How to Teach Counting to Little Ones {free printable pack!}

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Got a young one at home and you’re thinking about teaching them how to count? Children as young as 1 year old can be taught the concept of counting — it’s easy to do with just a few creative ideas! Here I’ll show you how to teach counting to little ones with ease and fun.

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Why Teach Counting

While educators in school typically teach counting concepts  in Kindergarten, you can begin teaching children basic math skills so much earlier. It can be incorporated flawlessly into their day with just an affordable counting puzzles, simply using your hands, or counting an object they’re eating like animal crackers.

How to Teach Counting

As your child reaches toddlers age, she may be able to count by memory or rote, but teaching the concept of counting takes more practice and maturity. Remember, any basic skills you introduce to your young child will  begin to build the framework of future math skills and concepts. Counting improving their readiness for addition and subtraction during the preschool and kindergarten years.

As you watch your child thrive on understanding their basic math concepts, it will give them confidence and provide a pathway to future conceptual learning and abilities. Look out moms, your little scholar is moving onto big things so keep them engaged and excited about the countless possibilities!

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