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Welcome to Day 15 of the 2018 Back to Homeschool Giveaway Extravaganza! Today’s giveaway sponsor is Timberdoodle! Check it out…

Do You Teach Both Types of Thinking?
Have you considered the necessity of incorporating both convergent and divergent thinking into your learning time? Experts recognize these as the two major types of brain challenges we all encounter.

What Is Convergent Thinking?
Convergent thinking generally involves finding a single best answer and is important in the study of math and science. Convergent thinking is the backbone of the majority of curricula and is crucial for future engineers, doctors, and even parents. Much of daily life is a series of determining right and wrong answers, and standardized tests favor the convergent thinker. But when we pursue only convergent-rich curricula, we miss the equally vital arena of divergent thinking.

Is Divergent Thinking Different?
Yes! Divergent thinking encourages your child’s mind to explore many possible solutions, maybe even ideas that aren’t necessarily apparent at first. It is in use when he discovers that there is more than one way to build a bridge with blocks, to animate a movie, or even simply to complete a doodle. Radically different from read-and-regurgitate textbooks, divergent activities are not only intellectually stimulating, but kids love them, too.

Make a Conscious Effort to Include Both in Your Curriculum
Admittedly, because most textbooks and even puzzles are designed for convergent thinking, you will need to make a conscious effort to expose your children to multiple opportunities for divergent thinking. It is imperative because both divergent and convergent thinking are necessary for critical thinking to be effective.

Timberdoodle Kindergarten Curriculum Kit

Convergent Thinking All Day Long
Any open-ended assignment will build your child’s divergent thinking skills. You could ask him to draw something happy for Grandma, build The World’s Tallest Pencil-Holder, or plan the menu for a knight’s picnic.

Convergent Thinking with ThinkPlay Gears + Chains

ThinkPlay works both your child’s convergent and divergent skills. As he recreates the exact models shown, he’s working on convergent skills (and so much more!). But when he revises that model to solve a problem or builds a model using your verbal instructions only, that’s capitalizing on divergent learning.

ThinkPlay Gears is one of the latest kits from ThinkPlay, the internationally award-winning educational construction system. Designed to explore the basic physics of movement and rotation, effects of friction, creating power, and how simple machines need and use gears, this 400-piece set comes with a whole suite of instructions. 
Timberdoodle’s ThinkPlay Gears kit includes ThinkPlay Chains, with 75 chain links and loose-leaf instructions for 14 chain-powered models. With these chains, you can build a clock, snowplow, and chainsaw, as well as more technical models, such as intricate chain panels. Or, assemble new constructions of your design. ThinkPlay’s STEM and simple machines potential reach a new level with ThinkPlay Gears + Chains. Keep reading for your chance to win a ThinkPlay Gears + Chains set!

Are There Any Complete Curriculum Kits that Teach Both Types of Thinking?
Yes! ThinkPlay Gears + Chains is just one component in Timberdoodle’s rich curriculum kits for grades 0-12. Here are nine things to love about Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits:

  1. Award-Winning
    Most recently our kits won Practical Homeschooling’s Reader Awards for Preschool/Readiness, Kindergarten, Elementary Curriculum, Middle School Curriculum and High School Curriculum! We’re thrilled! 

    2. New Literature Options
    We are beyond excited to include beautiful new literature options for third through twelfth grade. We’ve also added All About Reading as the default option for PreK through second grade. Reading is such a gift and life-skill, we’re very excited to make it a highlight of your year. 

    3. Develop Independent Learning
    Our manageable weekly checklist means that even from an early age your child is learning how to learn and how to manage their own time. Imagine the benefits later! 

    4. Teach STEM Skills
    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are more than just engaging and fun; they are also just as critical to real-life education success as reading and writing! (And yes, we include art too!) 

    5. Integrate Hands-On Exploration
    Teach geography by assembling geography puzzles. Put together a human body torso while studying anatomy. This is learning that sticks! 

    6. Charter School Compatible Through 12th Grade
    We are happy to announce that charter school compatible non-religious kits are now available in every grade in both Complete and Elite editions. You’ll love our new science options too! 

    7. Easily Customizable 
    Did you know that you can customize any Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit? Give your child the math level he’s most ready for; swap the book you already have for a new one or remove science since he’s taking it at co-op this year. Tailor this year’s curriculum specifically to your child at no extra cost!

    8. New Custom Scheduler Too
    Each kit comes with access to our exclusive custom scheduler for that grade, allowing you to add or remove courses, set breaks, note which lessons go on which week (if that’s helpful for you) and print off your custom weekly or daily checklists. 

    9. We’re Using These Kits In Our Home
    Our family has had the opportunity to welcome little ones back into our home by becoming a foster family, and the Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits have been helping us keep our tiny ones developing on target. We hope your family will enjoy the 2018-19 kits as much as our family is.

One very lucky family will win a ThinkPlay Gears + Chains set! To enter to win, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US residents only. All entries will be verified. The giveaway period will close on 8/16/18 at 11:59pm EST. Good luck!
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  1. These look so fun!

  2. I have been lost on what to use with my youngest. This looks like it would be perfect and geared towards his learning style! The gears are just awesome. I am trying really hard to incorporate more STEM into our homeschooling. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I want to win because my daughter loves building, and we want to encourage her. I love how these toys allow for both types of thinking.

  4. My son loves to build things and is a very hands-on learner, so he would really enjoy these!

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  7. I want to win this for my very hands on learning boy! He would love it, and I think he would learn from it and it would keep him busy when I need it too:)

  8. Those gears look like so much fun!

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  10. My son would LOVE this!

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  13. I believe that Convergent and Divergent thinking is required for the overall development of my children. It would be nice to win this so we get an opportunity to try out a new way of learning.

  14. my daughter is starting to finally be interested in building stuff!

  15. Love anything hands on, it’s the way my kids learn best!

  16. My daughter would love this!

  17. I would like to incorporate more STEM activities into our school this year.

  18. My kids love building and these look like a lot of fun.

  19. My 7yo loves to build with all types of materials!

  20. This looks like a lot of fun!, I’m sure my girls would love playing, building and learning with it.

  21. My kids would love these!

  22. I would like this for my child

  23. I would like this for my son.

  24. I have 4 kiddos and love the curriculum we have been using, but don’t want to repeat it for a 3rd time with our youngest. I’d love to give this a try!

  25. This would be amazing for our family!

  26. I would love to incorporate more STEM activities in our homeschool. This looks like a fun set.

  27. My son and daughter would love this set. I’ve looked at this for a while to find a way to afford it. It looks like so much fun though!

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