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It’s not Friday, but I do have a super cool freebie that will make a GREAT addition to your fall homeschooling plans! I’ve teamed up with my friends from Homeschool Hopscotch and they are giving each of you a copy of their brand new fall nature study journal for FREE! Hurry, it’s only available for free for one week! This fun and engaging study includes over 90 pages of learning and exploration! Check it out…

What’s so great about studying nature?

Nature Study inspires wonder

Have you ever seen a child stop what they’re doing and stare in wide-eyed wonder at a fly caught in a spider’s web or an ant carrying a piece of food larger than itself?

Children that spend time in nature are more aware that there are millions of things going on in the natural world that many people never stop to appreciate. The more time they spend observing the habits of bugs and animals, the more they will realize that the world is all connected and that they are a part of it all.

Nature Study calms children

Whatever your views on screen time for kids are, there’s no arguing with the fact that too much movie watch and game playing can be bad for us.

There are hundreds of studies out there that show that children lose the ability to focus and are less happy when they spend excessive time on screens. Not to mention that having a plethora of options has been shown to cause anxiety.

So is the answer to stop using technology? We don’t think so. That’s a little unrealistic in 2018, and, besides there are many positive benefits of screen time, as well.

Instead, we balance screen time with nature time. Spending time in nature is grounding. When our children are given the time to just stop and soak up the stillness of a quiet day in the forest without other distractions, we see the negative side effects of screen time slip away. We like to think of it as a “reset”. They have fewer options and in today’s busy world this is very calming for them.

Nature Study encourages investigation

Nature study makes kids natural explorers and investigators. When children spend time in nature, they are constantly asking questions.

What does this bug eat?
Why does the bird fly like that?
What lives in this pond?

Researching their answers is fun and interesting. When given free reign to explore, they will start to look for the answers to their questions by observing what’s happening in front of them. These are the same skills that are used in advance sciencentic study, making nature study and excellent foundation for other scientific subjects.

Nature journaling is a great way to document your nature study. We took journaling a step further and created our Homeschool Nature Journals because we wanted nature study to be more independent for our older children.

Today, we want to share with you our brand new Autumn Nature journal {$25 value}! For a limited time, you can get your own copy for FREE! Use the big green form below to claim your copy now. Note- this limited time freebie promotion has ended, but you can purchase the journal here. 

Units Include:

  • Autumn
  • Seeds
  • Migration
  • Leaves
  • Animals
  • Fungus

This printable journal has over 90 pages of:

  • Information
  • Activities
  • Projects
  • Writing Prompts
  • Drawing Prompts
  • Memory Work
  • Copy Work
  • Even a nature scavenger hunt and our signature Mad Lib!

To get your copy of the Autumn Nature Journal for FREE simply enter your name and email address into the form below. When you click submit, give it a couple of minutes to fully download. It’s a big file packed full of awesomeness!

**I’m sorry- this free promotion has ended! Please check back frequently for new freebies!** You can purchase the Autumn Nature Journal here.

Autumn Nature Journal Study for homeschoolers! 90+ pages of fun and engaging learning and exploration.

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