How to Use Netflix In Homeschooling

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How to Use Netflix In Homeschooling

If you have Netflix you might consider using it for your homeschooling! I am going to share a variety of ways on how to use Netflix in homeschooling. 

Most homes love streaming Netflix. If you have Netflix, you have a wonderful homeschooling resource at your fingertips. I say this because Netflix is affordable and has a huge amount of options. From watching documentaries, searching the kids’ menu for science and nature shows, to geography and history shows. 

If you are not a member of Netflix, you can subscriber for a nominal fee each month. You can stream Netflix through virtually any device that can connect to the internet. We specifically like using our Smart TV, Roku, and/or Fire Stick. Plus they usually offer a free month trial, so give it a go if you are not a member yet, and see how you like it. 

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Netflix Shows for Young Kids to Teens 

The beauty of Netflix is you can select documentaries and television shows for all ages. If you have a toddler, you might reach for learning shows like Dinosaur Train, The Magic School Bus, or Super Why. These shows are entertaining but also allow them to learn about shapes, colors, how or why things work, and more. 

Elementary-Middle school children might go for Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Discovery Channel, Martha Speaks or even WorldGirl. It speaks to their age group and offers easy to understand facts and helps them learn and grow. 

For teens you might go for more of the documentaries like National Geographic, Brain Games, Discovery Channel shows, History Channel, and more. They can learn about the earth, science, animals, math, literature and arts, and so much more. You will be amazed at what is available for each age range.

How to use Netflix in Homeschooling


Neflix Shows or Documentaries I Recommend 

Brain Games 

This is great for the entire family old or young. It really allows you to see how your brain works. 

LeapFrog Series 

You can find quite a few LeapFrog shows for your younger kiddos to watch. They can learn about colors, shapes, letters, spelling and more. LeapFrog is such a great learning tool as they make it really fun to watch, and kids can catch on to learning without even knowing it. 

How The States Got Their Shapes 

When you are teaching your child about states, this is a great one. This is a fun show that shows you how each state got their unique shape. It is a great history show to add to your curriculum. 

Sid the Science Kid

Great series for teaching science. This is a great resource to add to your science lesson plans. 

Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts really helps you learn and understand more about specific animals. In each episode they cover different situations about the animal they are helping out for the day. It is very educational and fun! 

Baby Genius: Favorite Sing-Alongs

Add in some great sing-alongs for your younger kids with Baby Genius. A great way to incorporate a little music into the day. 

Hidden Kingdoms

Great for older kids to really dive deeper into their studies of animals. I love documentaries like this, and I think your kids will too! 

PBS: First Man on the Moon

Directed for older kids, it is a great educational show for you to see all that took place for the first man on the moon! PBS has a ton of different shows available on Netflix similar to this that could really be a great tool. I am a huge fan of PBS and what they have to offer. 

Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been around forever but for good reason. Your child can learn about life skills, letters, numbers, and more in each episode. From learning to share, take turns, how to count, it is truly an amazing show to let them sit and watch. 

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What are your favorite homeschool-related shows on Netflix?

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