How To Keep A Clean House and Homeschool Too

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When it comes to figuring out a way to homeschool your kids and keep a clean house, you may be just about ready to pull your hair out. When it comes to juggling a household and a homeschool curriculum, it’s not an easy task. If you’re frustrated with trying to keep a clean house and homeschool too, then continue reading for some tips on how you can maintain a clean home while educating your kids.

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How To Keep A Clean House and Homeschool Too

Create a Chore Chart

Not only should your kids have a chore chart but make one for you as the adult so that you know what your chores you need to get done each day. Let’s face it, even adults tend to slack on our household chores when there are other pressing things going on. Create a chore chart for your own adult tasks so that you wake up each day knowing what chores must be completed and by whom. I like to focus on one room/area of the house each week day. This prevents me from having to spend one entire day on the weekend cleaning. My current weekly cleaning schedule looks like this:

Monday- Living Room
Tuesday- Kitchen/Dining Room
Wednesday- Bathrooms
Thursday- Bedroom {mine only- I do NOT clean my children’s bedrooms and haven’t since they were 5.}
Friday- Office/Hallway/Stairs/Laundry room
Saturday- touch ups

Designate Hours

Build household cleaning into your homeschool day as part of the tasks that you and the children have to do. One of the joys of homeschooling is that you can teach your children some life skills during your days of educating them about other classroom subjects. Map out a daily homeschool schedule that will include a few hours of cleaning each day so that the kids learn how to maintain a clean house too.

If you have younger children consider using my free Clean-up Blitz system to make clean up time fun and effective!

Spend a Weekend Decluttering

Before you can keep a clean house and homeschool too, you’ll have to do a full weekend decluttering session. Spend some time on a weekend with the family going through your entire household so that you have a place for everything and an organizational plan. This will help ease the burden of having a high amount of things to deal with when you’re doing household chores during the week.

Lower Expectations

When it comes to learning how to keep a clean house and homeschool too, you’ll quickly find that you’ll have to lower your expectations. This means that you thrive for a sanitary home versus spotless, organized perfection. When you lower your expectations of what a clean house is, you’ll find that your home is easier to keep clean while you’re homeschooling. I’m not suggesting that you live in filth but I am telling you not to expect your home to look like you don’t live there!

All of the tips I shared today to help you learn how to keep a clean house and homeschool too will allow you to feel more peaceful as you work to educate your kids while maintaining and managing a clean household.

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