How to Host a Cookie Decorating Party

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This post is part of the 2019 Homeschooling Through the Holidays series and was written by Team Skill Trek.

Christmas is the time for cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Everywhere you look there are cookies to be eaten. Why eat the same cookies over and over again when you can host a cookie decorating party and enjoy cookies of all shapes, sizes, and flavor.

How to Host a Cookie Decorating Party

A great life skill to work on during the holidays is planning an hosting an event. Life skills is not just about cooking and cleaning. Teaching your child the intricacies of how to be a good host/hostess will be an indispensable skill come adulthood when they are expected to do it at holidays.

Hosting a cookie decorating party is a perfect event to start the process. It need not be cumbersome or burdensome. It just requires some basic pre planning to pull it off effortlessly. A plan of action with dates is helpful. Include your child in marking the calendar of dates and let them be responsible for keeping up with the details.

  • 4 weeks before the event, pick a date. The quicker you get out invites, the more people will put it on their calendars before the holiday madness begins. Have the date picked, Facebook event made and invites sent out no later than the beginning to middle of November.
  • Make a list of ingredients needed so you can be steadily picking them up as they go on sale over Thanksgiving and beyond. This is a great time to teach children how to host an event frugally. The life skill of knowing when to stock up on items throughout the year will be crucial to their grocery budget later in life.
  • Make a date or plan to make or buy all the cookies that will be decorated. Sometimes it’s easier to make them all yourself, especially if you have a food allergy. If your guests are bringing them, be sure to mark that on the invitation. Mark the calendar for a week before the event to remind them. No one wants to remember they were supposed to bring cookies the day of the party.

Once you have all the pre planning done, have your child help you make an event to do list. This will ensure nothing gets overlooked like needing extra toilet paper for the guests. The devil is in the details for events like these. You would never think to check the toilet paper until you run out and it becomes a fiasco. Experience can be the best teacher sometimes.

Decide who the cookies are destined for when everyone arrives. Is everyone taking some home? Are you going to decorate them then eat until everyone throws up? Your local firemen and policemen who work on Christmas would be most deserving of some. Thank them for their sacrifice of time away from their family on the holidays. It’s a great way to remind children of the service of others during this special season.

The day of the event, cover the middle of the table with the wax paper to hold the cookies then add sprinkles into various cupcake liners strewn throughout the table. This gives everyone equal access to everything without reaching over everyone. Also put out many icing bags of various colors for use as well. Everyone sits around the table laughing while making the various shapes look amazing. Your children will learn so many things from hosting a cookie decorating party.


Andrew and Sara Elizabeth are the creators of Skill Trek, a comprehensive life-skills curriculum that prepares children and teens for the playground, the workplace and everything in between. Parenting both typically developing and special needs children, they created Skill Trek to be customizable and flexible meeting each child where he or she is developmentally. To learn more and keep up with the latest, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.



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