and How by Mike & Carlie Kercheval:  Don’t let another day go by without setting goals for your marriage. In our workshop we will show you: why goal setting should be at the top of your priority list as a married couple, what goals you should be setting, how to get started, and how to stay motivated when you don’t meet your goals.

Meaningful Talk – How True Connection Can Transform Your Communication in Less Than a Second by Keith Dorscht: Every marriage and family experiences communication problems. There is a scientific solution that begins working in less than a second. As a psychotherapist Keith Dorscht has successfully used this technique 1000’s of times to re-open, repair and strengthen lines of communication. When this approach is practiced the brain is able to travel through a three step process that ultimately ends in compassionate responses and interactions.

Becoming a Peaceful Wife by April Cassidy: April thought her husband was the one causing all the problems for over fourteen years of marriage. If only he would change like she wanted him to, everything would be great! Was she ever shocked to discover that there were things on her end of the relationship she needed to work on, too. In this workshop, April will share a bit of her story with you and some easy, practical tips she’s learned that you can begin to apply today to strengthen your own marriage. Once you begin to learn this new “language,” you may be amazed at how much more peace you both have.


The Blessing Of Sabbath: Learning To Breathe As A Busy Mom by Abbey Phipps–  On the seventh day, God created rest. It didn’t just happen. It was divinely ordained by our Maker. We will dive into why God gave us the gift of Sabbath, what it looks like in our lives, and how our lives can truly be changed by accepting and honoring this principle that God has put in place since the beginning of time.

Seeds of Rest for Moms by Aimee Smith– Are you a weary momma? Yes, you know God created us with a need for rest, modeled rest in Creation, and commanded His people to honor the Sabbath. You know Jesus encouraged Martha to be like Mary, offered to give rest to those carrying His yoke, and slept in the midst of the storm. You think you should be restful, but you’re tired and overwhelmed. Your mind screams that pursuing rest is hopeless. However, somewhere behind the noise of your life and thoughts, you hear a whisper. A still small voice says, “Come away and rest”. Do you dare listen to the whisper in your heart rather than the taunts of your mind? The whisper is not your own heart. It’s Jesus. He’s calling, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-burdened, and I will give you rest.” Since Jesus made this claim, rest must be possible – even for the weary, overwhelmed momma. In Seeds of Rest for Moms, you will learn how planting seeds in the natural produces a harvest of rest in the supernatural. You will be encouraged with 3 principles about true rest. You will be equipped with 5 practical tips, the seeds, to cultivate the rest Jesus offers you rather than settling for a mere break. This can be your best year ever as you pursue restful habits. Refuse to settle for the hopelessness of a heart not at rest. It’s time to heed the whisper, start planting some restful seeds, and watch for supernatural growth.

Crafts- Good for the Brain, Good for the Budget by Alicia Simon-  Learn about the values of crafts of all kinds for  your brain, how they can be taken advantage of for self care, and even  how they can help your budget! Alicia shares tips and facts and includes  a personal story about how crafts can aid anxiety, depression, and more.

Caffeine-Free Sanity Savers for Moms by Amanda Jensen– Does it seem like your stay-at-home world is spinning out of control? In the chaos of diapers, discipline and Duplos, do you feel like you’re losing yourself? If the only thing that keeps you going is your grande, skinny-vanilla something, it’s time to reassess. In this workshop, we’ll explore some simple, sanity-saving tips to help you regain control of your life. We’ll learn how being a great mom doesn’t mean stifling or eliminating all the things that made you, YOU, before kids; and how taking a little time for yourself can reap benefits for the entire family.

You Are Here: Self Care for Moms by Anne Campbell: Moms don’t always think of themselves first. In fact, moms often don’t even put themselves on the family priority list. Have you ever seen the ad that points out how moms are more likely to schedule an appointment to take the dog to the vet than to schedule a well-check for themselves? It’s true, isn’t it? Whether you are a mom dealing with chronic illness, fatigue, or just feeling like there isn’t enough time for much self-care, this session will give you some tips and reasons for making time for yourself. In order to do this mom thing effectively, we have to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

The Meditation Miracle by Arabah Joy: Did you know that meditation is a biblical concept? In Joshua 1 and Psalm 1 we are instructed to meditate on God’s word. This workshop will not only show you why biblical meditation is so powerful but will also give you five practical ways to meditate on Scripture.

Finding Healing After Unhealthy Sexual Experiences by Danielle Tate: The pain, shame, and guilt associated with unhealthy sexual experiences runs deep and often hides out for months or years before showing up in your life. No matter if is trauma from sexual abuse or your own sexual promiscuity the hurts are real, but so is the healing. Learn how to begin the healing process and life free from those past sexual experiences.

Taking Care of Yourself in the Sandwich Generation by Katie Sheasby:  A lot of us are part of the Sandwich Generation, we are taking care of aging parents while also taking care of our children. We can easily get lost while taking care of everyone else. In this workshop, Katie shares things she has done to make sure she takes care of herself while caring for both her child and her grandmother who suffered with Alzheimer’s.  Tips will include ways to organize medicine, appointments, and activities along with ways to include your kids, and how to find services that can help relieve some of the burden.

How to DeStress Mom with 3R’s by Kerry Beck: No, it’s not reading, writing, ‘rithmetic. If you’re stressing about your parenting, feel like a failure, or can’t take another day, Kerry will share 3 R’s from the Bible to take stress out of your life as a mom. Discover how to quit comparing yourself to others and rely on God’s direction in your parenting. Quit being anxious as you listen to Kerry’s real life stories in following God’s direction for her family.

How to Overcome Being a People-Pleaser and Perfectionist by Melanie Krahn: Gaining approval from others is something we all long for, but at what expense? Putting unrealistic expectations and pressure on ourselves is draining and all too often we only realize it when our cup is empty and we’re burned out. Find out how to go from being a people-pleaser and perfectionist to serving others from a full cup and an excellent spirit. (Includes a free worksheet and a scripture challenge).

How to Quiet Your Crazy-Makers by Melanie Wilson: Do you deal with difficult people? Can you hear them speaking long after you’ve seen them? Do you wonder how a Christian should respond? In this session, we’ll look at a book of the Bible that gives us a thorough understanding of crazy-makers and a God-honoring prescription for how to deal with them.

Self Care Is Not Selfish by Penny Rogers: Taking care of yourself is not selfish although many women feel that way. Taking care of you makes you a better mom, wife and person. It doesn’t have to mean bubble baths and weekend getaways. Come learn how small changes in your life from scheduling to reading can make your life easier.  Leave the workshop with concrete ways to make this the year of the best you!

Calming an Anxious Heart: Strategies for the Woman Who Struggles with Anxiety by Richele McFarlin: This workshop will give you practical steps with a spiritual outlook on how to choose faith over fear and take your life back from the clutches of anxiety.

4 Keys for a Drama-Free Life by Rosilind Jukic: Learning to live a life of peace from the inside out; embracing the peace of God that surpasses all understanding so that when drama goes out around us, it doesn’t destroy our peace. In this workshop, Rosilind will guide you through the four keys that you need to possess a drama-free life!

Heart and Soul Journaling for Busy Moms by Sara Panning: Motherhood can be hard work, but it’s also heart work. We’re busy raising and educating our children, instilling knowledge but also character. We pour our hearts and souls into our families, which leaves little time for ourselves. We all know that we can’t pour from an empty cup. What can we do to fill that cup? One activity that requires minimal time and minimal expense is journaling. By journaling our thoughts, favorite Bible verses, favorite quotes, the funny things our kids do and say, or even random lists to clear our heads of mental clutter, we can renew our minds and refresh our spirits. In this session, you’ll learn how to get started in your new journaling habit.

Self-Care for the Exhausted Mom by Shaun Taylor: This workshop teaches Moms to stop and evaluate the role of self-care in their lives. It provides practical & essential strategies so self-care can be made a priority and not add to your exhaustion. There are many different dynamics shaping our families, Shaun will teach you how to identify those dynamics and create daily moments to take care of yourself.

Why Self-Care is a Matter of Life or Death by Terri Hedrick: In this discussion Terri dispels myths about self-care and discusses questions like, why do we believe that our self-worth hinges on our productivity? and how can I teach others to value my time?, plus much more! If you’re on the fence about the benefits of self-care, this workshop will have you convinced!


How Minimizing and Simplifying Your Lifestyle is Beneficial to Self-Care by Bridget Childress: So many times we forget that in the pursuit of great self-care we need to learn to also minimize and simply things that we have on our plates so that we can begin to fill ourselves with peace and allow ourselves to begin truly caring for ourselves. In this workshop we will be covering practical ways to begin clearing space in our lives.

Stress-Free Downsizing for Kids by Danielle Tate: Imagine getting your kids on board with downsizing and decluttering without yelling, tears, or stress. In this session you’ll learn strategies helping your children buy into the downsizing and decluttering your family needs to do. Whether you’re downsizing to a it’s a smaller home, transitioning to full-time RV living, or just decluttering and cleaning out your house having your children on board is good for you and for them.

No More Orange Chickens! Eliminate The Joy-Stealers For A More Productive Life by Shelley Merchant – Orange chickens are those things that have crept into our lives that rob us of joy. They can be things, obligations, expectations, and unfortunately, people, but once we identify and eliminate them we’re happier, healthier, and more productive. In this workshop, Shelley will help you to identify your orange chickens and equip you with plans to eliminate them from your life!

Practical Ways to Make Your Life Simpler When Your Life is Crazy! by Terri Hedrick: Come on over and learn about how you can implement some small things that will greatly simplify your life…..even when life is absolutely crazy! Terri shares great tips and ideas to help you figure out exactly what needs to be simplified, too! If you have a goal of simplifying your crazy life in 2019, don’t miss this workshop!

Planning/Time Management

Time Management for God-following Mamas by Felicia Johnson: There are so many activities and duties calling our names. Household chores, work meetings, playdates, homeschool community days, church projects, and the million Pinterest inspired hobbies all consume our calendars. How do we regain peace in our homes and give our calendar back to God? During this session, Felicia will share her journey and walk with you as you dig into the Word together. Let’s give our calendars, our minutes, our days to God and see what He has planned for us!

Finding your 2019 Focus through Fasting by Danielle Papageorgiou: Before you plan your year, wouldn’t it make sense to find out what God thinks about your plans? You don’t need to be a spiritual giant to go on a fast! Last year, Danielle started the year with a one-week water fast and God worked in her heart to change and refine her direction in ways she doesn’t think He otherwise could have. In Finding your 2019 Focus through Fasting, she will share with you ideas and tips for going on a fast to refine your focus and plan your year.

How Sunday Saves my Week by Heather Bowen: Sundays are Heather’s secret weapon. They are literally what defines success in her week. Come listen in as Heather shares with you exactly what she does on Sunday to set her week up for success. You’ll walk away encouraged and equipped with practical tips and a game plan for successful, productive weeks!

Why Balance is a Myth by Heather Bowen: Everyone keeps talking about balance and how you can achieve balance, but Heather has come to realize that balance is truly a myth. In this encouraging and humorous workshop, Heather will share with you the facts behind this illusive balance that we all seek and she’ll share with you practical insights to make you realize that balance isn’t really something that you need!

Praying Your Way Through 2019 – Your Best Year Ever! by Jan Burt: This workshop is all about prayer and how to make 2019 the best year ever for your prayer life! We will cover Bible promises about prayer and will reference specific verses to grow our prayer lives and move us forward in faith as we seek the Lord for our best year ever. In addition to discussing prayer in depth, there will be a time of prayer during this conference session and a “follow up” pdf which can be printed out to use as you keep track of how God answers your specific prayers throughout 2019. Join us & let’s start 2019 off with a bang and make it our best year ever!

Designated Days: Get it All Done, One Day at a Time by Jeniffer Do Nascimento: Through Designated Days, you will learn my proven method that will help you bring order and peace to your days.  By implementing this method into your daily life youll be able to keep food on the table, the house clean, spend time with the kids, homeschool . . . and everything else that life throws at you, all without losing your mind.

Our Life’s Work: Mom/Wife is a Job, So Manage It Like One! by Julie Mendez: Being a wife and being a mom IS a job, so manage it like one! Through her nerdy fascination with reading career and leadership-related articles, Julie has discovered how pertinent they often are to her other roles as a wife and mom! Join us as we look at applying popular organizational, business, and leadership tips to aid you as you manage your home and family.

How To Get It All Done As A Busy Mom by Kathie Morrissey: Do you often end the day feeling a little bit discouraged or defeated, feeling like you haven’t accomplished much of what you thought you needed to accomplish? Do you ever wonder if and how you will EVER be able to get it all done?! Learn some practical tips to help you accomplish your goals, and prioritize your time.

How to Work at Home with Kids Underfoot….and not lose your mind! by Mandi Ehman: Working at home with children underfoot can be difficult, whether you have little ones home all the time, homeschool your older kids, or simply have to adjust during school breaks. The key to maintaining your sanity while juggling the everchanging needs of kids isn’t in finding the perfect system or unlocking some hidden secret. Instead, it’s about being realistic about your role as a work-at-home mom and accepting the limitations so that you can thrive!

How to Successfully Manage a Project From Start to Finish by Melanie Krahn: Are you in charge of an event or project? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about where to start and to have the stamina to keep going through to the end. Learn the simple steps to successfully manage a project from start to finish and not lose your mind! (Includes a free project management workbook)

Bullet Journaling for Busy Moms by Monique Boutsiv: Want to see how you can use bullet journal to get more organized? Worried you’re not artsy or creative enough? Don’t worry, anyone can use a bullet journal to get more done in their day as they tackle their to do list. In this workshop, Monique will teach you how!

Keeping Your Cool When You Have Too Many Irons in the Fire by Richele McFarlin: This workshop will explore how moms who own more than one business or pursue more than one endeavor can keep it all cool while still maintaining a home.

Are You The Source Of Your Own Frenzy? by Shelley Merchant: In this session we’ll look at some of the common internal and external sources of women’s frenzy and identify practical solutions to deal with them. It’s time to say goodbye to frenzy-filled days! Are you ready?!

Planning with Purpose by Tiffany Andrews: Are you a pitiful planner who flies by the seat of your pants? Or a plentiful planner who over plans and never accomplishes? Find the solution to your planning woes in this workshop on planning with purpose!

Time Management: Getting Done What Really Matters by Wanda Gibert: Do you go to bed frustrated not sure why you are so tired? Is your to-do an endless laundry list of items? Do you ever wish you had just one more extra hour in your day? At the end of the day. many moms are discouraged, defeated and in dismay because they did not accomplish their goals. This workshop will empower moms to refine their goals, focus on what really matters and create a daily planning system that leaves them inspired, energized and full of life at the end of the day.

Meal Planning/Prep

Meal Planning Made Easy by Connie Deal: In this workshop, Connie will share the method she’s been using for a year now to lessen the decision fatigue of deciding what’s for dinner, share strategies for reducing food waste, extra trips to the grocery store, and ordering take-out. (Creating a set of weekly menus for all meals (helps SAHM/WAHM too because often lunch and breakfast are skipped) and using that to grocery shop once, maybe twice a week (or less!)).

Gluten-Free Living 101 by Heather Gonzales: Finding out you or a loved one needs to be gluten-free can feel overwhelming! In this workshop you will learn the basics of what it means to life a GF life (what is gluten, what is cross-contamination and how do you prevent it), where to shop, what to buy, how to save money, and where to find the best recipes!

Using Post it Notes to Simplify Meal Planning by Karen Carlton: – Does meal planning sound too difficult or set in stone for you? Are you too busy to plan your menu and life is too unpredictable to stick to a menu even if you did have one? Tune in to see how using Post-It Notes can simplify your meal planning and make your life easier.

Creating Confident Kids Through Healthy Food: Beyond the Kitchen by Katie Kimball:  Raising confident, independent, healthy kids is a great goal – but are they even eating their vegetables regularly? Kids cooking instructor and mom of 4 Katie Kimball will inspire you to connect with your kids in a powerful way around healthy food and help you empower them to step into the confidence you didn’t even know they had. This presentation takes cooking way beyond the kitchen, but first, some practical tips on how to get the kids in there in the first place.

Team Cooking: Feed a Large Family Without Breaking Your Budget by Melissa Langford: Do you struggle with feeding your family healthy meals without breaking the budget?  Do you find yourself eating fast food more than you should.  Come learn 7 easy ways to get dinner on the table and not break the budget from a mom who feeds a family of eight for less than $1000 per month.

Saving Your Sanity with Meal Planning by Shelley Merchant: In this workshop, Shelley discusses how a meal planning saves you time, money, and sanity. She shares her tried and true strategies that will help you to create a meal plan that minimizes your time in the kitchen.

Dump, Dish, Done! by Tiffany Andrews: Learn how to make an entire meal plan based solely on meals you can complete in 3 simple steps: Choose a meal, dump everything into a crockpot or instantpot, dish it out and you’re done!

Save More ($$), Waste Less (Food): How to Effectively Do a Pantry/Freezer Challenge by Tricia Brookover: Would you believe me if I told you that, on average, Americans waste ONE POUND of food per person per day?  20-30% of the food we buy ends up in the trash.  And that means 20-30% of your grocery budget ends up in the trash, too.  With focused planning several times throughout the year, though, you can learn how to save more ($$) and waste less (food) through pantry challenges. This workshop will equip you with everything you need to know to get started saving more and wasting less!

5 Key Strategies for Effective Meal Planning by Wanda Gibert: Are you frustrated with the stress of making dinner every night?  Or, perhaps  you find yourself doing a supermarket run at least three times  a week? Does your family complain about eating the same thing over and  over again?  It’s time  to make a change. Let’s face it, busy moms plan  and cook over 1000 meals each year. Mealtime has to be fun, memorable  and organized. In this workshop busy moms will discover five key
strategies for effective meal planning and create an actionable meal planning system. Implementing just one of these strategies will simplify meal planning, reduce stress and get dinner on the table! Come and learn  this easy-to-implement system.


Mothering with Grace- Even amidst the chaos by Angela Taylor: Being a mom is hard. Each stage comes with its own challenges. Difficult children, messy homes, struggling marriages and over committed schedules can all steal our joy. This workshop will give practical advice on how to calm the chaos and navigate it all with grace and love towards the ones closest to us.

Integrating Art to Help Your Kids with Academic Skills by Amanda Koonlaba: Did you know that research shows that when the arts are used to teach other subjects that kids retain the learning longer? Here are three ideas for helping your kids with basic math concepts using art. We’ll learn about using the work of Henri Matisse to better understand data collection and analysis. We’ll explore measurement by creating something inspired by Wassily Kandinsky. And, we’ll learn to use Andy Warhol to explore multiplication concepts. Get ready for a fun, easy, stress-free way to help your kids with math!

Attachment Parenting Into the Teen Years by Anne Campbell:  If you are the mom of teens or soon-to-be teens, you know how different this phase of life can be. Attachment parenting is a topic usually associated with moms of littles, but teens still need us to be involved with their lives. We may not be able to wear them in a baby wrap any more, but we can maintain the bond that we began building when they were little. By cultivating a relationship with our teens, we will help pave the way for a smooth transition into young adulthood.

Avoiding Sibling Rivalry by Cheryl Carter: In this session parents will learn practical ways to diminish sibling rivalry and conflict in their homes. Parents will learn how to quickly diffuse bickering and fighting without being pulled into the middle of disagreements.

Getting Your Kids into the Word by Christine Zell: Christine’s kids have always grown up in church. They knew all of the Bible stories, have read storybook Bibles, and have a love for Jesus. But, they have never read an actual Bible, aside from some memory verses. She wanted this to change. They changed up our routine and she created a kid friendly Bible study journal and reading plan to get our family in the Word- together! In this workshop, she’ll teach you easy, fun, and practical ways to get your children into the Word.

Parenting: From Head-to-Heart Work by Deitra Baker: Teaching biblical facts and truths are important in nurturing a child’s spiritual life. But, what if I told you that God desires for your child to know Him more intimately. To not only study and learn His word, but to live it out and become expanders of His Kingdom?As the primary care taker of your child’s spiritual development, in this session, Deitra will help you move beyond teaching biblical knowledge, to shepherding your child’s heart and influencing life long changes. You will leave this session inspired, with an action plan in hand to help draw your child into closer proximity with Christ.

TRIFECTA FOR TEENS and Those Who Care About Them by Ed Miller: The modern world has created tremendous pressures for young people. Navigating the resulting challenges is tough going in uncharted waters. Many are afraid, anxious, confused and they’re often coping by making destructive choices. In this workshop, Ed explores 3 PATHWAYS that will launch young people toward a successful life and how parents can walk with them on this journey.

Thrive: A Family Learning Experience by Ed Miller: Be Inspired with Biblical, Heart-Based, Practical Solutions for Your Child Today. Learn how to establish an effective instruction and correction routine in your home that builds closeness and connection while valuing firmness and training.

No Longer Little and Not Quite Teens by Hal & Melanie Young: The turmoil of the tween/preteen years between nine and thirteen usually catches parents by surprise. Diligent students become addled and distracted. Kids raised in church start questioning the existence of God. Sweet children seem to climb on an emotional roller coaster – and then invite you to join them. Don’t get a ticket for that ride! Instead, learn how to resist the temptation to lose it yourself and find out how to shepherd our children through this challenging age at this funny and all-too-real workshop — and lay a foundation to make the teen years great!

Raising Entrepreneurs by Hal & Melanie Young: Did you know that you can help your children learn to be entrepreneurs? Teach them the difference between an employee’s perspective and an owner’s, help them to understand money and finances, and inspire them to brainstorm businesses they can start. Find out how to incubate businesses in your own home from people who’ve done it. Hal & Melanie are entrepreneurs and so are several of their adult children!

Organization & Life Skills to Prepare Older Kids for Success by Joy Bryant: This workshop will have a great mix of information and practical ideas for preparing your older children for life.  We will talk about brain building exercises to help with working memory and following directions. You will receive daily planning practices and learn practical ways to implement some of the necessary life skills your child will need to hold a job and be success in whatever they choose to do in life!

Giving Our Kids (Back) to God by Joy Raciot: In Giving Our Kids (Back) to God we will dig into that all natural Mom instinct to protect and direct our kiddos! Where is the line drawn between a healthy instinct and that unhealthy (and stressful) need to control? Where does our God-given need to protect go astray, leaving us full of fear and anxiety? Joy gives us practical and actionable steps to keep us on the healthy side of this sometimes blurry line that all moms find themselves towing at one point or another!

10 Tips For First Time Obedience by Kathie Morrissey: While it takes a lot of training, practice, and reminding, first time obedience is vital for 2 reasons. First, so they will learn to obey God the first time He speaks to them. Second, for safety reasons. Learn some practical steps to help your kids learn to obey right away, with a good attitude.

Building Character Through Books by Leslie Rutland and Katie Chancellor: The workshop will cover WHY and HOW to use great stories to build character in children. Parents will learn why reading together is the most powerful method for character building, and they will be given simple, intentional steps to begin at home with a few great books.

IEP’s and 504 plans: Fact vs. Fiction by Katie Credeur: Learn the truth and myths behind these two documents that will help level the playing field for your child in school. Questions like What are they? How do qualify? and What happens after your child is evaluated? will be answered.

Raising Christian Leaders, Not Followers by Kerry Beck:  Do you want your kids to have an impact and lead those around them as adults? Kerry reveals how she raised her kids to be Godly leaders. Her goal was to to train her kids to become leaders of tomorrow – Godly leaders who can think critically and Biblically! Godly leaders who will change the world! She will share specific tips to give kids Godly character for a lifetime and how to mentor your child from the Bible.

How to Be Consistent with Your Family by Kerry Beck: Are you exhausted from your kids arguing with each other? Are you ever inconsistent with your kids? Are you not sure how to consistently discipline, and still build a relationship with your kids? Kerry felt the same way as you. She would treat not treat all arguments the same. She didn’t always notice that her kids were disobeying. She was inconsistent until God brought some tools to her that completely changed the way she parented. Discover those tools and how she implemented them to raise kids who now follow God as adults.

Praying with Jesus for my Children by Kristi Bothur: Have you ever wondered what and how to pray for your children, beyond asking God to keep them safe? There is no better example than Jesus Himself! Before going to the cross, Jesus prayed for his disciples and for us, and in his prayer, we can find a model of how to pray for our children alongside our Savior. Join Kristi Bothur from This Side of Heaven to explore this and to see how it can transform your prayer life.

Worldview: What it is and Why it Matters to Moms by Kristi Bothur: Few things will influence your children’s future choices than the worldviews that influence them and the one they eventually adopt as their own. Join blogger Kristi Bothur to explore what a worldview is, and why it matters to us as moms as we pray for, teach, and guide our children.

How to Handle Tween Girl Emotions in a God-Honoring Way by Lee Felix: If you have a daughter between the ages of 8-12 you’ve probably experienced at least one of the following scenarios: one minute you’re laughing and talking and the next she’s run off bawling, she often complains of being sad and doesn’t know why, every response from her seems snappy and angry or she blows up for “no reason”. Welcome to the tween girl emotional roller coaster Mama! As a Mom of 4 girls (and one sweet boy) Lee knows how quickly this stage creeps up on us. And when it hits, it hits hard. If we are not prepared with what to expect or equipped with tools to help, we can be left feeling totally overwhelmed and defeated. Facing the day in and day out, ever-changing emotions of a tween girl can be so tough, but there is also so much beauty in it. In this workshop,  Lee wants to help you to learn to embrace this stage and use the crazy tween girl emotions to build a bond with your daughter. Lee’shope is for you not be enemies (at least most days 🙂 but for you to be her “safe place” during this hard time.To do this, we Moms need to understand what we’re up against! Together we will: dive into what you can expect with tween girl emotions, take a look at what kinds of things can affect their emotions, learn what God says about emotions and how to handle them in a way that honors Him, discuss some coping techniques to help them deal with their changing emotions. Lee will also provide you with a free lesson on how to handle changing emotions that you can walk through with your girl! She can’t wait to come alongside you and your girl in this journey!

How Do You Teach Them Diligently? Tips for Discipleship-Focused Parenting by Leslie Nunnery: Most of us want to parent our children in such a way as to point them to Jesus, but do we really understand what that looks like? Join Leslie Nunnery as she gives Biblical insight into just what Discipleship-focused parenting actually looks like by examining the principles taught in scripture and giving personal examples of how that plays out in our modern world.

To Do or To Be: Motherhood Redefined by Marcy Loveless: How many of you mamas have a lengthy TO DO list every day that needs to be done? How many times have you gone to bed at night thinking you didn’t accomplish anything on that TO DO list? Society has a way of making us all feel that we need to be busy and get lots of things done to feel successful! Join Marcy in redefining what society has engrained in our minds about what success really is as a mother.  Mamas, your kids need you TO BE the best YOU that you can give them. We got this!

A Focused Parent Can Single Handedly Change the World by Marjorie Lou:  The world is beckoning for our time and often distracts us from the important details of parenting. In the Kingdom of God, parenting is one of the most important (and most honorable) jobs assigned by God. The outcome of your parenting will prove to be one of the most significant in all of your life. Attend this workshop and learn why and how to get laser-focused on your Kingdom Purpose in parenting.

The Heart of Parenting by Marjorie Lou: When discipling and training your children, do you assess your progress based on their outward behavior? The outward behavior is important, but the secret to the outward behavior is not what you think. Everything in parenting starts with the heart. Join this workshop to learn the secret to behaved, obedient children and how to lead them by the heart.

When Parenting Gets Tough by Michelle Huddleston: We can all agree that parenting isn’t always a walk [or un] in the park. There are some seasons where it constantly feels like it’s one thing after another, and it’s just plain tough. How do we navigate these times and see real results? Michelle will share practical steps covered in prayer and walked out through Scripture that will help these moments not seem so tough after all.

Good Parents and Rebellious Teens by Michelle Osborn: Even good parents have rebellious teens. We wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” We did our very best to follow Biblical principles. We prayed. We spent time with our children. It didn’t work.  Why? Michelle will share how she and her husband learned from their failures. There is hope for you and your rebellious teen.

Parenting your Generation Z Children by Michelle Osborn: Generation Z is different than any other generation yet. They are the only children born as digital natives. Just this fact changes everything about how our children see the world. Join Michelle as she talks about Gen Z kids outlook on the world and where they are headed.

Guarding Our Children’s Hearts by Nicki Truesdell: We are fighting a battle for the minds and hearts of this current generation. We see around us everyday that forces are working so hard to influence our children, in school, in entertainment, even in library books. Behaviors we would never endorse are being fed to our children by cartoon characters in our living rooms, or on the big screen in our favorite fairy tales. In this workshop, Nicki will talk about the idea that sheltering our children is actually a GOOD thing; how we don’t just say YES or NO to certain things, but instead address the specifics of each entertainment situation; and how we, as parents, can quickly teach our children to know what they believe and how to use PRINCIPLES instead of RATINGS to choose wisely.

That Child by Rachael Carman: What face comes to mind when you hear “that child”? Do you smile or scowl when you see that face? Do you struggle to like that child? That child is a world changer. God has a plan for that child. All of that energy, all those questions, all that strength, all THAT, is God-given for His glory. Come learn strategies for learning to enjoy that child, to embrace that child, and to train that child for God’s purposes.

What You Can Do Now to Keep Your Child Out of a Counselor’s Office Later by Keith Dorscht: A lot of people have their own ideas of what parents should do in order for their children to succeed relationally. The 10 Keys to Success presented in this webinar come from Rev. Keith Dorscht’s 20,000 of counseling and 500+ 15-hour marriage intensives. When Keith asks ‘What could have prevented this couple/adult from being in counseling?’he looks for answers. Learn what Keith has discovered and how you can provide your children (and you) what you need today for a better tomorrow.

Practical, Biblical Solutions to Selfishness in Kids by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller: Children can be quite self-focused today causing them all sorts of challenges including increased tension in the home. God has a solution he calls honor. In this session Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN show you how to help your child take initiative, focus on others, and contribute to your home.

Executive Functioning Skills and Your Teenager by Stephane Burger: The workshop will address executive functioning skills your children need, not only to function as productive adults one day, but also to achieve academically as teens and young adults in high school and college or university. The workshop will provide strategies and various printables, parents can use to assist their children to develop these skills.

The Beauty of Being an Older Mom by Terri Hedrick: Join Terri as she has a frank discussion with her friend, and former radio personality, about what it’s really like being an “older” mom.

Parenting Peters- Disciplining the Strong-Willed Child  by Tiffany Andrews– Struggling to raise and homeschool a strong-willed child? Thousands of homeschooling parents feel defeated by the constant power struggle. Let’s follow in Jesus’ footsteps in our parenting, as we learn from how He handled leading and training the strong-willed personality.

In a Place of Humility by Latrenda Rush: Instilling “Humility” within your parenting is very important, however, ask yourself are you practicing what you preach? As we go through this workshop you will learn the most important aspects of what it takes to be humble and how to remain humble. Ever wondered how Gold is made? Of course, your response would be by fire. Therefore, when we truly understand “Humility,” everything that we face in this life that seems tough will at some point brings you to a place of humility and brokenness. You will leave this workshop feeling more confident in yourself and while being self-conscious on how to show humility throughout your journey of life.

Being an Excellent Bible Teacher for Your Children by Anne Marie Gosnell: Interested in teaching the Bible to your children? What exactly does that mean, and are you equipped to do it? Join author and Bible Teacher, Anne Marie Gosnell, as she discusses a mindset that needs to be in place before we ever begin teaching children the Bible.

Why Teaching the Bible to the Next Generation is So Important by Anne Marie Gosnell: What does scripture have to say about teaching our children the Bible? And what happens if you don’t? Is it the church’s job to teach our children? Join
author and Bible Teacher, Anne Marie Gosnell, as she leads a Bible study focused on the books of Judges and Ruth and what happens if we do not teach the next generation.

Parenting a Young Child with Special Needs by Laurie Geary: Do you have a young child with unique needs? Join Laurie in this chat about my journey with special needs parenting. She will shareher story as well as some lessons learned along the way and ideas for making your journey a success!


Making Money Online as a Virtual Assistant by Alyssa Avant- In the Making Money Online as a Virtual Assistant workshop attendees will learn the first steps that you need to take to become a virtual assistant.  Takeaways will include:  How to Find Your Niche & Determine Your Services, How to Set a Budget for Your Business, How to Decide What to Charge, How to Market Your Business, Important System to Setup for Your Business.

Reset Your Budget with a Spending Fast by Heather Bowen: The best way to kick start a great financial year is by completing a spending fast to reset your financial mindset! In this incredibly enlightening workshop, Heather will give you the exact steps and encouragement that you need to set up {and follow through with} a spending fast!

Living Like Royalty on a Pauper’s Pension Part 1 by Karen Carlton:  This seminar will include tips for making your money stretch without having an empty fridge or pantry. This session will include tips for stretching your grocery dollars as well as many other every day ways to save money.

Living Like Royalty on a Pauper’s Pension Part 2 by Karen Carlton: Does that wedding invitation or birthday party invite make you sweat because your budget it already tight but you know you need a gift? This seminar will include the basics for how to start a gift closet so you are prepared for unexpected gift giving occasions without breaking the bank. Start filling your gift closet and you will be prepared for the next party invitation before it arrives in your mailbox.

Parenting When Poor: How to Rise above the Hurdles When Living Paycheck to Paycheck by Katelyn Fagan:
Struggling to make ends meet when striving to raise amazing kids is hard and brings with it its own set of unique challenges. Discover how you can conquer your feelings of overwhelm, discontent and shame, develop better patience and trust in the Lord even in the midst of your trials, learn some doable money saving tips, download a free Budget worksheet, and more from a woman who lived in poverty for years with her young family and managed to escape. 

How to Ensure You Have the Best Financial Year Ever by Kati Kiefer: Resolutions can be tough to actually achieve, especially with regards to your finances. Paying down debt and saving for your future can seem overwhelming, and no one wants to create a budget. So how can you successfully get your finances in shape for 2019? In tiny, manageable steps. Armed with a simple roadmap containing specific steps to take each month, after this session you’ll have the knowledge and inspiration to have your most successful financial year yet.

Teaching Your Children about Finances & Debt  by Kerry Beck: The Bible refers more to the subject of money than any other topic. Where will your children learn these important lessons about finances? Are you teaching them about finances and debt before they find themselves neck-deep in student loans, a mortgage and a $15,000 credit card debt? Come hear the Biblical view of finances and debt – and how we can effectively teach this to our children.

Establishing a Monthly Budget and Sticking To It by Sharla Fossen: Tired of living paycheck to paycheck and wondering where your money is going? Look no further! Sharla from Minnesota Country Girl has tips and techniques that are sure to get you on track to financial freedom!

Financial Fitness by Tiffany Andrews – Whip your finances into shape with these seven exercises. In this workshop, Tiffany will help you renew your financial planning and find the path to financial security in 2019!


Healthy Kids, Happy Lives! by Aimee McKee– Our kids are facing staggering statistics; diabetes, obesity, depression/anxiety, and many other dangerous diseases. Aimee is a mom on a mission, passionate about helping to change the health statistics for our present and future generations. Healthy Kids, Happy Lives will focus on sharing fun, informative and simple ways to inspire our children and families to make healthy choices through real food, exercise that is doable for busy families, and other simple changes that will last a lifetime! Through simplicity lasting change is possible!

The Surefire Way to Lose 20 Pounds This Year by Gena Mayo: She hit her forties, and the pounds kept creeping on. Even though Gena is a busy homeschooling mom of 8 she decided to take control of the weight gain. Find out how she lost 20 pounds in 2018, and kept it off, with this simple and effective method. You can do it, too!

How to Rock Motherhood with a Chronic Illness by Heather Gonzales: Chronic illness can make every aspect of life feel impossible, especially being a mom! This workshop will give you tips, tricks, and tools (and a whole lot of encouragement) to help you ROCK taking care of your family, serving healthy food, and homeschooling while dealing with a Chronic illness!

Thriving not Just Surviving While Living with Chronic Pain by Katie Sheasby:  After an injury at work almost nine years ago, Katie was left with a chronic pain condition. She is in pain every moment of the day. She has battled with anger, depression, and now have a life that looks nothing like she had ever planned. Whether you are dealing with a disease that causes pain, an injury, or something else, pain can put a huge damper on your life. Well meaning friends can offer advice, but unless they live in constant pain, it is hard for them to understand. Katie has been there, and is still there. After almost nine long years she has quite a few tips and tricks that have helped her to live her life while dealing with chronic pain. Katie knows they can help you too! From medication management to housekeeping advice. She will share the things that have helped to make the bad days more tolerable and the good days better. It is time to stop just surviving, you can thrive even with chronic pain!

The Family Health Challenge by Misty Mendoza: In the hustle of life it is easy to develop bad habits when it comes to caring for our health and the health of our families. The Family Health Challenge is an opportunity to take back your health and the health of your family. It’s so much easier to reach our goals when we have accountability and encouragement. Who better to be that support group than our own family? Discover practical ways to develop new health habits, while making fun family memories.

Coping with Anxiety: Skills for Parents & Children by Renee Perez: In this workshop Renee Perez tackles anxiety. Discussion is centered around understanding the feeling of anxiety. Strategies for parents and children are given to work through anxiety. As part of your “New Year, Your Best Year,” you don’t want to miss out on these practical coping strategies!

From Couch Potato to Triathlete: How I Lost 100 Pounds Using These 3 Weight Loss Secrets by Sara Borgstede: Hear Sara’s story of how she overcame life-long eating issues of compulsive and binge eating, lost over 100 pounds, and moved from hating exercise to becoming a triathlete. Learn the amazing story of how she has overcome a lifetime of eating issues and she has found freedom around food.

Fitness for Busy Moms by Scott Bowen: “I just don’t have time to exercise!” Sound familiar? Certified Personal Trainer, Scott Bowen, has heard this same line from potential clients too many times to count. That’s why he made a point to design an exercise program with the busy mom in mind! He has helped countless women find ways to sneak in full-body workouts in short 5-minute increments throughout the day. 2019 is time to ditch the excuses! With the practical tips and encouragement that Scott shares in this workshop, you’ll see that you really do have enough time to get fit this year!

Taking Control of Your Autoimmune Disease with Self-Care: A Personal Testimony by Sharla Fossen: Discover how Sharla from Minnesota Country Girl took control of her fibromyalgia after battling it for 8 years! Learn techniques on gentle fitness exercises, mindful eating,  gut health, natural remedies/vitamins & supplements, staying connected with friends and family, healthy sleeping habits, reducing stress, and following your passion whether it’s reading, meditating, hobbies, or whatever makes you feel fulfilled! Let’s get you feeling your best!

From Non-Runner to Half-Marathoner: Tips & Tricks I’ve Learned Along the Way by Tricia Brookover: At 41, Tricia decided it was now or never.  If she wanted to run the Walt Disney World half-marathon, a nearly-20 year-long dream, now was the time.  She started at the beginning, never a runner before this decision.  Along the way, she learned to enjoy the sport, love what her body can accomplish and face a challenge head-on.  Join Tricia as she shares the tips and tricks that she’s learned as she’s logged hundreds of miles in preparation for 13.1 magical miles.

Family Life

Why Recreational Intimacy Is The Key To A Happy Family by Abbey Phipps– Recreational intimacy is a fancy way of saying spending time together. This can be time together as you go through every day life, or it can time intentionally set apart for dates with your spouse, family activities, or any sort of memory-making moment. If you want a happy, satisfied, loving family, you need to take the time to build recreational intimacy. How? That’s what we’ll be looking at.

Pinterest-Worthy Art Projects That Don’t Break the Bank by Amanda Koonlaba: Learn how to create three different art projects with your kids without having to make a trip to the craft supply store. We’ll use common household items like empty bottles, newspapers, shoeboxes, and glue to create truly creative works of art that you and your child will cherish. Let’s get the kids thinking outside the copy-cat box and into exploring their own creativity without emptying our pocketbooks!

Honor: The Secret Ingredient in Family Life by Ed Miller: Honor is more than just behavior change. Honor comes from the heart. Honor affects the way people think, the way they act, and the way they treat others around them. Honor motivates parents to treat children differently. It gives children more constructive ways to interact with their parents. It helps siblings develop tolerance and patience. Honor builds incredibly strong bonds that, in turn, benefit all members of the family. This session shows you in practical ways how honor can transform your family.

How to Use Music to Bring Peace and Joy to Your Home by Gena Mayo: Is your home full of anger and anxiety instead of peace? Is there strife and yelling instead of joy? Find out how to use music to turn around the atmosphere of your home. Included is a ready-made playlist so you can implement it today!

Becoming World Citizens in 2019: Practical Ways to Broaden Your Worldview by Joy Bryant: The world has become a much smaller place with the ease of travel and instant information on the internet.  So many people around us grow up in multiple cultures and have a very unique view on life. Learn what a Third Culture Kid (TCK) is and how they view the world.  Compare your own view of the world & find out ways to relate to TCKs living close to you. You will also receive real-life ways to expand your family’s worldview and how to implement a monthly cultural experience in your own home!

Making Biblical Decisions In Your Family: Identifying and Implementing God’s Priorities by Kerry Beck: You can tell the maturity of a believer by the decisions he makes. Why do Christians make such poor decisions? Can we ensure that our decisions are pleasing to God and not merely based on our feelings, circumstances or other’s opinions? How can we know God’s will for our lives? Come hear a challenging message on how we should make everyday decisions – ones we are sure will please our Lord and Master!

Establishing Traditions to Build a Stronger Family by Misty Mendoza:  What makes your family different from any other? Are you looking for ways to deliberately make family memories? Help your family grow even closer through family traditions. Misty shares the importance of making family memories and ideas for how you can be intentional in establishing family traditions that are unique to your family.

Simple Christian Discipleship in the Home  by Nicki Truesdell: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 4.  One day, every human will stand before God and answer for their time spent on this earth. They will not be asked what their GPA was, or how much history they knew, or how many degrees they had, or how much money they made. They will be asked if they believed that Jesus is Lord, and if they loved Him, and shared the gospel with others. They will be asked if they fed the poor, cared for the sick, visited the prisoners, and provided for widows and orphans. As a mom, have I taken the time every day to point them to God? Have I instructed them in the Bible? Have I helped to form their character from the scriptures? Have I encouraged them to pray? Have I encouraged them to see their future through God’s eyes? Join Nicki as she shares tips and encouragement for brining simple Christian Discipleship into your family life.

Blessing the Next Generation: A Contemporary Coming-of-Age Service for Christian Families by Pat Fenner:  How does your child know that he’s ready to be considered an adult? How DO you acknowledge—and celebrate—this next step in her journey? In these confusing times, our children need to know. Beyond what our society would tell them, our children need to know when they have arrived at Biblical adulthood. Crafting this occasion is what this course is all about.

Need a Family Reboot? by Penny Rogers: Do you long for a tight knit family who wants to spend time together? Has your family drifted into everyone going their own ways and doing their own things? Come learn how to do a 30 day Reboot with small changes designed to foster family closeness. Let this be the year your family begins to enjoy being together again or for the first time.

Family Language Learning Made Easy by Renai Ruiz: Is your family learning a language? Perhaps there is a heritage language you would like to maintain. How can it be done, while juggling so many other duties in your life? Active participation in a language ensures relevancy and retention. Learn how to easily incorporate strategies in your regular routine to help make learning or maintaining a language fun, active, and more likely to be remembered and used!

You.. Me.. or Immaturity? by Keith Dorscht: If you have never considered maturity you need to! At every stage of life you have ‘tasks’ to complete if you want to reach your potential. Every ‘task’ requires a specific contribution from family/community. When the contributions aren’t made the tasks aren’t completed, growth is student, potential is never realized and relationships are hard and unenjoyable. BUT, when maturity is increased every area of live is improved, from marriage to parenting to work….

Discipleship in Our Homes by Anne Marie Gosnell – What does it look like? : How does one begin teaching the Bible to children? What if you have older children and never thought about teaching the Bible in your home? Join author and Bible Teacher, Anne Marie Gosnell, as she discusses developmentally appropriate practices for teaching the Bible at different ages and gives practical resources you can implement today.


How to Stop the Blessing Killers: Doubt & Guilt by Angela Legg: Mom – you’ve got lots to do! Needs to fulfill. Doubt will stop you from being the confident mom and wife your family needs. Guilt will keep you from trying to do better about things you already believe you’ve failed to do. The Bible shows us that doubt and guilt are blessing killers. Fortunately – it also shows us how to destroy the blessing killers! Join me in learning the secret to stopping the doubt and guilt. Hear practical teaching to replace them with confidence. (Hint: diligence + prayer)

5 Keys to Real Peace with God by April Cassidy:  Every mom is searching for a real source of peace in our chaotic culture today. When we look to other people, things in this world, or ourselves, we find ourselves repeatedly disappointed, frazzled, and discouraged. Real peace has to come from a much deeper source. Thankfully, God, Himself IS peace. When we have a right relationship with Him, His supernatural peace is an overflowing byproduct in our lives. There are five simple, life-changing, practical keys to God’s peace that I’d like to share with you in this session. This peace may eventually spread to your whole family as you model and teach it to your children. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing?

How to Create a Spiritual Growth Plan by Arabah Joy: Do you want to grow in your walk with God this year? If spiritual growth is one of your goals for 2019, this workshop is for you. During this hands-on session, you’ll cultivate a godly vision for your year and understand which key actions will benefit you the most.. You’ll then create a simple, customized plan for setting and reaching your goals. All in one workshop!

Empty Arms and a Broken Heart: How God’s Grace & Goodness Brought Me Through by Betsi Hill: Betsi had her first miscarriage at at age 31. Following that miscarriage, she got the green light to try again. That road led she and her husband down the route of fertility testing, fertility drugs, and other options. During this journey they had four more miscarriages. Following the fifth and last miscarriage, her doctor shared the hard truth with her – though she had no trouble getting pregnant, she could not carry a child to term because of the severe endometriosis. They were devastated. She and her husband were building a fledgling business, and did not financially qualify to adopt. During this time they met Jesus – right where they were in the midst of ugly depression and anger at not being able to have children. Have you been there, friend? Betsi can tell you that in an incredible manner God replaced her anger with joy, and her depression with amazement. Though their arms were empty, their hearts were full – and God not only fulfilled his promise to them, He exceeded in a way that only He can.It is her prayer that our story of Empty Arms and a Broken Heart: How God’s Grace & Goodness Brought Me Through will bring you hope in whatever battle or journey you are facing.

Chasing God and the Kids Too! by Cheryl Carter: This session will focus on practical and Biblical ways moms can grow spiritually while dealing with the pressures of home-schooling and maintaining busy households. Moms will learn practical ways to maintain a consistent quiet time, Bible reading, prayer, etc. and to get their fervor for God amidst the dirty diapers.

Growing a Steadfast Heart– The Key to a Life of Peace and Joy by Connie Stults: Life is full of hard moments, whether the toddler just flushed a whole roll of toilet paper or a family member just received a diagnosis of terminal illness. How do we navigate all of these moments with peace and joy? Is it even possible? What does that look like? If I make it my New Year’s Resolution, can I actually achieve it? Psalms and Isaiah talk about this very thing, and we can grasp hold of its truth and begin a new way of walking with Father God.

Help! How Do I Live Out This Christian Life, anyway?!? (Titus 2 Discipleship) by Jan Burt: When Jan was a brand-new Christian and a busy mom of little ones, she desperately sought out Titus 2 mentors…and sadly, she found nothing in place to help her at my local church. So she turned to books and other resources to try and fill her need to be discipled according to the Biblical model given in the second chapter of Timothy. Again, she found very little available to help her become a better wife, better mother, and a better Christian. She was disheartened to find so little material of any substance regarding the most important parts of her life. If you have ever felt the same way, this conference session is for you! Jan will be sharing with younger women what she needed but could not find when she was a young woman – Biblical truth & guidance from a Christian woman who has been there and wants to bless those coming along behind her. (And if you are not a “younger” woman, join us for this session and learn some tips about how to be a Titus 2 mentor for the women in your life!)

Let’s Get in the Word – All Year Long! (A Bible Reading Plan for 2019) by Jan Burt: This conference workshop is all about planning and maintaining a Bible reading plan that will last throughout the entire year. We all know it’s important to be in the Word of God on a regular basis. But many of us need a plan in order to make quality Bible reading time a reality in our busy lives! Join me during this session to discover a reading plan that is “doable” for busy moms & let’s get in the Word all year long!

What My Son Teaches Me About Jesus by Jessica Schneider: Jesus tells us that whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”, but have you ever thought about what that means? By embracing what her son teaches her about Jesus, Jessica has. So grab your coffee, and join her as she shares what she has learned about receiving and embracing the kingdom of God like a child.

Who Are You? – Your Identity is Not What You Do, But Who (and Who’s) You Are by Julie Mendez: As moms, as women, we get classified under many labels. Some labels define us through our relationship with others (Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sibling). Some of more about what you do or what you are known for – (a profession, a role, even official titles such as “the Hostess with the Mostest” or “Deal-Finder Queen”), and some are more about your place and status in this world (country of origin, race, place of birth, financial demographic). But what happens to you when those labels end or get taken away? Who are you then? Through this spiritually encouraging session, Julie will remind you just who you are, whose you are, what your worth is, and what is your God-given purpose in life.

My Story for His Glory: Redeeming the hard times in life and rejoicing in spite of them by Katie Hornor: Heartbreak, abandon, betrayal, physical needs, poverty, depression, ministry hurts…. Regardless of your story, There is only one who can heal your heart, teach it to praise, and transform your heart and home. You will find him, and the power of his Truth presented in this inspiring session by Katie Hornor.

How Knowing Who God is Can Make this the Best Year Ever by Katie Hornor: With examples from Scripture, history, hymnology, literature and science, Katie teaches you a process by which you can know God better than you’ve ever known him before. And knowing God gives life in a way you may have never experienced it before!

Your Message Matters: A Practical Guide to Changing the World by Katie Hornor:  If you’re reading this, you have a message to share, a mission still to fulfill. Someone out there needs what you have been entrusted to give. In this session, you will enjoy Katie’s unforgettable message of how we can all leverage the message we’ve been given to grow a mission and ultimately a movement.

How Busy Moms Can Stay Connected to God by Kerry Beck: Do you ever get up early to read your Bible and your toddler wakes up, wanting to cuddle? Do you try to read your Bible study or pray in the bathroom, but the kids come barging in? You know what I mean. When you have kids at home, it can be very difficult to stay connected to God. Kerry raised three kids who are now adults. While the kids were at home, she changed her methods to stay connected with God. As they got older, she involved her kids as she stayed connected to God. Come hear Kerry’s stories from babies to teens to adults and how to keep Jesus the focus of your family at all times.

No Time for Quiet Time? 3 Keys for Daily Bible Study for the Overwhelmed Mom by Lee Felix: Are you a busy Mom, powering through your day, only to get to the end and realize you spent no time with God?  Or, maybe you actually found a few minutes – but then skipped it. You decided you will just wait until you can “get a chunk” of 30 mins or more to study your Bible. But then it never happenedMom, I’ve been there too. All of the heart training, caretaking, homemaking or homeschooling can seem to take over any space for time with the Lord. And lack of God’s word in your life will leave you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and disheartened – believe me I know it well!As busy, overwhelmed Moms, we must remember to build from the foundation up.We glorify God and serve our families best when we operate from the overflow of our relationship with the Lord.In this session you will learn the 3 KEYS TO DAILY BIBLE STUDY FOR THE OVERWHELMED MOM! As a busy homeschooling, work from home Mom of 5,  Lee will walk alongside you as we tackle the following: how to actually fit quiet time in your crazy busy day, why you need a plan for your Bible Study time (and some simple yet powerful ideas and tools to help) and we will look at some of the most common lies we believe about quiet time as Moms and how to battle back! If you are struggling daily to find time for quiet time with the Lord, then you are in the right place!

The Way You Pray Will Change The Way You Parent– and how you live by Leslie Nunnery: Are you strategic in the way you pray for your children? For your husband? For yourself? Let’s look together at how God will fundamentally change the way you approach parenting, marriage, and every other area of your life through the way you pray. Then, we will all spend some time praying together in a very directed way that is sure to be a blessing and encouragement to all.

Trusting God Through A Dry Season by Melanie Krahn: Life sometimes doesn’t go how we thought. But the good news is, nothing is wasted in God. The Lord wants to walk through the “dry bones” places of your life together with you. He wants you to trust in Him surrendering your life to Him and experience His resurrecting power in your life. (Includes a free worksheet and a scripture challenge)

Thriving in Christ While Living in a Spiritual Desert by Micah Klug: It’s no secret that you have to really reach to God to be spiritually filled. But how can you come closer to Christ while trying to maintain your home and family, especially while fulfilling the demands of a hectic mom schedule? Micah will share with you 5 easy tips you can start today to renew your faith in Christ that will eliminate the overwhelming feeling like you’re not doing enough and give you a roadmap on how to best fill your spirit and draw closer to your Savior each day, even with your busy mom schedule.

For We Are Known – A Fresh Look at the Fruit of the Spirit by Michelle Huddleston: The passage in Galatians that lays out the fruit of the Spirit is one of the most popular set of verses mentioned and memorized. We know them well, but sometimes we honestly struggle with walking them out. Join Michelle as she offers a fresh perspective of ways to check your fruit of the Spirit meter, practical ways to walk them out, and the inspiration to share your new gained insight with others.

How to DIE to Yourself and LIVE to Tell About It by Rachael Carman: Every day you are bombarded with messages that say it’s all about you. Treat yourself. Free yourself. Believe in yourself. It’s all a big lie propagated by the king of lies! We must shift our focus away from ourselves and on to our awesome and almighty God. Peace and contentment can only come from a life that is totally surrendered to Christ and His will. Come learn how this realization radically changed Rachael’s direction and purpose. It can change yours too!

Discover God’s Unique Design in You by Lesa Dale: 2 Corinthians 13:5 tells us to examine ourselves. Test yourselves, that Jesus is within us – unless we fail to meet the test. I invite you to take the opportunity to do just that. The Bible tells us we are to examine ourselves. You need to get very well acquainted with who you are, how you work, and what makes you tick! Create a clear intention of discovering who you are in Christ, and you will be much closer in discovering God’s plan in your life. Some of the most obvious things we would want to test are the things related to who you are and how you work, especially within a Biblical perspective. When you tune into your God-given skills, personality, strengths, and spiritual gifts, you can make more satisfying decisions about relationships and careers.

Pursuing the Promises of God in the New Year by Angel Pennyman: Pursuing the Promises of God for the New Year is not about just checking something off your list. It’s about being intentional with our Heavenly Father and go deeper in your relationship with Him. Now is the time to set aside the busyness and allow yourself to be transformed by the love of the very One who created you. By pursuing God’s promises this year with me, you will be challenged by His Word, equipped for things you never thought you could handle and experience life and love with Christ like never before!

Household Organization/Homemaking

Organizing Your Home When You are Also Maintaining a Crazy Schedule by Bridget Childress: There is no calm season when you are in the middle of motherhood. So how can you develop and maintain an organized home while also maintaining a crazy schedule. Bridget will be offering tried and tested tips to get you on your homemaking A game.

Practicing Hospitality with a Sink Full of Dirty Dishes by Angela Taylor: What keeps you from welcoming people into your home? Fear of not knowing what to say? What to do? Maybe you think your house is not being big enough, clean enough or good enough? From conversation starters, home décor and organizational ideas, to meal planning we will handle the fears of inviting others over and get to the heart of connecting with others by practicing real hospitality.

How to Simplify Your Cleaning Routine by Joanie Boeckman: Are you struggling with keeping your house clean? Whether you’re a stay at home mom with little ones under your feet all day, or you work outside the home and then come home to work some more, it can be so hard to find the balance. You need a plan. In this session you will learn how to organize your days so that cleaning is a natural part of your routine. You’ll get tips and tricks for breaking cleaning tasks down into manageable chunks AND learn the best way to delegate tasks to other members of your family. Don’t drown in a messy house! Let’s simplify your cleaning routine!

Cleaning With Kids: The Secrets of Parents Who Maintain a Clean Home by Katelyn Fagan: When you feel like cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos, then this is the workshop for you. Cleaning with kids awake, around, and involved is totally doable, and totally worthwhile. Discover the five best habits of people with clean (though not necessarily spotless) homes, how to get your spouse and your kids involved in the household cleaning process, and download an editable household chore chart to make sure everything in the house gets cleaned regularly.

How to get your kids to help more by Monique Boutsiv: Tired of doing it all? Are you exhausted just looking at the pile of laundry that is growing? If you have older kids, now is the time to get their help too. See how you can get them to help you around the house no yelling and screaming required!

Charts and Checklists to Keep Your Children Organized by Randi Smith: It can be hard as moms to keep ourselves organized. Then you add children to the mix who are still developing their organizational skills and it is easy for even the most organized moms to become overwhelmed! Randi shares how she uses charts and checklists throughout the day to keep her organizationally challenged children on track.

Tips and Tricks for Taking, Editing, and Storing Family Photos on Your Phone by Randi Smith: Moms often become the unofficial photographer in charge of documenting their families’ lives. While not every photo needs to be Instagram worthy, we desire to have beautiful photos to look back on. In this session, Randi will teach simple strategies for taking better pictures and how to use basic apps on your phone to make your photos ‘pop’. Tips about which phones have the best cameras and how to store your photos and videos so you are not always running out of room on your phone will also be shared.

How to Get Your Family and Home Super Organized the Easy Way by Tatiana Audurias: Conquer all-the-things and get rid of the countless piles of stuff once and for all!!  In this workshop you will learn how and when to simplify, while getting the entire family on board. If you dream of a clean and organized home, this workshop is for you. Attend this workshop to discover: 1. You can live a minimalist lifestyle without getting rid of the things you love. 2. Simplicity makes it possible for even your two-year-old to be involved. 3. You can achieve your organization goal by taking just a few simple steps.

Decluttering Toys Part 1 by Tauna Meyer: Need to get a handle on the toy clutter but don’t know where to start? Check out these practical and simple tips from a mom of many!

Decluttering Toys Part 2 by Tauna Meyer: Teach your kids biblical responsibility and stewardship with these character instruction tips. PLUS find some answers to common questions about effectively decluttering toys in your home!

Making Your Home a Haven by Lara Molettiere: We want our homes to be a haven, a refuge from the chaos and volatility that is constantly hurled at our children, our spouses, and our friends while they are out in the world. How are we to accomplish what seems to be a herculean task? Lara walks you through practical ways to cultivate a Christ-centered haven both through your actions and your environment in this workshop. Be sure to print the workbook guide before you begin!

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