Homeschooling Using Amazon Prime Video

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Do you have Amazon Prime? Well, you’re in luck because this is a great resource for homeschooling families. You’re already paying a fee to use Amazon Prime, so you might as well take advantage of the video portion. If you’re unsure of what Amazon Prime Video is, it’s an online video on demand service. This means you can watch what you want, when you want. Of course, not everything is “Prime” on there, but there is still quite a selection to choose from. Here’s how to homeschool using Amazon Prime Video.

homeschool using amazon prime video

Take a look at the educational shows

One thing you’re going to have endless amounts of on Amazon Prime Video is educational shows. There are literally hundreds of educational shows! Here is a list of at least 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime Video. An educational show can be classified as a learning show. One perk of using Amazon Prime Video is that there aren’t any ads, which works for a busy homeschooling mom or dad that doesn’t have time to monitor every moment of the show.

Find the movies based on books

My children love watching movies based on the books we’ve read. Amazon Prime Video has some books in the form of movies. My children used to LOVE to read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, this movie is actually on Amazon Prime Video now! How cute!?  You can easily search for a title on Prime Video, which is one of the better perks of using this platform to homeschool.

Use my free movie studies in conjunction with Amazon Prime Video

We love watching movies in our home! I like turning this family movie time into a homeschool lesson whenever possible. I have created many movie unit studies to accompany some of our favorite movies. Simply choose your favorites, add them to your cart {for FREE}, complete the checkout process and then head on over to Amazon Prime Video and find the movies to go with your movie studies. Instant homeschool lesson!

Available FREE movie studies include:

PBS Shows Galore

How many of you grew up watching endless amounts of PBS?  Every homeschooling parent has those moments where they need a transition show or they need a few minutes of quiet time, but they still want their kids to be learning. Pull up Prime Video and you’re going to find several PBS shows that will help your child learn. Reading Rainbow is one of our favorite PBS shows and you’ll find that on Prime Video.

Other types of shows on Prime Video

The really cool thing about Prime Video is you can find just about anything you need on it. Let’s take Science for Kids K-8 as an example. Your kids can take some time learning about science and it doesn’t cost you an extra penny, other than what you’re already paying. If your child is interested in drawing, there are shows that teach your kid how to draw. There are literally hundreds of shows to choose from!

Homeschooling using Amazon Prime Video comes down to being creative. Also, it’s another way to be frugal during this homeschooling journey. How do you use Prime Video for homeschooling?

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  1. We did My Father’s World ECC last year. Amazon Prime Video and Hoopla played a huge part in our learning throughout the year. They both contain a great selection of good documentaries and educational shows.
    One of my kids favorites on Amazon Prime is the Torchlighter Series on various missionaries throughout history. My favorite is Poldark on Masterpiece Theatre 😉

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