Sound Town Phonics Giveaway

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Help your child find the Key to Reading!

Parents and teachers use Sound Town Phonics to help their children and students learn to read – because they learned to read with Sound Town too!

More than twenty-five years ago, Sound Town was created by a homeschool mother to teach her oldest child to read.

Today, many of our customers are those who once learned to read with Sound Town and have returned to our fundamentally sound, memorable program to teach their own children to read.

Our loyal customer base speaks for itself—

Sound Town Phonics is the phonics program

You need to teach your child to read!

– Guide your child from recognizing letters to reading on their own in four robust units.

– Each unit blends into the next, teaching children the “building block” phonemes in increasing complexity–until they’re able to discover words on their own!

– No guessing what to teach next or if they’re missing something. The Learning Guide shows the progression of each lesson on one continuous pathway, making clear how each new skill fits into the process from the alphabet to reading.

Interested?! We’re giving away The Complete Sound Town Phonics Program!

This package includes:

The Alphabet Station

These fun, interactive lessons and stories teach your child to recognize the alphabet letters, the sounds they make, and how to write them. In the Alphabet Station, your child will discover that some of the alphabet letters can make more than one sound.

The Short Vowel Station

This Station invites your child to combine the alphabet sounds to make simple 3-letter words. Many words fit this “short vowel” pattern. Watch your child light up as they start reading!

The Long Vowel Station

With lots of practice built into this Station, your child will learn to identify and read words that have the final silent “e”, which we call the Jumping “e.” They can now read many of the words in simple books and readers. Watch as your child’s enthusiasm for reading grows!

The Sound Town Station

Our most memorable station! Through pictures, poems, stories, and songs, your child will forget they’re even learning as they meet the inhabitants of Sound Town, learn each phoneme in the English language, and help Audrey and Joseph find the Key to Reading.

                                              And as a BONUS…!!!

           Our NEW Alphabet by Color Book Kit

This kit is the perfect, color-filled alphabet review. Teach your child all of the sounds of the individual alphabet letters through delightful stories, pictures, and basic writing practice. It’s a great beginning for your youngest, and a perfect way to review the alphabet letters with your developing reader.

Here’s what our community says about our program:

“Our oldest child was a natural reader. Our second child struggled. We purchased Sound Town for our youngest, and let our middle child listen along and help teach. Sound Town brought it together for both! Sound Town teaches true phonics.”

– Christine, Homeschool parent

“Sound Town is truly the best phonics method available. The children look forward to their visits to Sound Town each day and are eager to learn the jingles. I am amazed how the children begin to look at words and get so excited when they recognize the phonemes. It is the fastest, most complete program I know of to effortlessly allow young children to become fluent readers and competent spellers. I would recommend Sound Town to anyone who would like to have a lot of fun helping a child discover the joy of reading!”

– Dana, Preschool Director

Families use Sound Town Phonics – to homeschool their children, or to help young children prepare for preschool and kindergarten.

Teachers use Sound Town Phonics – as a primary or supplemental curriculum. Our activities can be done whole group or individually, and are suitable for preschool through second grade classrooms.

Tutors use Sound Town Phonics – to help children who have either fallen behind or wish to get ahead. Sound Town Phonics is especially useful in developing better spelling skills in students of all ages.

Visit our website to learn more about how to include Sound Town in your Homeschool curriculum:

Learning is always more effective when it is fun!

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