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Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas for Homeschool Moms! Who wouldn’t like a little organization for Christmas?? Check out this amazing homeschool organization giveaway from Beth at Techie Homeschool Mom!

What’s your biggest problem when it comes to using technology for your homeschool?

Is it….

Downloading your digital files to your computer or cloud storage or external drives ( or all of the above), but forgetting where you put them?

Constantly needing to help your kids get where they need to be online, trying to remember multiple usernames and passwords?

Needing to manage which child needs which computer when so that they can access all their files?

Nowadays, the need to organize your computers has become as crucial as the need to organize your physical homeschool supplies. By taking the time to set up our computers right, giving each child access to the tools they need for digital learning, you can eliminate many of the techie hassles and frustrations you’ve experienced in the past.

Techie Homeschool Mom has created a Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization that will help you get your homeschool tech in order, thus eliminating common computer hassles and frustration.

Many homeschool moms have experienced techie success with the course.

Charlotte used to stored files in folders on her hard drive, bookmarked websites in Chrome and started a spreadsheet with online course information. She felt overwhelmed by all the things that needed to be organized. She had little time to devote to it, and, with new stuff coming in all the time, felt like she felt like she was in “quicksand”

After Techie Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization, Charlotte transferred all her files over to cloud storage and got everything cataloged in a customer homeschool inventory database. hShe has a renewed confidence in her tech ability because she realized how many things she was already doing right. She knows the importance of helping her kids prepare for learning in our digital culture.

Andrea was a reluctant tech user who felt unconfident about using anything more technical than Google Drive to organize digital files.

Now, she uses the computer more as she begins to organize her downloads. She’s modeling to her kids how to be less intimidated by the computer, as opposed to her evident past anxiety. She feels “the computer is my friend and CAN make my life easier.”

In the past, Leslie downloaded and saved files to a very unorganized folder. She had set up digital organization systems in the past, but wouldn’t keep them maintained. Sometimes she’d just add a link to a table or spreadsheet. And often times, would just look up the link and text it to her children to access from their phone when it is needed. She knew she needed an easier way to organize the digital aspects of homeschooling.

Today, she is able to find resources with her very own customized homeschool inventory database and access files whenever she needs them. She has discovered new, more efficient uses for tools she had used in the past and has embraced the new tools she has learned about.

Want to be like these homeschool moms?

You can get started by downloading the Digital Homeschool Inventory Template from Techie Homeschool Mom. You can store links to all our digital homeschool materials to easily access them with a click. Plus sort, filter, and group the items to find exactly what you need when you need it. CLICK HERE to get your template.

And be sure to sign up to win Techie Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization. To enter to win, simply use the Rafflecopter form below! All entries will be verified. The giveaway period will close on 12/14/18 at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced via email on Monday, 12/17/18! Good luck!
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  1. I have my files stored on my computer’s hard drive and I have a written list of websites and passwords. There is absolutely no method to my madness.

  2. Not really, just a folder on my PC. I think I may need help in this area!

  3. Only in google drive, with various folders. We have to do reporting (including photos) but it’d be great to have a better system!

  4. I just have a file on my hard drive that I keep all of my homeschool stuff in. I need a better system.

  5. I keep everything on OneDrive organized by folders.

  6. All I have is a folder on my PC.

  7. I do not and with 6 kids 4 that heavily use different tech devices and programs to complete their schoolwork I need one!
    Thanks for the freebie!

  8. I have a NAS and file my digital homeschool materials there. I forget about them, though. I also use Google Drive for access on the go.

  9. I do folders on computer and paper

  10. I have files that I have sorted by subject, topic, or grade level it is cumbersome but what else is there?

  11. I have no system of organization, and am in desperate need of it. I have so much material I can use, by forget what I have because it’s not organized.

  12. I have subjects on my computer but I think I really do need help with this as my children are growing.

  13. Just general folders by age and subject on my PC

  14. The longer I homeschool, the more downloads I have and the more confused I get.

  15. My son won’t be 4 until January 9th, so I’ve spent the last 6 months or so trying to decide “homeschool or not to homeschool”, so far there’s no decision but a TON of worksheets and eletronic paraphernalia everywhere!😮

  16. I sort of have a way of organizing my digital files.

  17. Not really. I use pinterest to organize ideas

  18. I have files somewhat organized in Word or PDF document folders, but it’s pretty messy. And I can’t figure out google folders at all.

  19. I have nothing for organizing digital homeschool materials!

  20. No, I have do not have a method of organizing digital homeschool materials, but sorely need help with it all.

  21. put interesting things in favorites on my computer. I save correspondence (IHIps, quarterly reports, and LOIs_ to and from the school district in my email and update them as needed.

  22. I don’t have any at this time. I would like to be more organized.

  23. My digital files are a mess because I use two different computers and my external hard drive quit working.

  24. Pretty much chaos :/

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