Taproot Folkart Streaming Craft Class Review & Giveaway {3 winners!}

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My girls and I love crafting and creating beautiful artwork to display in the home. One of my favorite places to show off their work is right on my windows! Sometimes that means our neighbors get a beautiful view of what we’re doing here in our homeschool, and other times, they see strange squares of paper and are.. confused! We recently learned about European Paper Stars and I’m pretty excited to get them up on the windows. They are a tradition at Christmas in Europe, but if you know me, you know I’m not waiting until Christmas. Uh-huh. My tree is already up so my windows are ready to decorate too!

European Paper Stars are delightfully easy to make. At Christmas in Europe, you will see them hanging in windows with light shining through them. Taproot Video offers a Papiersterne class with Marilyn Romatka that will show you everything you could ever want to know about these stunning pieces of art. The class is geared for adults, but the technique is easy enough for children. No experience needed to make beautiful stars – first time! The paper needed for this project is called ‘kite paper’ or occasionally ‘transparency paper’. Marilyn does give advice within the video series on how to modify tissue paper as an alternative. Once you have your paper, the only other thing you need is scissors and a glue stick! If you don’t want to fool with finding and purchasing supplies on your own, you can order a kit with everything you need here. Watch the video below to learn more about the European Paper Stars class!

My oldest daughter loves to craft and loves origami, so I knew that this European Paper Stars class would be right up her alley! The kit that Marilyn sent had all necessary supplies and my daughter opened it right up and got to work.

The streaming class was an excellent tutorial and very easy to follow! Marilyn is a great teacher. She is easy to understand and very thorough. 

The following items were included in our supply kit:

  • kite paper in various colors
  • foam paper square {for tracing}
  • glue stick
  • detailed instruction sheet which includes vocabulary, history, and websites for further learning opportunities

My daughter had hours of fun with this European Paper Stars craft kit. She made almost a dozen stars which we will display throughout the windows of our home during the upcoming holiday season. Here, she is proudly displaying her favorite blue star:

About Taproot Video Classes

Taproot Video offers a variety of folk art classes that give you a close-up and almost personal view to learn from! The video lessons are possibly even MORE beneficial than learning together in person as a group because the video allows you to see every detail of the craft up close + allows you flexibility to learn when you have time, and to pause/rewind until you have mastered a step! If you love crafting, you are going to LOVE everything about Taproot Video! Watch online from your computer, tablet, OR receive select classes on DVD. A few Taproot favorites are bow loom weaving, Japanese Temari Balls, Viking Knitting, and braiding with a backbone. Learn more about each class below. You can view all of Marilyn’s classes here {and new ones are added each year!}.

Bow Loom Weaving: The Bow Loom is an ancient technique using a simple, portable loom to make narrow, beaded bands. The technique is used by groups in northern Thailand to make bands for their exquisite headdresses. The weaving is quick and fun and oh so portable. No previous weaving experience is necessary. This is a great introduction to ethnic weaving.

Japanese Temari Balls: Temari balls are exquisitely wound and embroidered gems that are given in Japan as a very special gift to a loved one on an auspicious occasion. Easy to learn at a beginner’s level, the intrigued student can follow the craft up many layers of complexity, and never become bored with this technique. It has achieved the proud level of an art form.

Viking Knitting: What’s old is hot! This historical jewelry making technique is simple enough for youngsters, yet produces elegant necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings. The materials needed to make the coil can be found in your neighborhood hardware store, or the student can move on to sterling silver. Either way, the necklace comes out stunning!

Braiding with Backbone: This technique is a relatively new invention, that melds ideas from time-honored and proven traditions: the Japanese art of Kumihimo braiding contributes the stand on which the braid is formed. However, the hollow braid that results resembles more closely the English tradition of straw plating. By using wire instead of fiber or straw, the result is a stunning 3D braid that can be used for a variety of jewelry, especially necklaces!

Now for the super exciting part, THREE of my readers will win their own choice of Taproot Folkarts Streaming Class + Kit. The winner will be able to choose from any of the five classes mentioned in this post! To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. All entries will be verified. Open to US residents only. The giveaway period will close on 11/10/18 at 11:59pm EST. The winners will be announced via email on 11/12/18. Good luck!

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