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Welcome to Week 2 of the 2019-2020 Homeschool Curriculum Expo!! Today’s featured publisher is Ignite Homeschool Curriculum! This is a curriculum program designed specifically for tweens! Check it out…

2019 Homeschool Curriculum Expo

As a mom who has homeschooled for about 25 years and has taught in homeschool co-ops for over 9 years, I’ve noticed something very common in homeschooled tweens.

At around age 11-13, homeschooled tweens want something more. They want more challenge, more abilities, and more time with homeschool friends, but oftentimes they don’t know how to ask for it.

Usually, they or their parents begin to notice something about them that is unsettled.

As I’ve talked with other homeschooled moms we found that all of our tweens have experienced this same thing.

You and I want our tweens to reach higher and to dig in and begin owning their education.

We see the teen years coming up with the need for them to be able to handle more rigor and more self-discipline in their school work.

In talking to these moms we agreed that our tweens needed a class that would help them catch the vision of what they are capable of, and to help them develop good habits, consistency, self-discipline, self-motivation, and responsibility in their education.

A class where these students could learn and grow together and be inspired by each other, to help them launch forward in their education.

Learn more about Ignite homeschool curriculum for tweens!

This is why the Ignite Homeschool Curriculum was created.

Ignite is an engaging, hands-on, one-year class curriculum specifically designed to help tweens transition from their early education to more scholarly learning.

Ignite introduces your students to many engaging ideas that spark their curiosity and light the fire of the scholar within. All the while training them and helping them develop skills that will support them in their coming teen years.

It is a downloadable curriculum that was created to be used in a co-op or mom-school type of setting with a group of 6-14 youth aged 11-13 but can easily be adapted to fit your needs.

The class was designed to be held once a week for two hours, with two adults mentoring the class. There are five units in Ignite that were specifically chosen to be highly interesting to

tweens and to engage them fully in their experience. The five units are: 1) We Are All Wonders, 2) Shakespeare Adventure, 3) Geography Wiz, 4) Young Entrepreneurs, and 5) Clue Finders.

Ways to use Ignite:

  • Ignite can be easily plugged into an existing co-op, giving you all the information and help you need to run a successful class.
  • Or if you’re wanting to start a co-op, Ignite is a great draw to invite people to join in with you.
  • Or if you want to invite a few other tween-aged youths to join your tween in your home, the Ignite class will give you all you need to run a great mom-school.
  • And Ignite can easily be adapted to use with just your own family.

The Ignite Curriculum will help your tween practice and gain scholar skills that will help propel them forward in their education, all while fueling their love for learning and helping them to discover more things they are interested in learning about.

Your youth will have such a great time in the Ignite class that they’ll be asking for more! (My students did!)

To learn more about Ignite, go to https://AHeartFullofJoy.com/Ignite where you’ll find all the information you need. And if you have any questions you’re more than welcome to shoot me an email. I’m always glad to help and I’m very interested in helping you and your tweens have a successful year in Ignite.


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