12 Christmas Traditions for the Entire Family

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This post is part of the 2019 Homeschooling Through the Holidays series and was written by Misty from Many Seasons of Motherhood.

Christmas traditions are a wonderful way that you can be intentional about making special family memories. It’s not always easy to find traditions that include a wide variety of ages. My children span from age 4 to age 20; so I totally understand the importance of having traditions that include everyone.

If you’re looking for Christmas traditions that will be meaningful for the whole family, no matter their ages, you’re sure to find something here that everyone will enjoy.

Jesse Tree

A Jesse Tree is a small tree used as an advent calendar. Each day leading up to Christmas you read a short devotion from a book and a Scripture. (I love Ann Voskamp’s book, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: A Family Celebration of Christmas.) Then you hang an ornament on the tree that represents what you read.

Younger children especially enjoy hanging the variety of ornaments on the tree, but your entire family will draw closer to God as His love for you and plan for salvation is revealed more each day.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

All ages enjoy loading up in the car on a chilly, winter night to look at Christmas lights. A Christmas light scavenger hunt can add even more fun to this special tradition. You can get scavenger hunts for multiple ages here. Search for the different lights as a team or make it a fun competition.

Wise Men

Finding the wise men is a fun tradition for all ages. Take the wise men from a child friendly nativity set or print this set. Then hide them somewhere in your home that your family is likely to find them, such as in a kitchen cabinet. Whoever finds the wise men first keeps them until the next day and then they hide them for someone else to find.

Bake Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies is definitely a Christmas tradition the whole family can be involved with. Pull out some of your favorite recipes and give everyone an assignment. Then put on some Christmas music and get busy baking. To help your cooking making and decorating be a success check out these tips, there are even tips for decorating with little ones included too.

Christmas Movie

There is such a variety of Christmas movies available you’re family is sure to find one everyone likes. If your family really enjoys watching movies together try having some movie theme nights or doing a Christmas movie countdown.

Make Ornaments

It seems like there are hundreds of ornament craft ideas on Pinterest. Find some ideas that everyone can work on or get some plastic or plaster ornaments for everyone to paint. Then each year you’ll have new ornaments to add to your tree and look back fondly at the memories you’ve made over the years as you hang past ornaments.

Graham Cracker Houses

Make miniature gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. Younger children might need assistance getting their houses built, but everyone can choose their favorite candies to decorate their houses. It’s fun seeing how everyone’s houses change from year to year too.

Read Together

Book traditions can bring everyone together more often during the busy Christmas season. Read Jotham’s Journey aloud while your children draw or play quietly. Jotham’s Journey has a short chapter to read for each day during advent. It takes you on an exciting adventure leading up to the birth of Christ. Each evening your family will look forward to joining Jotham on his journey.

A Christmas books countdown is another fun book tradition that the whole family can enjoy.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is fun to have going all season long and even gives you the opportunity to include family members that aren’t home for the entire season, like your college age or grown children. Give everyone a list of pictures to take before Christmas and see who can get the most or work on completing the list as a family. This printable has a lot of fun ideas to include in your photo scavenger hunt.

Start a group message and send the pictures to each other as you take them. Everyone will love seeing the random pictures throughout the month and you’ll love having these family moments captured in time.

Christmas Dishes

It can be fun to have special dishes you only use during the Christmas season. Your younger children will get excited about using Christmas themed plates and cups leading up to Christmas day and your grown children will be flooded with special memories when they return home for the holidays and use the dishes again.

Game Night

Have a Christmas themed game night. Play Christmas charades or have a candy cane hunt. If your family really enjoys board games get a new board game each year that your family opens sometime the week before Christmas and play it for your family game night.

One of our favorite Christmas games is Christmas Rollick! Find out all about it here!

Christmas Drinks

Is there a special drink your family enjoys during the Christmas season? Our family loves having Wassail during Christmas. There are plenty of other delicious Christmas drinks your family might like too:

I hope you’ve discovered a few Christmas traditions that your whole family will enjoy.

What traditions would you add to this list? Share them with us in the comments.

Misty from Many Seasons of MotherhoodMisty is a child of God, wife, and mom of five, in the midst of many seasons of motherhood. Time goes fast. It is her heart to encourage other moms to find joy in each season of motherhood and make precious memories in the process.

She shares about homeschooling and family at Many Seasons of Motherhood. Connect with Misty on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for homeschooling and motherhood encouragement.

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