How to Have a HEART for your Kids by Rachael Carman- Solomon wrote, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23). As we approach a heart relationship with our children, we need to focus our efforts on the things that really matter. This lesson uses the acronym H.E.A.R.T. to identify what really matters from a biblical viewpoint.

How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? by Rachael Carman- God uses moments when we talk to our children to speak to us. Are we listening to Him the way we want our children to listen to us? Join Rachael as she shares how God meets us in every moment.

How Marriage is Like Homeschooling by Mike & Carlie Kercheval- Have you ever stopped to think about the similarities between homeschooling and your marriage? In their session, Mike + Carlie Kercheval will share some parallels between your marriage and your homeschool that will change the way you see the inner-workings of the two. Get ready to discover a new mindset that can strengthen your marriage and homeschooling journey.

Notebooking for Academic Excellence by Jeannie Fulbright- Using student created notebooks in your homeschool encourages an atmosphere of creativity as children produce their own book of knowledge. This workshop explains why and how to use this easy and effective educational approach that replaces workbooks, enhances learning and retention of the subject, and develops a true love for learning. Jeannie Fulbright shares tips and actual demonstrations for replacing workbook assignments with creative ideas for science, history, geography, literature, and more.

From Homeschool to College by Jeannie Fulbright- Transitioning from homeschool to college involves jumping through a few hoops. Jeannie Fulbright shares what those hoops are from transcripts and portfolios to the application process, scholarships and everything in between, the earlier you have this information, the easier it will be to sail through the hoops that will seamlessly transition your child from homeschool to college.

Breathe Life into Science by Jeannie Fulbright- Let’s face it—most people don’t like science and dread teaching it to their chidren. That’s likely because of how science is taught in the school system. In this talk, based on years of research, data, and experience, Jeannie Fulbright shares how to toss out the methods that deflate the love for science and make it inspiring and exciting while maintaining academic excellent—Even if you don’t particularly like science.

Homeschooling for Parents of Preschoolers by Hal & Melanie Young- You’ve made the decision–your child will be homeschooled from Day One. Good for you! But should you start at a young age? Is it wise to even try? How do you know when to get started and what to do first? Hal and Melanie have raised precocious readers and late bloomers, but every one of them has benefited from being homeschooled from the beginning. (And yes, they got into college – and did well there!) This session can give you a new perspective on how to relax and introduce your little ones to the joy of learning in a gentle and realistic way that will prepare them for academic success.

What Gifted Kids Really Need by Hal & Melanie Young- We may hope our kids will be really smart, but what do you do when they are? It can be intimidating to think about meeting the needs of a kid who’s blowing the curve, racing ahead, and seems to need more. Can you really meet his needs or would he be better off with professionals? How can you help him fit in socially? What about the future – should she graduate early or on time? Hal & Melanie went through both innovative and traditional gifted programs in school and after homeschooling several precocious children, they have a lot to say about challenging these kids academically, helping them to thrive socially, answering their spiritual questions, and knowing when to push them ahead and when to broaden out their education instead. Learn how to meet the needs of your bright child and enjoy doing it!

How to Not Lose Your Teens by Hal & Melanie Young- When you get to the end of your homeschooling and your child leaves home, things get real. At that point, the only thing you’ll have is relationship: their relationship with God and their relationship with you. Those relationships need be built now while they’re still home. Hal and Melanie’s four oldest children have grown up and left home and are their best friends. Learn about encouraging research that highlights the critical importance of relationships in the spiritual life of our children. Find out how to rebuild strained relationships and get practical help to build the kind of relationship that will last through adulthood.

What’s Going On With Your Middle Schooler? How to Homeschool During the Transition Years by Sherri Seligison- As our children start to mature, we notice lots of changes going on, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Those changes can affect the way they learn. This transitional season can sometimes be a challenging one as they move through “growing pains.” You feel those pains, too, as you help them navigate the process! Don’t worry. This workshop will walk you through what’s going on in their heads and bodies and how to help them work through those changes, both academically and spiritually!

Comparison: the sure way to ruin your homeschool and how to avoid it by Katie Hornor- Comparison of materials, schedules, test scores, extra-curriculars, teacher ability… In the search to serve our kids better we often get trapped, unable to shake the one activity that will inevitably ruin the homeschool experience for our entire family. Katie, an expat homeschooling mom of 5, shares an easy way to tell if your comparison is of the healthy variety or not along with truths that when applied, make you comparison proof and tips for safeguarding your family from it’s destruction.

Homeschooling Toddler to Tween and Every Stage In Between by Joanie Boeckman– In this workshop, parents will learn how to manage homeschooling a variety of ages. We will discuss how to make the homeschool day run smoothly and how to occupy a variety of ages so everyone is happy!

How To Teach Your Preschoolers with Books by Joanie Boeckman– Everyone knows the importance of reading to young children. In this workshop parents will learn how to turn favorite children’s books into simple preschool and kindergarten lesson plans that will enrich the story and inspire creativity in young learners.

First Generation Homeschooler: What Am I Doing? by Joanie Boeckman–  Making the leap as a first generation homeschooler can be scary, especially if you have no one to lean on for support. In this workshop parents will gain encouragement, learn about homeschool myths and truths, and receive tips and advice on how to make the best of their homeschool journey.

10 Things Every Homeschool Parent Must Remember by Kathie Morrissey-  Homeschooling is more about discipling than academics. We are investing in eternity as we prepare our children to serve God. There is no higher calling. Many times we forget this and other truths, and get distracted from our purpose and goals of homeschooling. Kathie will give 10 key things every homeschool parent should remember. You will be encouraged and inspired as she reminds you of these very important thoughts you need to regularly keep before you.

Tips For The Frustrated & Stressed Homeschooling Mom by Kathie Morrissey- Are you a frustrated homeschooling mom? Many homeschooling parents struggle with stress, frustration, discouragement, and at some times a little anger! Kathie discusses several common causes of frustration, and then tells how to deal with them. She also stresses the importance of dealing with anger, and having the right spirit in dealing with your children.

Sibling Squabbles In The Schoolroom by Kathie Morrissey–  Sibling rivalry and squabbling is something that we all deal with every day. It can be very frustrating, as well as discouraging! It’s important that we teach our children how to respond to conflict God’s way. Don’t let the arguing and strife disrupt your homeschool. Find out what some of the most common causes of conflict are, and learn about some practical solutions to the problem.

Tips and Tricks for Teaching a Struggling Reader by Angela Taylor – Do you have a student that is struggling to read? This workshop will take you through how to assess your student’s reading abilities and then give you practical tips on how to help them develop into strong readers.

Approaches to Christian Homeschooling by Kerry Beck– Are you choosing the best approach for each of your kids? Do you match your homeschooling approach to your students’ learning style and educational needs? Do you match your homeschooling approach to your family goals? Do you buy the same “stuff” each year just because you used it last year? How about doing what’s BEST for YOUR KIDS in 2019? Realize that no single approach to homeschooling works for all ages and all subjects. Come hear Kerry Beck use Biblical principles for selecting the right approach for your child. We will discuss how the seven approaches that have advantages in different subjects, at different stages.

3 Strategies to Encourage a Love of Learning by Kerry Beck–  Are your kids “less than” motivated to love learning? Do you want to inspire your kids to love learning for a lifetime? Kerry used 3 simple strategies in her homeschool to give her kids a love of learning. Come discover these simple techniques you can use everyday in your homeschool. We will also cover tools of learning for a lifetime, simple & fun games to inspire a love of learning, using math story books and an easy technique Dad and Mom can do daily to encourage love for learning.

Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring by Kerry Beck–  Go beyond the early years of training leaders and learn how to provide self-directed study for your own children. Give your children the tools of learning, along with a love of learning. Discover 3 stages of the mentoring process, as well as clues to becoming a successful mentor to your children. Don’t be fooled by the conveyor-belt model! We all learn more when we are self-motivated to study. Use mentoring this coming year to encourage your own children to be self-motivated in their studies.

Why We Skipped Middle School, and Why You Should, Too! by Terri Hedrick– Why waste time working on middle school curriculum when you can be spending time on your child’s favorite subjects and activities instead? Break out of the mold! Be a rebel! Terri explains why her kids skipped middle school, and why it might be the right choice for your child, too.

Movement = Focus! by Laurie Geary- Do you have a wiggly or distracted learner in your home? Instead of the constant nagging, use these techniques for implementing purposeful movement into your homeschool day. These movement exercises will improve focus and attention and also improve sensory processing, the vestibular system, and more!

Struggling Learner? Find success! by Laurie Geary-  These tips and techniques will help you plan a successful homeschool experience for your child with learning challenges. By using brain based methods to improve skills, you’ll help your child gain confidence and new skills!

Struggling with Memorization? by Laurie Geary-  These brain based tips and techniques will give you the tools you need to help your child gain memorization skills. We’ll discuss long term, short term, and working memory skills. What are they? How do we build stronger memories? These fun exercises will get you started!

Learning to Homeschool Your Way by Michelle Huddleston- Looking to everyone else and their homeschooling journey for inspiration will only get you so far. Attempting to adopt every method, style, and how-to also has a stopping point, usually somewhere between stressed and overwhelmed. Join returning conference speaker Michelle Huddleston as she chats about learning how to homeschool YOUR wayand taking the pressure off home education by using the uniqueness of your children and family.

Throw Out Your Vocabulary Workbook and Do This Instead by Randi Smith- Having a strong vocabulary allows your children to comprehend what they read and express themselves clearly, both verbally and through their writing. But, how do you teach vocabulary so that your children will truly learn and remember the words? This session will give you practical tips for teaching your children vocabulary within their everyday activities and making personal

When the Curriculum You Choose Doesn’t Work by Michelle Huddleston- “Why isn’t this curriculum working? We spent good money on this and it had amazing reviews!” Sound familiar? Before you purchase another piece (or box) of curriculum, resource, or supplement, listen to this eye-opening workshop! Michelle Huddleston lays the groundwork for what to do when the curriculum you choose doesn’t work and how to navigate finding some that will.

I Pulled My Child Out of School- Now, What? by Michelle Huddleston- Are you yelling, “I pulled my child out of school, NOW WHAT?” Help is here mama! Making the transition from the public/private school environment to homeschooling doesn’t have to be scary, stressful, or overwhelming. Join brick-and-mortar teacher turned stay-at-home, homeschooling mom Michelle Huddleston as she discusses several important steps to getting your homeschooling journey started on the right foot.

Making the Middle School Years More Magical than Maddening by Tricia Brookover- When your cute little one starts moving into the teen years, the changes can come as a shock.  But these years also bring some magical changes as they begin to find their place in the world and how they connect to it.  Learn practical tips to help you and your child enjoy these homeschool years.

Managing it All When You Can’t Manage it All by Tricia Brookover- The home, the kids, the homeschool, self-care. If you’re like me, you may have more juggling balls landing on the ground than staying in the air. So how do you decide what balls are the most important and how do you learn to keep them in the air? Learn how & what to prioritize for your family’s needs, so you can keep more balls in the air than on the floor!

Cultivating a Thriving Marriage while Homeschooling (For women only) by Wanda Gibert– Balancing homeschooling, schedules, meals, and caring for little ones often leaves moms tired with little energy to give to their husbands. How do we keep the fire burnin’? Wanda Gibert, mother of six, will share practical ways to keep the God ordained unity and intimacy between husbands and wives.

Planning Purposeful PE in Your Home by Beth Learn- If you want to instill a life-long love of movement in your children so they can reap the health benefits of exercise for years to come, then planning PE has to be about more than painful pushups, wretched running, and crazy crunches. Join Beth Learn, the founder of Fit2B and creator of Fit2B Girls for this in-depth discussion exploring the establishment of exercise habits in your home. Learn how to provide fun fitness education that’s more natural and intuitive, while finding inspiration for new ideas that meet current standards.

Motivating Magic – How to get your kids involved in their educational plan and have them actually do it by Marcy Loveless-join Marcy from Uplifting Mayhem for some fantastic ideas to motivate your kids to get excited about their education. Learn some tips and tricks to help motivate your kids to be in charge of their education. Your child’s education is so much more than what traditional school paints! Learning should be a life long journey!

High School Roadmap by Anne Campbell–  will provide information for homeschool parents with high schoolers or soon-to-be high schoolers to prepare a course of study with future goals in mind. This workshop will provide specific help for planning courses, curriculum, and schedules to get the biggest benefits from the high school years and prep for the next year beyond high school.

How to Make Dual Enrollment Work for You by Anne Campbell–  will equip parents and high school students to make the best decisions for dual enrollment coursework to earn college credit while still in high school. Learn how to leverage these courses for the biggest return on investment.

The Writer’s Notebook by Anne Campbell– is a session on getting your students motivated to practice the craft of writing. Learn how to make writing fun and to help your students create a writing journal that they will want to use. Spark the joy of writing in even the most reluctant students.

Motivating Magic – How to get your kids involved in their educational plan and have them actually do it by Marcy Loveless- join Marcy from Uplifting Mayhem for some fantastic ideas to motivate your kids to get excited about their education. Learn some tips and tricks to help motivate your kids to be in charge of their education. Your child’s education is so much more than what traditional school paints! Learning should be a life long journey!

Why don’t your children act like homeschoolers? by Michelle Osborn–  So, what does the typical homeschooler look and act like? Homeschooling has become quite popular and is widely accepted, yet the homeschool stereotype hasn’t changed much, why? Join Michelle as she unpacks some of these questions and stereotypes and learn what her family did that just might work for you to help change some peoples opinions of the stereotypical homeschooler.

Preschool Should Be FUN! by Misty Mendoza-  Are you looking for ways to give your preschooler fun, learning opportunities, while carving out time for you to work with your older children? The preschool years are a prime time to develop a love for learning in your little ones. Find out how to make the most of this precious season.

Cooking Challenges by Misty Mendoza – Imagine your favorite cooking show mixed with homeschooling and a dash of Home Ec. Knowing how to cook is such an important life skill. It can be hard to find the time to squeeze in one more class into your school day though. With Cooking Challenges, you’ll learn how to find the time to teach your children important kitchen skills and your whole family will enjoy the process.

Today’s Moments Are Tomorrow’s Memories by Misty Mendoza- “Sometime you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss What kind of memories are you making with your children on your homeschool journey? Discover practical ways you can be making precious memories that you’ll all look back on with fondness.

Seven Skills to Comprehending Non-Fiction Texts by Randi Smith–  Not only will you learn how to teach your children the necessary seven skills to comprehend any non-fiction text they read, but you will also learn how to use these skills to improve their verbal and written communication. And these skills can be used across a variety of subjects and curricula!

Does My Child Have a Speech-Language Delay? by Randi Smith– Many moms wonder if their children’s development is on track. It’s not like they come with an instruction manual! Randi uses her 20 years of experience as a pediatric speech-language pathologist to answer this question. She walks you through what to expect during the first five years of your children’s communication development and directs you what to do if it seems your children may not be following that progression.

Developing Good Number Sense In Your Children by Randi Smith- Many children struggle with math because they have not developed their number sense. Number sense is an understanding about numbers and how they relate to each other. It can’t be taught, but it can be “caught”. Learn what skills, strategies and manipulatives will help your children develop their number sense in the early grades.

Will My Kids Ever Listen?: Strategies and Activities to Improve Listening Skills by Randi Smith– Are you tired of repeating yourself? Randi brings her 20 years of experience as a speech-language therapist to this session to teach you strategies to use ‘in the moment’ when giving directions as well as activities to strengthen your child’s ability to follow directions. FREE printables will be provided to improve your child’s listening skills.

How to Cultivate a Delightful Learning Atmosphere by Sara Jordan Panning– Using Charlotte Mason principles and delight-directed learning, your homeschooling efforts can nurture a lifelong love of learning in your children. This workshop presents an overview of the essential ingredients for a delightful learning atmosphere that encourages learning for life.

Grace, Not Perfection by Shaun Taylor- The never ending “list of things to do” is growing out of control, lessons need to be planned, your kids are tap dancing on your last nerve, and if they ask you “what’s for dinner” ONE MORE TIME you’re going to scream!  Here comes the stomach-ache and anxiety begins to creep in, then the Holy Spirit says… YOU ARE A PICTURE of GRACE, NOT PERFECTION!!!

Homeschooling Using Disney Parks by Penny Rogers- Visiting Walt Disney World can be a fun as well as educational experience. Come learn how to add educational opportunities to your next family vacation without your children leading a revolt. This is something new to learn around every corner.

What if you’ve been teaching to the wrong age of your child this whole time? by Penny Rogers- Lots of homeschool parents base their child’s progress on their chronological age. If you are guilty of this then you are making your child’s education harder than it needs to be. Lots of children, especially those with special needs, are at a different developmental age which is where they need to be taught. Come learn how to determine where your child is at developmentally so you can help them achieve their goals with less stress and frustration for all.

College Prep for Special Needs Homeschoolers by Cheryl Carter– Vital advice and directions for special needs parents to help them navigate the college admissions process.and receive needed accommodations to ensure college success.

Seven Secrets all Homeschool Parents Should Know About College Admission But Probably Don’t by Cheryl Carter– Unknown insider secrets from a college professor and college admissions advisor. Learn some of the secrets that will help homeschoolers get into the college of their choice!

Writing a Killer College Admissions Essay by Cheryl Carter– Parents will learn how to help their children craft memorable admissions and scholarship essays.

Using Transitions and Wait Time for Learning by Connie Deal-  As a homeschool mom, you’re balancing teaching your kids and running a household, which means doing errands and taking the kids places during the homeschooling day. But, going places doesn’t need to be lost learning time! Instead, capitalize on that wait time, such as being in the car, or having a captive audience while you’re waiting for an appointment or sibling’s lesson or activity to be done, to get in some quality learning time on the go.

From Hobbies to Homeschooling by Connie Deal–  Homeschooling doesn’t need to be worksheets and books around the kitchen table! Instead, use your passions, hobbies, interests and things you’re already doing as part of your homeschooling. Find out how to turn your daily or weekly activities, such as going to church, gardening, cooking, and other hobbies into authentic learning opportunities and lessons for your children.

Learning in the Kitchen by Connie Deal– Much of our home life centers around the kitchen. Why not use the kitchen to help your toddler, preschooler, or early elementary aged student learn? This workshop will cover easy ways to do quick science experiments that follow the scientific method, as well as how to incorporate math and language arts into your activities, all from the comfort of your home, using what you already have.

5 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Literature-Based Homeschool by Leslie Rutland & Katie Chancellor–  This workshop provides simple steps and practical advice for creating a literature-based homeschool plan that works for your family. It covers why books are the key to helping kids make strong learning connections, how literature-based learning can fit any homeschool style, and why it simplifies homeschooling multiple ages.

Start a Homeschool Book Club and Help Your Kids Delight in Stories by Leslie Rutland & Katie Chancellor–  Help children cultivate a love of stories with fun-filled, memorable book club experiences. This workshop covers practical steps for starting a book club group and simple ideas for planning creative and delightful book club gatherings that everyone will enjoy.

Building Character Through Books by Leslie Rutland & Katie Chancellor–  Discover why and how to use great stories to build character in children. You will learn why reading together is the most powerful method for character building and how to begin at home with simple, intentional steps.

Standing On God’s Promises ~ Devotions for the Homeschooling Mother by Jan Burt ~ Could you use some encouragement for your daily life as a homeschooling mom? Does worry seem to imprison you? Would a “Mom-Guide” from the Lord help you navigate life as a homeschooler? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this session may be just what you need! Be sure to attend this session and benefit from the encouragement that the Lord has for you right now in this busy season of homeschooling.

Easy Homeschool Planning When Homeschooling Is Anything But Easy by Jan Burt~ Overwhelmed…Stressed…Uncertain…Exhausted… If any of those words describes you, then be sure to check out this conference session for tips, & hints about planning your homeschool day from a mom who homeschooled her five children from preschool through high school and lived to tell about it. She will share how her “time blocking” method turned chaos into order and helped her conquer the craziness that was making homeschooling overwhelming. Plan to attend this session & prepare to be encouraged & equipped in your role as a homeschooling mother!

Gentle Productivity by Jeniffer do Nascimento – Finding grace in your days in your current season of life.

Homeschooling High School with a Literature Based Curriculum by Jeniffer do Nascimento – grades, credits, transcripts, and college – how to do it when you don’t actually grade your kids’ work.

What Working While Homeschooling Parents Wish They Could Tell You by Julie Mendez- Working Homeschooling parents want homeschoolers to know primarily one thing: It is possible, and there are a lot more of us out here than you thought! The great news is that technology has finally advanced enough for flexible work and telecommuting, and the rise in homeschooling popularity has unlocked wide creativity in homeschooling options, allowing for more flexibility in learning choices. Simply put, Working While Homeschooling is no longer out of reach! Julie Mendez of shares with us what she has learned from her other working homeschooling parents and from her own experience of working and homeschooling for the past eight years.

Full-Year Schedule Planning to Keep Your Sanity by Julie Mendez–  As a working homeschooling mom, Julie Mendez knows that even a little bit of pre-planning can save a whole lot of her sanity! Grouping all homeschooling planning together not only saves time and energy but lowers stress in the long-term, in addition to helping keep great notes for evaluation portfolios! Julie’s organization system assists you in keeping to then learning goals you set for each child, and yet opens new doors for creativity and dealing with the unexpected. Using her own Excel templates, Julie will walk through you the steps to organize your entire homeschool year!

I’m Not Patient Enough to Homeschool by Aimee Smith- You must have your hands full. I could never do that. I’m not patient enough to homeschool. These common responses to homeschool moms reveal a myth that patience is a prerequisite qualification to choose home education. Thankfully, perfect patience is not required. Frustration, impatience, and even anger are common among moms who have accepted the task of educating the next generation. However, they have a beautiful opportunity to give their children a model of identifying triggers, receiving grace, and restoring relationships. By seizing this opportunity, moms can use their impatience to enhance rather than hinder their family’s homeschool.

Classical Education for the Average Student by Aimee Smith-Is classical education only for the academic elite? Not so! Classical education can benefit the gifted student, the struggling student, and the average student for one simple reason: no student is truly average. Each student is unique. The classical model of education has been used throughout history to educate all types of people by focusing on stages of development, skills for life-long learning, and the great conversations of history. Because of these basic principles, classical education can be for any student.

How to Teach Anything by Simply Asking Questions by Aimee Smith- One simple tool can help homeschool moms teach anything – no lesson plan required. Using this tool, the ancient philosophers and countless educators throughout history taught through conversations. What is this tool? Asking questions. Effective questions draw out knowledge already known and inspire curiosity to seek further understanding. Aristotle’s common topics provide a springboard to ask intentional questions for conversational learning. These topics can be used alongside any curriculum or education method. With this tool in their teacher’s toolbelt, moms will be prepared to integrate educational conversations into normal moments of daily life. They will also be equipped to teach on the days regular school is interrupted. Yes, simply asking questions can help the homeschool mom teach anything.

One Room Schoolhouse Homeschooling For Large Families by Tal Hoover- Tal  will discuss how she home educates her 7 children using a one room schoolhouse approach to learning. She’ll share details on how the process of educating multiple grade levels at once became simplified upon her adopting this “vintage” approach to homeschooling. Learning styles, planning, and the pros and cons of this particular style of group learning will be covered in this workshop.

Curriculum That You Create! by Tal Hoover- In this exciting workshop, Tal Hoover will show you how she creates her own personalized curriculum to fit her family’s learning needs. From start to finish, she will demonstrate how to brainstorm, research, gather resources, plan and write a curriculum that will be the perfect fit for your family. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a personalized curriculum at your fingertips.

Yearly Lesson Planning in Less Than 1 Hour by Abby Banks- Learn to embrace a simple planning style without the clutter.  Discover how to put together a curriculum plan for the year in under one hour.  You’ll learn about the secret weapon that makes it all possible.

Solutions for Homeschool Burnout by Abby Banks- Homeschool moms have a lot of pressure to project perfection.  This pressure leads to burnout.  Experiencing a season of burnout does not mean you’re a bad homeschool mom.  Come find encouragement as we discuss practical solutions.

Can I Really Homeschool High School? by Abby Banks-Yes, you really can homeschool high school!  Come discover the mindset shift necessary to homeschool the upper grades. A few key tips will help you realize the benefits that come by homeschooling these amazing years.

How to Teach Kids to Write by Rebekah Sayler– There’s a better way to encourage our kids to write than handing them pencils and blank pieces of paper. Writing all begins with the secret ingredient: imagination! There is magic in filling a child’s’ minds with stories, language and adventure from literature and teaching them the secrets of writing successfully. In this workshop you’ll learn how to fill your child’s imagination, empower them through the art of brainstorming and inspire them to grow into successful writers.

Make and Sell Printables on Teachers Pay Teachers by Rebekah Sayler– So many homeschool moms create their own learning materials, worksheets, and unit studies. Is that you? This workshop shows you the steps needed to turn your creative ideas into extra income! This is a full overview of all the steps, parts, and pieces that I’ve used to earn over $17,000 on Teachers Pay Teachers.

A Roadmap for Teaching Math all the Way through High School by Rebekah Sayler- Helping homeschoolers see the three areas of math; arithmetic, algebra, and geometry clearly. Understanding the need to build a solid foundation in math before moving higher and higher. You don’t need a fancy math curriculum, you just need a good roadmap to help you navigate homeschool mathematics.

Yes, you can! Keys for Successful Interest-led High School by Julie Polanco– Many parents are afraid of high school, especially when it comes to kids who aren’t necessarily “academic.” This workshop will give parents key tools and insights to do high school successfully, incorporating an “interest-led,” alternative approach. This workshop will include information about how to meet state requirements and write a transcript using this approach.

Five Activities to Help Students Love Writing by Veldorah Rice–  Do you have a reluctant writer? A fidgety or active child? A creative genius who hates the formula requirements of standard writing projects? There are ways to engage all of these learners! Writing does not have to go counter to the natural bent of your child’s personality. Instead, it can become an extension of his or her expression in fun and exciting ways. Techniques like structure, organization, and even research can be taught in the midst of activities they enjoy. Join us to learn five activities that will spark the imagination of the most reluctant writer.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility by Veldorah Rice– In this day and age of “Fake News” and the accessibility of information on the internet, how can we be sure that we are finding good sources of information? What is the best way to verify facts in a Facebook post or news feed pop-up? This seminar will help both parents and students come up with strategies for finding good sources for research as well as real life.

Raising our Boys to be True Gentlemen by Monica Irvine-  Parents, this is such an important workshop if you are raising boys & girls! We’ve got to do all that we can to help our boys understand that these life skills will directly impact every part of their life, both personally and professionally. These skills change lives and contribute to happier, healthier and more stable relationships. These skills are essential for true success. However, we also must ensure that our daughters know what a gentleman looks like so they will know how to find one someday. Dads, you will be so grateful you attended this as well. You can’t raise a gentleman if you’re not a gentleman. Let’s make sure we are. Don’t miss this!

Raising our Girls to be Ladies by Monica Irvine– Our precious daughters…do they know how special they truly are and are they confident enough in this truth that they will one day only accept the hand of a true gentleman? Today, our society is teaching girls that being a lady is a thing of the past. This is FALSE. Today’s young ladies need now more than ever, to have conviction of what it means to be a lady, as they have an amazing opportunity to be an example to so many. Come, bring your daughters and listen to national motivational speaker and certified Etiquette Coach, Monica Irvine, teach what being a lady is all about.You will walk away inspired and excited to continue to learn and model the attributes of a true lady.

Dating or Courtship…I don’t care what you call it, but you better have a plan! by Monica Irvine– Parents, I know you’re scared and we all know that society is teaching our children principles about dating or courtship that is not in keeping with holy scripture, but just saying, “My kids are not allowed to date” is not enough. I meet too many conservative wonderful families who have disappointing realities. Yes, these are different times. Yes, we should be protective. However, come and listen to ideas that give you and your children great balance. Actually, as we teach our children what being a lady and a gentleman is and looks like, especially during the teen years, dating (going to a scheduled event with someone of the opposite sex) can be great learning opportunities, can lead to self discovery and can give our children the confidence they need to make wise choices when choosing their future spouse. It’s a family affair. Come and see. You and your children will be so grateful.

Table Manner’s Essentials for the Whole Family by Monica Irvine– OK people!! It’s TIME! It’s past time. We’ve got to do better for the sake of humanity! Come, bring the whole family and let’s review dining etiquette essentials that even our young children can learn. Our future depends on it!! You and your whole family will love this and it will change forever how you look at the precious time you have around the table with your children.

In Pursuit of Passion: Incorporating Your Child’s Interest in Their Education by Christel Brewer– This workshop will first focus on the benefit of personalized learning. You will gain practical tools and advice on how to help your child identify and explore their interest. In addition, techniques and resources will be given that help parents successfully integrate core subjects and keep kids excited about learning.

Thinking Outside of the Curriculum Box by Jennifer Elia- Are you tired of being stuck in the big curriculum box? Join Jennifer Elia of Sound Foundations Homeschool are learn how to easily build a curriculum that your will love. Save money, time, and stress while loving your lessons more!

You Know You’re a Homeschool Mom If… by Jennifer Elia- Being a homeschool mom is a full time job that is often misunderstood and sadly undervalued. Your job is so much more than checking off the boxes and making it through the grade levels. Jennifer Elia shares startegies for maintaining your wellness and sanity in the trenches, as well as tips and tricks to make your homeschool run more smoothly.

5 Steps to Start Homeschooling – Secrets from a homeschool mom of 6! by Janine LaTulippe–  Do you want to start homeschooling but don’t know where to start? Are you a newbie who is trying to figure out your style? Do you want a more peaceful and productive year? More and more moms are choosing to homeschool, but it can be confusing to navigate all the options and information out there! Janine will walk you through 5 steps that will help you get started, PLUS give you new insight to your journey as a homeschool mom.

Training Character for Greatness by Britton LaTulippe– Why do some parents spend $50,000 a year to send their child to an elite prep school? What do prep schools do that public schools don’t? Simple. Prep schools educate for greatness. However, it is not just about the academics; at elite prep schools, character is king. Since your children’s future will more likely be determined by the quality of their character than by their test scores, it is essential that you know how to develop it. Drawing from his experiences at prep school and in the military, Mr. LaTulippe will teach you how to train your children’s character for greatness.

Using Picture Books to Create a Preschool Curriculum by Carla Jensen- Preschool is a time of wonder, excitement, growth, learning, and adventure! In Using Picture Books to Create a Preschool Curriculum I discuss why picture books are important for preschoolers, how to use them to make your own interest-driven curriculum, and share LOADS of ideas you can use today to go with your favorite picture books!

How to Teach Art When You’re Not an Artist- and Why You Should! by Jodi Burgholder– I’ll outline why teaching art is an important and achievable part of any homeschool. Moms will leave with some confidence that they absolutely can give their kids creative experiences at home and without spending a fortune on fancy supplies or classes. I’ll finish by demonstrating some simple techniques they can do with just a few supplies that will give their kids maximum exploration possibilities! I’ll provide a hand out with some practical encouragement as well as links to free lessons they can do using just two basic supplies.

How to Turn Any Homeschool Subject into a Family Travel Adventure by Shannan Swindler- is a jam-packed workshop for those wanting to add more adventure, travel and learning on location to their curriculum. Workshop attendees learn how to :

  • Create learning plans based on specific travel destinations
  • Choose travel destinations based on curriculum choices
  • Learn on location no matter where you live

Attendees will also receive a printable, step-by-step workbook to plan the perfect learn on location adventure for the whole family – no matter the location or the curriculum used.

Relaxed Homeschooling (for slackers!) by Katie Moore- Our homes should be the place where the best, most exciting, and unexpected learning should happen. Yet one of the greatest cries from homeschooling families is that homeschooling is just so stressful! Grab a cup of coffee and join Katie as she tells how she and her family rediscovered the joy of learning at home with relaxed homeschooling and how you can, too!  

Homeschool Planning (for slackers!) by Katie Moore- Uh-oh, school is supposed to start in a couple weeks and you haven’t done any homeschool planning?! Join Katie as she shares her tried-and-true hacks to pull together a last-minute, low-budget, and low-maintenance homeschool year that the whole family can get behind!

How to Include Your Husband in Your Homeschool  by Katie Moore- Homeschooling is a family venture, Mama! But how do you include your husband when he’s not often home or doesn’t really seem interested? In this workshop, Katie addresses difficult issues, shares practical tips, and offers real-life encouragement for the families that want to homeschool together – even when Dad’s away at work.

Simplify Your Homeschool by Jennifer Merckling–  Question: How do you do it all? Answer You don’t! You cannot do it all! So let’s simplify and combine! Let’s identify what is really important and what can be let go! We’ll examine how to integrate subjects, how to utilize unit studies, how to use curriculum so that it works for you, and how the best curriculum for your family changes over time! We’ll also talk about simplifying meals, chores–life! Let’s keep it simple and savor the time!

Homeschooling High School–Oh Yes You Can! by Jennifer Merckling– If you have little ones and you are looking ahead thinking–I could never do that…let me tell you why homeschooling high school just might be the easiest season of homeschooling! Let’s examine the shift in your responsibilities–record keeping, planning, advising, and conferencing. And let’s talk about what options and support you have available! You can do this–and love it!

When It Goes Off the Rails: How to overcome guilt when homeschooling doesn’t always give you the results you expected by Jennifer Merckling– Homeschooling has been one of the greatest blessings in my life, but after 15 years I have learned that I can’t create little cookie-cutter children (that all think and act like me–HA)! God has shown me that I am not the Holy Spirit and I can’t control every outcome with my kids…Let’s talk about how we can trust God in all things, realize that our kids are not our identity, and instead of blaming ourselves when our kids struggle, know that God is working not only in them–but on us! Don’t let the enemy steal your joy or resolve to homeschool–kids will struggle. Kids struggle in public school, private school, and at home…But we can entrust our kids and their struggles to God!

Homeschooling and the House by Jennifer Merckling– Homeschoolers are in their homes A LOT! My kitchen probably has a person in it during every waking hour of the day–keeping it clean is a constant battle! But we can put into place simple routines and habits so that our homes welcome and bless our families and others! I’m sharing how the FLY Lady has helped me overcome my anxiety and stress over housework–and how her habits can help you too! Let’s be move away from a perfection mentality–and bless ourselves, our families, and friends with a home that welcomes and comforts!

Homeschool Mama Self-Care by Teresa Wiedrick– When we’re asked by new people ‘what we do’ and we share we are homeschooling mothers, we are often met with “I couldn’t that. It’s hard, way too hard.” Sometimes we don’t want to agree, instead touting all the benefits to this freedom based lifestyle. We know those freedoms are real. But we know that the concerns they have are real too! This homeschool lifestyle facilitates a continuous internal exercise of personal growth that is most challenging. This is the hardest part of homeschooling. It’s not the socialization issue or the academic concerns that we most often hear in discussion that challenge us the most. We find our way in providing for our children’s academic needs when we watch them closely. The socialization issues, well, we all know to politely smile and share our children’s weekly social activities so the stranger isn’t worried that our children are locked in the basement. The homeschooling lifestyle facilitates an intense and constant growth curve, hopefully upwards, in our internal worlds. Our children, the mirrors to our internal world, help us grapple with anger, doubt and failure. Our homeschool responsibilities help us grapple with overwhelm, perfectionism, and loneliness. This is where homeschool mama self-care is of utter importance. I share approaches to engaging these internal challenges.

How to keep toddlers occupied while you are schooling by Laurie Shaw– Do you struggle to keep your toddlers occupied while you are schooling your older kids? This class will teach you some strategies to help keep your littles busy so you can stay focused. Your busy toddlers will feel like they are “doing school” too!

Strategies to help your student stay organized in school by Laurie Shaw– Does your child struggle to stay organized in school? Can your child start their school day knowing what will be accomplished that day? It is so important for you child to feel like they know the school schedule and how to organize all their school materials. Their brain will thank you!

Homeschooling for the 21st Century by Meryl van der Merwe- covers how to integrate technology into your homeschool, make sure your children have the tech skills they need for college and the workplace, and how to help your teen use technology appropriately.  Topics include

  • How to create videos, graphics, and slideshows
  • How to do online research
  • How to identify fake news
  • Tech addiction
  • Digital footprints

How to develop a growth mindset in your children by Meryl van der Merwe: Do your children have a fixed or growth mindset? How does their mindset impact how they interact with the world around them? And how do you as a homeschool mom encourage them to have a growth mindset?

How to help your children succeed in online classes by Meryl van der Merwe- What do  parents need to know before they select online classes? What type of online classes will work best for your child? And what help will your children need to master online learning?

Gain More by Doing Less: All About Minimalist Homeschooling by Zara Fagen

Understanding Reading Levels by Amy Michaels- Reading levels are really about building specific reading skills, not grade levels. In this workshop, we will cover 3 keys ways to help your kids excel with reading levels. Learn a quick way to find “just right books” for your kids, too! Join us to help your kids naturally excel in their reading.

Story Scavenger Hunt by Amy Michaels- Join us to learn all about using a Story Scavenger Hunt! You will learn 10 different story scavenger hunt methods – each with its own ready-for-you printable activity. Your kids can use Story Scavenger Hunt activities with any picture book (and some chapter books, too). Story Scavenger Hunt activities are perfect for summer reading, too!

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