Pros and Cons of Live Online Homeschool Courses

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With technology so easily available at our fingertips online homeschooling was inevitable. Whether you are looking at their entire course load online or just a few classes, online homeschooling has its advantages, and drawbacks as well. My daughters recently had their first experience with live online homeschool courses. We enrolled them into a course through Bright Ideas Press Academy. Overall, it was a very positive experience. As with anything though, there are pros and cons. Let’s jump in and examine a few of those…

Before we get into it though, I want to make a distinction- there are two types of online homeschool courses. One is LIVE- meaning it is a live class that takes place online. Students meet with their instructor in an online classroom. They can see the instructor and often times other students and vice versa. It is set up very much like an in person class. The other option for online homeschool courses are recorded or self-paced courses. These are not live. They are previously recorded. Your child will not be interacting with the instructor/students in real time.

What are the benefits of live online homeschool classes?

  • Less planning and work for parents- While of course you still want to have your hand in what your children are learning one of the greatest benefits of online homeschooling is that it does not require a lot of planning and involvement on your part which can open up your time for other things.

  • Encourages independent learning- Online homeschooling helps foster independence for kids of many ages as they can usually log in and get started without help. How freeing for both you and your child when they have some control over the structure of the day.

  • Gives homeschooled students a taste of a traditional classroom setting with a live instructor and peers in the class.

  • Great for those with small spaces- If you have very limited space for homeschooling doing online homeschool can be the solution to a problem of storing books and supplies.

  • Takes off the pressure- Sometimes being mom and the teacher puts a lot of stress on your relationship with your child. Taking some of the responsibility off your shoulders but still helping to guide your child’s path can lighten the load.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Less flexibility- live online homeschooling courses require that your child log in and participate in the class at prescribed times.

  • Less parental control- the parent is not the primary teacher in a live, online homeschooling setting.

  • Can be expensive- I have found that live, online homeschooling courses are more expensive than pre-recorded courses. These courses can become quite expensive especially if you have multiple students enrolling.

  • Tech issues- as with anything computer based, there can be a learning curve involved when it comes to navigating the course platform.

Spend some time discussing the pros and cons of online homeschooling as a family and go with a company you can trust.

If you are looking into online homeschooling take a look at Bright Ideas Press Academy. They have many course offerings and extras to consider.

Bright Ideas Press Academy has Online Classes, Clubs, and Community for Homeschooling Families and Co-ops with both live and self-paced options. Courses are offered for middle and high school and taught with a Christian perspective.

Live Online Classes– Live.  online, teacher-led interactive classes.

Self Paced Classes-Students work through the curriculum at their own pace.

Electives-Offerings like- a student newspaper, chapel, and other homeschool clubs.

Bright Ideas Press has a proven track record with amazing resources like The Mystery of History Series, WonderMaps, and North Star Geography so you know that you can trust what they stand for and what the teach.

Our experiences with Bright Ideas Press Academy were overall very positive. My daughters enjoyed the instructor and the lecture portions of the course- they did find the homework to be repetitive and more “busy work” than meaningful learning activities, however I am sure this varies with each course. There were a few tech issues that we had to overcome: times when the course platform was down for maintenance, issues with submitting assignments, etc, but given all experiences we would definitely consider taking additional Bright Ideas Press Academy courses in the future!

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