20 Spring STEM Projects for Homeschool Families

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Spring is just around the corner, and as the weather starts to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom, we are starting to incorporate a few spring STEM activities into our homeschool classroom. No matter what age your children are, they will love these spring-themed activities for the classroom.

You don’t need a lot of supplies to create an amazing STEM project for your classroom! Many of these projects take items that you may have already lying around the house or printables to get your kids learning.

20 Spring STEM Projects for Homeschool Families

All of these ideas are spring-themed and will teach your children about spring in a fun and hands-on way! While these are certainly fun activities, they also teach your children important science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

Here are 20 spring STEM projects for homeschool families:

  1. Watch your seeds grow in this awesome and fun Seed Jar Science Experiment.
  2. This Chromatography Butterfly Craft is so easy to do using coffee filters and markers to create a beautiful craft.
  3. Let your kids dig in the dirt and learn about the soil at the same time with this Soil Science experiment.
  4. Learn how different liquids will help Dissolving Peeps in this fun science experiment.
  5. Teach your kids about the importance of keeping our water clean with this Water Pollution Experiment.
  6. These adorable Grass Caterpillars will teach your children about gardening and plants as well as the animals that live and depend on them.
  7. Teach your children about the process of growing plants with this Regrow Lettuce Experiment and how to grow their own vegetables.
  8. Celebrate Easter by making these Fizzy Frozen Easter Eggs.
  9. Incorporate engineering into your classroom with this fun Flower Construction Challenge.
  10. Learn about Spring Bulbs with this fun science experiment you can do from indoors!
  11. Learn about hazardous weather by creating this amazing Tornado in a Jar science experiment.
  12. These Crystal Flowers will teach your children about the beauty of spring in a fun science experiment.
  13. Teach your child to count and love math with these Spring Counting Puzzles.
  14. Learn about this earth with LEGOs in this fun Layers of the Earth Activity.
  15. Make your own DIY Cloud in a Jar and learn about the different types of clouds or the weather.
  16. Teach your children about weather and leprechauns with this fun Rainbow Science Experiment.
  17. This amazing Flower Circuit Card would be a great mother’s day gift or a fun technology-based activity for your kids.
  18. Make your own DIY Grass Heads and make gardening fun for your kids!
  19. Learn about ecosystems and the earth by making a Pop Bottle Ecosystem together.
  20. Use this Water Cycle Experiment to teach your children about where water comes from and how it works!

Whether you use these activities as a part of your homeschool classroom, a fun way to learn outside the classroom, spring is the perfect chance to get your children to explore nature. I hope that these spring STEM projects are a great fit for your homeschool family, and teach your kids about the magic of spring.


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