How to Put Together an Awesomely Organized Homeschooling Space

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Homeschooling is something I LOVE doing! I’ve always known that our homeschooling space is important. Putting together an awesomely organized homeschool space is even more important. When your homeschooling room is organized, everyone can do their work without the chaos. Now, I’m not sure that my method is one that is approved by Marie Kondo- {we definitely have more than 30 books!! You can see my thoughts on her methods here.}, but it is one that works for us! Here is how we put together an awesomely organized homeschooling room.

How to Put Together an Awesomely Organized Homeschooling Space


Take everything out of the room first

When I am putting a fresh space together, I like to take everything out of the room first. I like to give it a good cleaning. Putting a fresh coat of paint on never hurt anyone either. I like to use white, but you may prefer a more vibrant color. When everything is out of the room, this is the perfect time to envision how the space will look.

Keep the furniture simple

A homeschooling space should be inviting, but not overcluttered. When putting together a homeschooling space, keep this in mind. Perhaps a few desks, chairs, and then a cozy spot to relax. By keeping everything simple, the space is going to stay way more organized. I have also noticed, in our homeschooling space, my kids need a place to pace. Some kids like to move around while they learn and others like to sit still. Incorporating space is never a bad thing.

Leave room for organization

Something I love about an organized homeschooling space is leaving room for organization. I love to have a few shelves available to keep everything organized. Of course, the desks have to stay organized and everything gets put back where it belongs. It’s not always easy getting everyone on board with organization, but it is worth it. I love to use cute bins and rolling carts to keep our space organized. 

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Consider a chalkboard or dry erase wall

Chalkboard paint is so much fun and I don’t think there is anything cuter {or more functional} than a chalkboard wall. For many years, we even had a HUGE dry erase board covering our dining room wall. Yes, it screams “homeschool family!”, but it was definitely put to use!

Cute school supplies help!

It’s no secret in our home that cute school supplies help us to have better days! Sounds silly, huh? I know, I know it does- but it’s the truth! You would be amazed at how excited we get over new pens and binders! My poor children are nerds like me!

Decluttering time each week

Once you have your space set up, it’s time to keep it organized. An organized space will promote better learning and keep your kids from getting overwhelmed and frustrated. Not to mention, a decluttered school space allows you to spend more time teaching and less time overwhelmed with the mess.

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Use your imagination

When putting together an awesomely organized homeschooling space, you can still use your imagination. I love to put bright things in our homeschooling space. Painting the desks bright colors or motivational posters or artwork to the walls. Add your own personality to the homeschooling space and have fun with it!

What tips do you have for putting together an awesomely organized homeschooling space?

A good school space is one in which your family LOVES spending time in.

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