Why Maiden America is a GREAT Book for Homeschoolers

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I was asked to read this book and share my thoughts with you about Maiden America by Jeannette DiLouie. While reading it I discovered that it is a great book to incorporate into your homeschool studies as a read aloud or independent reading for older kids. Packed with historical facts, intrigue, faith, and an interesting female main character it would make for a nice addition to a Revolutionary War study or just for the pleasure of reading!

Maiden America- a GREAT historical fiction read for homeschoolers!

#1 It was written by a homeschooler

How exciting that we have the opportunity to support a fellow homeschooler and one that is passionate about the Revolutionary War time period at that!  Use this book as an example of one of the things that homeschoolers can accomplish!

The author strives to keep it historically accurate

Oftentimes. liberties are taken with historical time periods and it can be misleading or teach our kids incorrect facts. The author does her research and strives to keep the facts as they are while weaving them into a colorful piece of fiction. While you can skip the forward and get right ahead to the meat of it I recommend you get some of the backstories by reading it.

It is based in a very important period of American history

The Revolutionary War is truly the beginning of the birth of our great nation and is an important part of American History that we must teach our children bout.

No explicit language or questionable topics to expose our family to

Entertaining can be clean and wholesome! No bodice ripping novel here, clean wholesome reading is what you get with this book. There are scripture and faith peppered throughout the book that is so refreshing and lacking in much of what we read today.

It makes for a great read aloud

Whether you are learning about the Revolutionary War or not this book makes a wonderful read aloud with its rich history, colorful imagery, and loads of action. At only 360 pages it is not too long of a read aloud or as independent reading. I am going to say that it is best for upper middle school to adult reading.

It opens many subjects up for discussion

Ask your children’s opinion on the war, and what both sides did to win but also choices that the main character, Abigail, makes. Use the book and the time period as a jumping off point for discussion on various things, you may be surprised at your child’s insight!

It has a young strong female heroine

While it is becoming more common it is still usually males who get the leads, even in books. I like that our daughters get a peek at a woman with class, faith in God and country as well as

It’s the first in what promises to be a series

The end of the book definitely leaves you wanting to know what will become of the characters. So if you and your children enjoy reading an entire series based on a setting or characters you will have more books to look forward to!

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