Tips for Avoiding Holiday Homeschool Burnout

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This post is part of the 2018 Homeschooling Through the Holidays series.

There is something about the holidays that seems to bring the “burnout” feeling of homeschooling. I hear so many parents and children express how around the holidays they begin to feel the burnout blues from homeschooling. Traveling, big dinners, family gatherings, it all can be pretty exhausting. Then once all that goes away you are back to your daily grind of school work. 

I wanted to share a variety of tips for holiday homeschool burnout, and how to try to avoid this. We don’t have to allow that burned out and worn down feeling to consume us. Just take action and fight against those dreadful feelings and find that spark again for homeschooling.  

How to Avoid Holiday Homeschool Burnout

Avoid Over-Scheduling

Make sure not to pack your schedule so full, learn to say no. This is easier said than done, but when you have a more flexible and open schedule it will be less likely to get overwhelmed and feel burned out. You will have time for yourself and the same for your kids in the evenings to decompress. Don’t be scared to mix things up and do something different to break away from your daily schedule. 

Change Things Up 

Don’t be predictable on what you teach. Learn to change things up so that it can help avoid that burned out feeling. Step outside for a lesson one day, or go for a walk or play date to break up the day. There is so much learning going on that kids sometimes just need a break. Find fun activities on Pinterest that incorporate your curriculum to help break up the regular classes. Just do things to make it fun for you and your child. 

Kitchen Time 

Take a day and spend time in the kitchen baking cookies and other fun treats. This is a great way to incorporate teaching in a fun way to make it feel like you aren’t learning. Directions are great for reading, Ingredients needing to be measured is math, cleanup is life skills, etc. 

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Field Trip 

Have an impromptu field trip to escape for the day. Use it to head outdoors and enjoy time with your kids. Whether you go to a museum, park, or any other location away from home. Make it a day to just have fun and not worry about school. 

Have Help 

Maybe you have some other families who homeschool, maybe team up to break out of the normal schooling. Teach their children and vice versa. It can be fun to let someone else step in and teach your children, and they will enjoy it as well. Or maybe call grandma to come and help out for a day. Or just have a visitor come and help your child with their school work and you can teach if you don’t feel comfortable handing over the reigns. 

The Burnout Feeling Will End

Know that this burned out feeling will go away in time. Like all the seasons it will come and go. You just have to get creative on those days you don’t want to sit down and teach. You homeschool so you have a flexible schedule, so make sure you utilize it. Homeschooling is full of ups and downs, you just have to remember to look at the bigger picture at the end of the day. 


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