How a Rocket Scientist Pioneered Homeschool Math {CalcuLadder GIVEAWAY!}

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2019 Homeschool Curriculum Expo

My dad, Dr. Edwin Myers, is a rocket scientist.  In the 1970’s, he designed the optics of the Infrared Interferometric Spectrometer for NASA’s Voyager I and II space probes, and was featured in Who’s Who in Technology Today.

My parents started homeschooling in 1980 – back before most people had even heard of homeschooling!  Homeschooling wasn’t easy. There were few educational materials available to homeschoolers at the time. 

One day when my dad came home from work, he decided to test my brother Matthew’s ability in math.  

Dad shares, “I still remember when I found out that our 7-year-old son—who was finishing up second grade—couldn’t add: 

‘Say, Matthew, what’s 7 + 4 ?’

‘Uh, 7 + 4 ?’ Matt replied. ‘Let’s see. . . 7, (his fingers went under the table as he whispered slowly) 8, 9, 10, 11…11!’

Each problem I asked went that way. He understood the concept, and could use a concrete procedure (counting fingers) to get the answer (most of the time!) after 7 or 8 laborious seconds.      

‘Two years with workbooks haven’t given Matthew the level of skill he needs,’ I thought. ‘He’ll really get bogged down in multi-digit multiplication and long division, where he’s got to use addition and subtraction routinely on his way to getting the answer. If he learns to multiply and divide no better than he adds and subtracts, then fractions will be a disaster!’” 

Dad knew that math drills would be the solution for Matthew.  He researched everywhere, but couldn’t find any math suitable drills in print.  So, he decided to fill an educational need by creating the CalcuLadders—quick, potent drills to bridge the gap between just “knowing about” and doing well.  

For several arduous months, Dad came home each evening from his full-time job as a geophysicist and spent hours into the night developing the CalcuLadders.  Mom, who has her B.A. in Art, spent many long hours illustrating them. They created six CalcuLadder books, covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, English and Metric units, Roman numerals, percents, geometric concepts, and more!  They also created ReadyWriter® Penmanship, AlphaBetter®, and SanctiFinder® – a series known as The Learning Vitamins®!  

Today, 35 years later, CalcuLadder has won over 30 math awards!  CalcuLadder, ReadyWriter, and AlphaBetter have been used by a MILLION students in over 60 countries around the globe.  Thousands of customers have written to let us know how much they LOVE CalcuLadders!

Our drills are available in TWO easy-to-use formats:   

  1. Printed, hard-copy drills, accompanied by the SuperSlate™! 
  2. CalcuPak™ apps so you can download and print out the drills

Our home business provided high school jobs for us children with data entry, shipping, and accounting.  We strive to honor Jesus and serve our customers well. With the Lord’s blessing, we look forward to serving the homeschool community for years to come!

So…what happened to my brother, Matthew, who had to count on his fingers to add? Well, today, Matthew is a high-ranking military officer who uses mathematics every day to design buildings, roads, and bridges. He has won numerous medals and awards throughout many years of military service! – none of this would have been possible without CalcuLadder!

“My granddaughter loves doing your drills!  CalcuLadder is the most comprehensive and effective drill program I’ve found.” 

– Mary, Washington

“I used CalcuLadder with all my six children.  These were the best part of their school day! They are my favorite!  They were my kids’ favorite! They looked forward to doing the CalcuLadders every day!” 

– Judith, Saskatchewan

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