American Sign Language Study Pack {ASL}

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Have you been thinking about teaching your children American Sign Language (ASL) sign language in your homeschool but not sure where to start? Did you know that you can teach a child ASL at any age — including infancy all the way to high school? It’s true!

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American Sign Language Benefits

There are several reasons why you should consider teaching your child to sign.  If they are an infant, it helps them communicate to you, avoiding melt downs and frustration. With preschool and elementary age students, the alphabet can help with letter recognition and helps to build their vocabulary. Plus, a multi-sensory approach to learning is a HUGE benefit for recall later in life.

ASL can help a toddler or preschooler recognize words if they are connected to a sign. All young children love movement and actions! Remember learning,”The Itsy Bitsy Spider”? It helps children’s cognitive ability when they are using muscle memory, making it easier to remember.

Signing at a young age can also benefit children who have special needs. It helps them communicate effectively with their caregivers and family. This may include children who have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, aphasia and other language barriers.

For older students, a great alternative to foreign language such as Spanish and French is learning ASL! Surprisingly, ASL is not a form of English. Instead, it’s a fully developed and independent language spoken by people nationally for the deaf AND hearing population.

American Sign Language Study Pack

If you’re interested in teaching your children ASL, my American Sign Language Study Pack is the perfect resource.

Here’s what you’ll get in this valuable 20-page pack:

  • Formatted Flash Cards of the entire sign language alphabet
  • Matching Game to quiz your knowledge
  • Handwriting practice worksheets
  • At-a-Glance Cheat Sheet
  • Memory Game Mini Card Cut-outs

Plus, consider using a laminator to keep them kid-friendly, and reusable!

Don’t delay — Download this awesome American Sign Language Flash Card Packet here!

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