Incorporating Christ into Homeschooling This December

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As a parent, it is so important for me to teach my children about Christ. When the holiday season begins it is a perfect time to really focus on the love He has for us. God really can show us such love and compassion during the holidays when we study about His love and what He has done for each and every one of us.

I thought it would be neat to share ways of incorporating Christ into homeschooling this December. The holiday season is a wonderful time to teach about Jesus’s birth and the story that goes with it.

Teaching About Christ In Homeschooling

Take time To Pray 

Before you begin working on schooling, sit down and take time to pray together. Pray before you eat your lunch, and teach your child it is a wonderful way to connect with Christ anytime you want. You can take time to teach your child how to pray if they are young. It is a great way for your child to grow closer to God. You can ask for wisdom when for teaching, patience, peace, etc. Let your child decide or even take over praying before school.

Study The Bible 

You can find so many different Bible study plans online nowadays, it is a great thing to incorporate into schooling. You can focus on Christmas time and the birth of Jesus for the holidays. Have your child read verses, memorize them, etc.


Get the whole family involved and create a play that focuses on Jesus or God. I love to do the Christmas themed plays, but you can do anyone you want. Let your kids have fun memorizing lines, finding costumes to wear, and really trying to recreate the scenes. If you don’t have enough people see if some friends want to come help out.

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Arts and Crafts 

Kids can learn so many useful things when they get creative with arts and crafts. You can do Bible-based crafts (there are a ton of ideas on Pinterest) that would be a great way to incorporate Christ. You can do a teaching along with the craft, and just have a peaceful and fun time letting your kids get their hands dirty.


Did you know you can buy Christ-centered curriculum? You can find so many different options for curriculum that have a Christ-centered base. This is a great way to incorporate and focus on God’s word and help your child grow and learn. I love doing this for all year round.


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