Free Curriculum Friday: Scripture Memorization & Coloring Book for Kids

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I’m so excited to bring you this week’s edition of Free Curriculum Friday! This week, I’ve teamed up with my friend, Amy from Encouraging Moms at Home. She is giving each of you free copies of her Scripture Coloring & Memorization Book for Kids! See what she has to say below…

Scripture Memorization & Coloring Book for Kids

More and more, I become aware of the power of spoken words. Angry words, tender words, words of prayer, fearful words, and words that speak life — all the words that come pouring out of our mouths have a direct impact on the lives of those around us. When one of my children wakes up and starts pestering me for attention before I’m fully awake and the first words out of my mouth for that child are spoken out of anger – boy does our day go downhill fast. Words matter.

In fact, Jesus was called the Word in John 1:1. And that Word was called life, and of course that refers to God’s word, spoken for us through the Bible through Jesus Christ himself. God’s word is life. God’s word speaks life into our hearts. It is life-giving. That’s why I find it so incredibly important to speak life in the hearts of our kids through God’s word. Everything we speak to our children should be life-giving, building up, and blessing them – not always with words from the Bible, but always with words fitly spoken. Boy that’s hard isn’t it? I fail at this daily! And yet, I keep purposing in my heart to try, and try again to speak life to my kids.

From my desire to speak life to my kids, I have developed a series of books called Color and Memorize God’s Word. These books allow for from stress-free coloring while a child or parent reads and meditates on the Word of God for a specific subject.

With my friend Heather, I am super excited to offer you Color and Memorize: Encouraging Bible Verses for Kids for free for a very limited time. Start trying this out in your home.

Begin by printing the pages of your Color and Memorize book and make one copy for each of your children and one copy for yourself. Each day, read one of the verses aloud to your children and give them the coloring page. You can sit around the table together coloring the verse and talking about its meaning, or you can allow each child to color at his or her own pace and time. Mention the verse and say it together several times throughout the day to remind each other of the encouragement you’ve found in God’s word. End your day by sharing and enjoying each other’s coloring pages and perhaps finding a special spot for them in the house. You could keep them in a three ring binder, or let your kids hang them in their rooms. Laminated, a completed coloring page can be hung in the window with tape so that it will not harm your walls.

To get your free copy, simply enter your name and email address into the form below. When you click submit, you will be redirected to the file. Be sure to save it to your device for later access!

This free promotion has ended. Please check back frequently for new freebies.

If you like the coloring book you get free, here is another book in the series which your family might enjoy: Color and Memorize: Bible Verses About Anger for Kids

Scripture Memorization & Coloring Book for Kids

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