How to Homeschool with Christmas Joy

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This post is part of the 2018 Homeschooling Through the Holidays series.

How to Homeschool with Christmas Joy

The holidays are a time of joy and family but when paired with homeschooling it can seem like a huge burden. Homeschooling during the holidays gives you a chance to add more life skills to your childrens’ skill set and bring you together as a family.

Meal plan for the family dinners

You have a ton of tasks to check off your to-do list, with huge family meals during the holidays it may be your turn to host. Have your kids help you figure out your menu and then get them to help you with all the things that go into meal prep like meal planning, shopping and preparing the meal ahead of time and then cooking the day of the event.

This will also get them to appreciate all of the hard work that goes into cooking and for them to see how much time it takes to put a giant meal together. Assign age-appropriate tasks for each child.

Bake with your kids

As you prep your holiday baking, your kids can also help you as well. Have them find the recipes and measure out the ingredients. As you double or halve recipes these are a good lesson in math and fractions.

Kids love helping in the kitchen with the end result is a sweet treat. You may have a future baker on hand.

Create a budget for gift shopping

Have your kids create a budget for their gift shopping or have them help you with yours so that they can help with thinking of thoughtful gifts for others. Let them set a budget for their spending and then they’ll need to split it between the family members they’ll be shopping for. Have them write out their list so they can look for their gift as you shop with them.

You can go into budgeting, calculating taxes and get them to plan out their purchases and to adjust when things are too much and how they can use the leftover amounts if they choose to.

Make your own gifts

Sometimes gift giving is limited due to your budget. Have your kids make their gifts this year for each other and other family members. You’ll be amazed to see what your kids come up with. I always appreciate what the kids make rather than what they buy.

Volunteer in the community

Show your kids how to be kind and compassionate by volunteering in your community in the homeless shelters or in the nursing home. There are a ton of opportunities to work with your church or within your community to provide relief to those in need. The food drive is always a big one during the holidays and the food bank is a great way to get involved.

Read a Christmas book as a family

Work on a whole family read aloud, Christmas is the perfect time to read together and enjoy your time in front of the tree all snuggled up together.

Bring Christmas into your homeschool

Homeschooling doesn’t have to look the same in December. You can have fun learning about Christmas around the world or preparing meals from around the world. Do a fun Christmas unit study or make your own on a topic your kids have always wanted to learn about.

We like to use Christmas for fun activities or messy projects that I had put off.

Get into the joy of Christmas with these fun Christmas printable activities, you kids will have a blast with them.

More Christmas Printables

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How to Homeschool with Christmas Joy {plus FREE Christmas Activity Fun Pack for Kids}

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