7 Reasons Homeschooling Families Need to Watch Mount Hideaway

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My family and I recently had the AMAZING opportunity to watch the brand new movie, Mount Hideaway: Exes and Oh No’s. We all LOVED it. It made the perfect family movie night. I am highly encouraging all of my readers to watch the first installment in the Mount Hideaway movie series…and here’s why:

7 Reasons Your Family Needs to Watch Mount Hideaway: Exes and Oh No’s:

1- You’re supporting fellow homeschoolers! That’s right the producer and several actors/actresses are from a homeschooling background! That in and of itself was enough to make me excited!
2- It portrays homeschooling in a positive light! So many movies and tv shows nowadays portray homeschoolers as sheltered or as though it is a subpar educational choice. Not so with Mount Hideaway! Homeschooling is portrayed in a realistic, positive light.
Find out more about that here:

3- It’s clean {and engaging} family entertainment….and it’s not cheesy either! I’ll admit, my teen daughters were a bit skeptical when I told them about the movie, but within the first 15 minutes of watching, they were hooked! We find it so hard to find a movie that is clean and wholesome that the entire family will enjoy, but we found all of that in Mount Hideaway. We thoroughly enjoyed the murder mystery plot! The action and plot twists kept my daughters engaged and my husband and I definitely appreciated the fact that it was a true “family friendly” movie: no profanity, nudity, sexual situations, or violence!
4- You get to see a bit of my hometown! Mount Hideaway was filmed in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, less than 30 miles from my hometown! The Shenandoah Valley is a gorgeous area and I think it’s super cool that my readers will get to see a glimpse of where I grew up! You even get to see the Wayside Inn, which a location that I frequently visited on school field trips!

5- You don’t have to spend a ton money at the theater! You can watch Mount Hideaway: Exes and Oh No’s on Amazon Video for as low as $4.99!  Don’t have access to Amazon video? No worries, you can purchase the DVD or rent the video for 90 days here! You can also use coupon code: HSMOM15 to save 15% {not valid at Amazon}.

6- By watching Mount Hideaway, you are supporting three awesome charities: Barker Adoption Foundation, HSLDA {Homeschool Legal Defense Association}, and Friends of Homeless Animals!

7- You’ll have more Mount Hideaway movies to look forward to! There are plans for Mount Hideaway to be a series…but in order to produce the next movie, the first must take off! So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy and plan a family movie night and then be sure to share the link to this post with all of your friends so that they can watch it, too! You can also save 15% with coupon code: HSMOM15

You can watch the Mount Hideaway: Exes and Oh No’s trailer below:

7 Reasons Why ALL Homeschooling Families Should Watch this movie!

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  1. I love good clean movies as well! Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. If you are going to go through Amazon, visit the link in the article. I tried searching it on Amazon and came up with something else completely. Looks good – we are going to watch it on our next family movie night!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing such important and interesting information! I want to ask you, am I the only one having trouble playing this video? At 2:15 the video ends and I only see a black screen. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Hi, I’m so sorry! I did not have that issue, but I have contacted the producer and he will be in touch!

    2. Were you watching on Amazon, DVD, or the Mount Hideaway website?

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