Autumn Poetry Practice Pack {Limited time freebie!}

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Leaves fall to the ground;

Swirling all about the town;

Bringing sweet Fall scents.

Who doesn’t love a good Haiku? Especially during the fall season, there are lots of reasons to break out the poetry lessons and write!

Poetry, even in the early elementary years, is an essential part of learning the English language.

This Autumn Poetry Pack will give children exposure to different poetry types, including haiku, cinquain, and acrostics. Through different poem structures, children learn how words create a context. 

Sitting down and breaking a poem into step by step parts lets children learn how to create that context for themselves. They will get to describe everyday fall objects for themselves in a unique way.

Writing poems also encourages creative thinking skills. Poems come with unique structures. Each poem type will stretch their skills as they fit words into each composition. They will also have to take their direct experiences and transfer them into words on paper. 

Words on a paper also means….words! What an excellent way to sneak in some vocabulary and synonym work. Talk about common words during fall and write them down. Challenge your child to write their poems without using these words. It will get them to think further about the word choices. You can also help them brainstorm words or use their vocabulary words in their poetry. Either way they are getting exposure to words they don’t commonly use.

Fall is full of changes, and changes spark the imagination! Kids enjoy the observable and nothing is more noticeable than the changing of the seasons. With brilliant colors all around, the excitement of carving pumpkins, and other fall activities children will have plenty of ideas to inspire their writing.

This Autumn Poetry Practice Pack gives a step by step guide on how to write each type of poetry. In this, you can cover acrostic, cinquain, and haiku poetry all centered around the fall season!

Click here and complete the checkout process to get your Autumn Poetry Practice Pack now! But hurry- this is a limited time freebie!


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