What is Success Training? And Why Should You Add it to Your Homeschool?

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Hi there, this is Laurie Geary with Yellow Wood Success Academy! Success Training is a term that we use all the time at Yellow Wood and I am excited to chat with you about it! Success training uses games and movement to build cognitive skills and create lasting academic improvements!

What is Success Training? Why Should You Add it to your Homeschool?

Some of the brain skills that Success Training helps to strengthen are:

  • Working memory
  • Attention skills
  • Long term memory
  • Visual processing
  • Auditory processing
  • Visualization
  • And more!

All of these brain skills are crucial to successful academics, but it’s not often obvious what cognitive skills are weak or how it’s actually affecting our students. Let’s talk through a couple of these and the symptoms you might see if there is a weakness there!

What is Working Memory?
It’s the system in your brain that acts like a post it. It’s responsible for holding onto information long enough for you to use it. It helps you by keeping that information while you make decisions, answer math problems, remember driving directions, cooking from a recipe, and countless other daily tasks!

Your working memory increases naturally as you get older. In kindergarten, children should be able to hold onto 2 or so items in their working memory. By the time we reach adulthood, we should be able to hold 5-7 items. I’ve worked with many middle school and high school students who struggle with THREE items! Just imagine how this affects their learning. In fact, it’s said that working memory is a better indicator of intelligence than the IQ test!

When a student has a poor working memory, daily tasks become difficult, frustrating, and sometimes impossible. Following a morning “get ready” routine, learning long division, remembering spelling rules while writing… all of these tasks require working memory. As we get older, especially once students hit middle school and high school, teachers and curriculum expect a certain level of attention and capability which often require several steps and a strong working memory.

What is Long Term Memory?
A bit more familiar to all of us, long term memory is like the library in your brain. It stores away information that you will need later on. If this skill is weak, there are two things that may be going on:

If your child struggles with STORING information in their long term memory, it may be due to weak visualization skills. Visualization is the ability to see images and stories in your mind. Many times when a child struggles with memorization, it could because they are not able to see a picture of what they are trying to remember! ABCs are MUCH easier to memorize if your child can picture each letter in their order rather than relying solely on auditory (singing the song!). When visualization is weak, kids may also struggle with memorizing and utilizing sight words, or memorizing math facts. When trying to memorize something and put it in your long term memory, it will be much easier to do so if you have a picture or image associated with it.

The other potential cause of poor long term memory is weak memory recall. This happens when you have something filed in your long term memory, but you aren’t able to access it quickly or efficiently. For example, you know that your child probably knows quite a few animal names. But, when asked to list as many as they can in a minute, what happens? Many students who struggle with recall will have great difficulty with this activity. You ought to be able to list 30 or more animals in a minute with ease if your memory recall strong!

Does any of this sound like your child? The good news is that you can STRENGTHEN these memory skills through specific games. Check out our exclusive Memory Starter Kit giveaway to get started!

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