Why You Should Use Learning Language Arts Through Literature

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Welcome to Day 1 of the 2019 Homeschool Curriculum Expo! Today’s featured publisher is Common Sense Press!

2019 Homeschool Curriculum Expo

As we enter the homeschool convention season, I am always reminded of one thing: Everything out there looks good. But if everything looks good, how can a parent/teacher decide which language arts program (or math, or history, etc) to choose? In my homeschooling days, I bought countless programs that looked good but wound up sitting unused on my shelf after I tried to teach them and found that they didn’t work for me, or my kids hated them.

Besides the question of “Will this curriculum work for my family?” you have to also ask, “How much time will it take to teach?” If you are teaching a single grade, the time question might not be as important, but if you are teaching multiple grades, time becomes a huge consideration. The good news is that, through elementary and middle school, history and science can be taught to multiple grades at the same time. Unfortunately, math and language arts can’t. One of my daughters will be teaching six grades this year, only one of which is in high school. There is no way that she has the time or energy to teach six different math, language, history, and science courses, not to mention, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, etc.

So why Learning Language Arts Through Literature? LLATL is an integrated approach to teaching that allows you to cover spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing mechanics, reading comprehension, and creative writing all in the same lesson. Because time is not wasted on doing busy work, most lessons can easily be completed in less than an hour, and much of the time the work will be self-directed. As an extra bonus, the teacher/student books are competitively priced. Other language programs typically cost two or three times the amount of LLATL.

Why You Should Use Learning Language Arts Through Literature in Your Homeschool

While being able to complete your daily language curriculum in less than an hour a day may seem like “too easy” a program, you can be assured that on those days when “life happens,” you have covered all that your child needs in language arts. Because the lessons are shorter and the program is budget friendly, you have the flexibility to individualize the curriculum to your child’s needs. For example, if your child needs more writing practice, you have the time and resources to add a supplement.

Most importantly, Learning Language Arts Through Literature is a literature-based program. After finishing the entire curriculum your child will have been introduced to hundreds of classic literary works. Encouraging your children’s  love of reading is the best investment you can make in their education and their future. Reading, not busy work, is the most natural way to strengthen language arts skills, and through Learning Language Arts Through Literature your child will find delight in reading and learning.

Check out Learning Language Arts Through Literature here! 

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  1. I love the all in one aspect of LLATL. We do mostly integrated studies anyway, because I feel like it’s easier to teach and more likely to stick that way, since you can come at the information from so many different ways of learning .

  2. I LOVE LLATL. We have been using it for all my kids for 8 years 💜

  3. Sounds great! Excited to get the chance to win it!

  4. Sounds so interesting. We love reading, but have a reluctant learner towards All other aspects of LA. Hahaha!

    1. LLATL sounds like an amazing way to cover all your bases while exposing your kids to the excitement of great literature!

  5. I’m excited to look into this. It seems comprehensive and I’d love to introduce my kids to more frat literature.

  6. It sounds to go to be true that it covers all of language arts especially using literature. Can’t wait to check this out!!

  7. I have been looking at this curriculum for after we get done with our current ELA. (Our homeschool years starts in January)

  8. I’m excited to learn more about this. I have an 8th grader doing some high school work this coming year and we are totally switching the curriculum up. I’m almost at a loss piecing it together but a little excited at the possibilities. Thank you for the knowledge and opportunity.

  9. Thanks I had never heard of this publisher before !

  10. I have been curious about this product for a while but haven’t tried it yet. It would be so nice to only have ONE product to cover all of our language arts needs! I do not care for busy work!

  11. Thank you for this info! I’m always looking for inspiration and new curricula.

  12. Thank you, always looking for a better fitting LA program!

  13. I’m excited to use this as my son has had a hard time with other curriculum being too boring and this looks amazing

  14. This looks very intriguing. I’m going to spend time looking at this curriculum to see if if might be a good fit for my son. I do like the daily setup. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. I especially like the fact that quality literature is scheduled right in with the grammar , etc. Helps make sure those good books actually get read!

  16. It sounds like a nice gentle approach to learning

  17. I like the combination of many subjects covered all in one

  18. I like that it’s integrated. I currently have a different curriculum for each of those subjects listed, and it’s not working out so well.

  19. I like being able to do so many subjects at one time!

  20. Great giveaway! Looking at the high school level books. Thank you!

  21. I love the idea of fitting so much into one curriculum. I learned so much as a child because my parents instilled in me a love for reading good literature and I want my children to have the same advantage.

  22. I love how it is all in one. I don’t have to stress about what else needs to be added. I started my oldest on this years ago and then ventured off to try new things, we are ready to come back to where we started.

  23. I have used it in the past and it really was my favorite. My kids did very well while using it.

  24. What a great giveaway! We have been using LLATL for 7 years and this would be a huge help for me as we prepare for next year!

  25. I just commented but realized I used a different email than the one I am logged in for the contest so this is the correct one, thanks again!

  26. I think we may try this for next year. I love the all in one aspectrum and it looks really fun and engaging.

  27. I love that it is challenging for my advanced student, but still not above his head.

  28. I love the ide of using something as a theme for a lot of different skill building.

  29. Thanks for the review! I’ve been researching curriculums and this post has definitely helped push me towards literature-based education! We are just starting our homeschool journey, but one of my main goals is that I want my kids to genuinely love reading.

  30. I love llatl and have been using it for two years. The integrated approach really helped streamline our day without sacrificing quality.

  31. I enjoyed teaching this program to my daughter. I liked the little hands on projects and enjoyed the stories. I liked that they didn’t take long to teach and I felt like it was more than adequate coverage for 2nd grade. We are looking forward to 3rd grade!

  32. I’ve been using LLATL for two years now, and I love it! The lessons are not too long, my kids enjoy it, and they retain everything really well!

  33. My last child (out of 5) will finish up LLATL Gold American Lit next year, and we have loved this curriculum! I have used others, but I kept coming back to LLATL!

  34. I will be returning to LLATL next school year with my daughter after a few years away. I’m excited to use the high school levels with her and excited about the quality classic literature that she will be reading. Many of them I had never read, so I’m looking forward to sharing in the experience.

  35. I grew up with this program and hope to use it for my kids starting in third grade!

  36. I love how it incorporates great literature across a broad spectrum of English learning

  37. I just finished our first year of homeschooling three of our five kids. We put together affordable curriculum with good reviews to get through this year, but part way through the year I was wishing we Chad something that tied everything together. This looks great!

  38. I love that it’s all in one!!!

  39. I have not yet used LLATL with my 4 boys but I am interested in using good literature to combine and teach all aspects of LA. I’d love to be able to use the high school books with my older boys.

  40. I like that one is learning ELA authentically while using the language.

  41. We are going to start homeschooling in August. All the emotions are running high right now about curriculum. I’m going to be looking at this to see if it will be a good fit.

  42. I love the idea of one language arts program that integrates so many aspects of language. It can be overwhelming piecing things together and it always feels disjointed.

  43. I love that its all in one program.

  44. I’ve used several grade levels of LLATL in the past with my older children. I’m considering using it next year for High School for my youngest, who is dysgraphic. We’ll see how it works!

  45. I’ve used this curriculum for six years and I love it! It seems to work well for all three kids- all different learning styles (even my reluctant reader enjoyed most of the novels). It’s great that it’s all in one. Another thing I really loved was I contacted commonsense press with some questions about where to place one of my kids who can read very well but is at age level with spelling. She responded promptly with a wealth of information to help me make a decision on what age level to purchase for the curriculum! So helpful!!

  46. Anything literature based excites me! 😀

  47. I love how it is integrated! We switched mid-way through our school year to LLATL and it has been a life-changer! I’ve gone from having an 8 yr old son who grumble, threw himself in a chair, and fought every step to one who grabs his book and says “Mom! Can we do the Yellow book first?”.

  48. I have not seen this before, however I like the aspect of using literature in teaching LA for the different grade levels. I would be excited to use this for my 6th grade level children.

  49. I will be homeschooling are 6th grader for the first time this year. I am very concerned about using a rigorous and comprehensive language arts curriculum. In your estimation, will this meet our need?

  50. I will be homeschooling our 6th grader for the first time this year. I am very concerned about using a rigorous and comprehensive language arts curriculum. In your estimation, will this meet our need?

  51. I have looked i to this before! I love the idea of getting all parts of LA (grammar, spelling, etc) from books. And honestly, I need a guide or curriculum to do it because I just dont feel comfortable trying it on my own.

  52. I would love to give LLATL a try! Thank-you for your information.

  53. Looks great! We are just starting our homeschool adventure! Would love to give it a try!

  54. That sounds wonderful. Thanks for the information! I will be looking into this for our next year.

  55. I didn’t realize this curriculum was available in an updated form! It looked so good years ago with earlier kids (I have 8, so have been around here a while). I like the literature based feature.

  56. I like that LLATL uses … literature. So many other programs use dry material written specifically for textbooks. Bleck.

  57. I love the integrated approach to not only make lessons easier/shorter, but also cuts down on the budget costs!!! Thankz for the info, would like to try it!

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