25 Days of Thankfulness Challenge for Moms

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Who needs an attitude adjustment?

I don’t know about you, but this fall has been incredibly stressful around here! From hurricanes to injuries to unexpected expenses and everything in between…I’m ready to throw in the white flag.

This mama is in major need of a shift in perspective. With the holidays rapidly approaching, I know that activities levels and stress levels will only be on the rise. It’s time to prepare our hearts now. If you agree, I invite you to join me in a 25-day Thankfulness Challenge.

25 Days of Thankfulness Challenge for Moms

The benefits of having an attitude of thankfulness affect your entire being: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I’m not sure that there is ever a situation where being thankful won’t help you. But, if you need some reasons to help you decide to join us for the Thankfulness challenge, let’s look at some specific benefits of focusing on being thankful:

  1. It improves your mood! It isn’t possible to have both a bad attitude and an attitude of thankfulness at the same time! Try it out- the next time that you start to send yourself having a bad attitude, start listing things that you are thankful for. You’ll wash your bad attitude away in no time!
  2. It improves your relationships! Want to improve your marriage? Begin focusing on the qualities of your spouse that you’re thankful for.
  3. It improves your health! According to a 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences, people who are thankful generally feel more healthy and report fewer aches and pains than those who don’t express thankfulness.
  4. It will make your children more thankful! Children imitate what they see. If your children see you being thankful, they will naturally be more thankful as well.
  5. The Bible commands it. There are more than 20 passages of Scripture that reference giving thanks. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to give thanks in all situations. If the Bible commands it than it is for our good.

There is always something to be thankful for! Join us for the 25 Days of Thankfulness challenge and let your change in attitude, forever change your life!

Details on the 25 Days of Thankfulness Challenge for Moms:

The 25 Days of Thankfulness challenge will run from 11/1-11/25/18. Each day, you will receive an email that will consist of a scripture passage, a short reflection, and a challenge. Participants will get a free pdf copy of my Moms Book of Thanks: 25-Day Devotional Prayer Journal as well, or if you would like a hard copy, you can purchase it here.

To sign up to participate in the 25 Days of Thankfulness Challenge, simply enter your name and email address into the form below. You will immediately be emailed a copy of Mom’s Book of Thanks: 25-Day Devotional Prayer Journal. Watch your email on November 1st for the first day of the challenge!

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  1. Hi Heather,

    Is it OK to share this with the moms in my Children’s Ministry at my church? This looks like it would be a wonderful encouragement to them! If it’s OK, what is the best way to share it with them?



    1. Yes! You would just need to share the link to this blog post with them so that they can sign up to receive the materials themselves. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Thanks and God bless😊

  3. I am trying to sign up for this challenge, but I must have somehow tagged a previous email as spam. I am getting a box saying something to that effect when I try to sign in. I get so many junk emails I must have accidentally hit the wrong one. Can you PLEASE un-do whatever I did?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi, Paula! I was able to override it and get you signed up. You should soon receive the Day 1 email.

  4. I have signed up three times and I’m still not getting the emails – I have no idea what i’ve clicked, but I would love to participate! Can you give me any pointers?

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