Homeschool Senior Year Checklist

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This is it! All these years of hard work and dedication are paying off and Senior Year is about to begin. This is such a huge year for you and your child and you’ll be celebrating the accomplishment together. There will be a lot of decision making and tweaking over the upcoming months that are an important part of deciding the next piece of the education puzzle for your Senior, should they be pursuing higher education. This checklist will help you to make the most of your homeschooling Senior Year and help guide your student down their chosen path.

You'll love this Homeschool Senior Year Checklist for everything you need to graduate your child successfully!

Review graduation requirements for your state or program – Though you’ve probably been over the requirements so many times you’ve got them practically memorized, take a last look at the standards and be sure that your student is on track for completion. Check on deadlines for any required paperwork and schedule reminders to submit on time.

Select courses of study to meet any guidelines and prepare for next steps – If you’ve planned well through the years, Senior year should have fewer required classes and more opportunities for your child to work on things of interest or that will help them to pad their college applications.

Seek out scholarships and apply by deadlines – Spend some time researching college scholarships to see what is available and applies to your student. There are scholarships specific to homeschoolers, interest groups, various demographics, and so much more. Don’t forget to file a Federal Student Aid application which is often required for scholarships and grants.

Schedule any college entrance exams necessary – By now your student should have taken the SAT, ACT, or other standardized tests as required by the colleges they are considering. Students can take these tests one last time in their senior year to improve scores.

Review transcripts before sending to colleges – Prepare your child’s transcripts and give them one last review before sending off to colleges. Take care that courses are properly documented and nothing through their high school years has been omitted.

Apply to a variety of schools – Submit applications to the schools that your child is interested in, having both dream schools and safety schools on the list. This is important as many may not get into their dream school for their freshman year. They can begin their journey at a safety school and reapply to transfer later on if they choose.

Review options and make college decisions – Once college acceptance letters have come through, have a heart-to-heart with your Senior and help them weigh their options. Provide opinions and guidance, but allow them to make their own final choice of what school to attend.

Order the Diploma and a Cap and Gown – Every graduating senior deserves a paper copy of their diploma and a cap and gown photo, whether or not they are walking in an official ceremony. This is a rite of passage that means so much to most graduates.

Plan the graduation ceremony and celebration – You’ll certainly want to have a celebration to commemorate your child’s graduation from high school! Whether you plan a dinner, ceremony, and photos in the backyard with family and friends or you join in a larger graduation ceremony with a local homeschool group, this is an accomplishment worth recognizing.

Update transcripts with final grades for submission to their chosen college – As Senior year comes to a close, update transcripts with their final grades in the last of their courses and submit as needed to complete their acceptance requirements.

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