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Welcome to Day 24 of the 2018 Back to Homeschool Giveaway Extravaganza! Today’s sponsor is The Good & The Beautiful. They offer amazing curriculum {for FREE!} and now have some other awesome products. Check it out…

Old and Hard to Find Books Now Available in a Beautiful New Design!
The Good and the Beautiful has taken old books that are extremely hard or impossible to find and reprinted them with new, beautiful covers! They are full of wholesome literature that teaches good values and puts beauty into the minds of children. These books are amazing but somehow had fallen to the side and were no longer being printed, until now!


Jenny Phillips, the founder of The Good and the Beautiful, believes that books are powerful and deeply influence the hearts and minds of our precious children. Jenny reviews hundreds of books a year, searching for worthwhile, clean books for her book list. Many of the best books she finds are completely out of print or very expensive and hard to find–or they have unattractive covers and poor print quality, which make them less appealing to children. Jenny decided to bring back to the world truly “good and beautiful” books that are now beautiful on the inside and the outside. The Good and the Beautiful is excited to offer these fantastic, unabridged books for only $4.99 to $10.99 each! The books are categorized by reading level so you know what books match your child’s level. The books have matching formats on the spines, allowing you to create a beautiful-looking library in your own home. With these books, you never have to worry about potty language, profanity, or inappropriate content, and you can be assured that you are giving your children books with high literary, moral, educational, and entertainment value. Good books are one of the greatest gifts you could give your children!

The Good and the Beautiful will also be publishing clean language versions of worthy classics that are currently not on The Good and the Beautiful Book List only because of inappropriate language. Eventually, they will add new literature as well. Help bring worthy, clean literature back into the world by enjoying these books and sharing them with others.

The Good and the Beautiful also offers Language Arts, History, Handwriting, Science, Typing, and more!

Language Arts Levels 1-5 are always FREE!See these open-and-go, academically thorough, beautiful courses today!

This one-of-a-kind, non-denominational curriculum, much of which is free, was created by the best-selling author, songwriter, teacher, and homeschool mom Jenny Phillips, along with a carefully selected team of reading specialists, teachers, grammarians, historians, editors, writers, and homeschool parents.

Too many children are losing a love of learning and love of good, wholesome, and powerful literature. Also, learning materials today are largely disconnected from God and high character, taking meaning, depth, and joy from learning. This curriculum is designed to help children recognize, appreciate, and seek out the good and the beautiful in learning. The images, exercises, and lessons focus on teaching high moral character while remaining academically strong and thorough.

Homeschooling can be very overwhelming and time-consuming! The curriculum is carefully designed to be very easy to follow and to require very little to no preparation time. In addition, the curriculum helps in the following ways:

  • Language arts & literature courses combine several subjects (reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, literature, geography, and art). This not only connects learning and gives it deeper enjoyment and meaning, but it means you do not have to find, purchase, and use 6-7 different courses. It also reduces the total time needed for the subjects.
  • There is no prep time required! Just open the course each day and learn and explore along with your child for Levels Pre-K to 3. Levels 4 and above are designed to be self-directed by the child, but parents can be as involved as they would like.
  • The science and history curriculum is family style with lesson extensions for older children. Enjoy learning together as a family and having only one science and history curriculum to keep track of and complete.

This curriculum is also free or extremely inexpensive compared to most homeschool courses. Their goal is truly to strengthen children and families. Download a free level today!

Now for the giveaway….

The Good and The Beautiful is giving away 3 sets of all 16 Library books that they currently have released. See the full list here!

To enter to win, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. All entries will be verified. Open to US residents only. The giveaway will close on 8/29/18 at 11:59pm EST and the winner will be announced via email the following day! Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. We just switched to The Good and The Beautiful curriculum this school year and are loving it! I also love the time they put in to creating their booklist. It would be awesome to add some of these harder to find books to our collection!

  2. I LOVE The Good and the Beautiful. We use the language arts, history, and science. I have TGTB library books on my wishlist for this year; it was very exciting when Jenny released them!

  3. Love The Good & The Beautiful. I’ve bought 2 of these so far and would love to win the whole set!

  4. This would be amazing to win! My oldest is a voracious reader and having access to good and beautiful books is such a blessing!

  5. I have a few of these books already and plan to continue to gather them! I love having beautiful and clean books around for me and my family to read!

  6. We are in our second year of using The Good and The Beautiful. We love it so much!

  7. We are loving The Good and the Beautiful! But good fiction can be hard to find. Thanks for this opportunity!

  8. I love old, classic literature and would love to share it with my son.

  9. I would love to win this for my children, books like this just cant be beat!! what a valuable resource!

  10. Such a great giveaway!

  11. We are just starting out in our homeschool journey with a 9, 7 and 4 year old and we are loving The Good and the Beautiful curriculum. It has made our transition to this new venture so much easier and peaceful. That said we are lacking in the good, wholesome book department for our children to read. I would love to get this book pack to help increase our children’s love of learning!

  12. These books are amazing!

  13. I would love to win these books. I love TGTB and think these books would be a great addition to our home library.

  14. You can never have too many good-quality books!

  15. We LOVE the Good and the and the Beautiful curriculum. It’s been a huge blessing in our lives:)

  16. We love TGTB curriculum. It’s been a huge blessing for our family ❤️

  17. I’ve seen this curriculum and it looks SO neat. I would love to try it out, being as good (and beautiful) literature is sort of the spine of our homeschool, and has since we started.

  18. We are using TGTB this year and LOVING it! Great curriculum that has truly brought joy into our homeschool!

  19. I want these books for my daughter.

  20. I love TG&TB

  21. Thank you for the chance to win! We absolutely love The Good & The Beautiful and would be thrilled to add these gorgeous books to our home library!

  22. We love The Good and The Beautiful!!! Would love to win a set of readers as I have just about everything else they have put out!

  23. I love this curriculum!! I use it with all 4 of my kids!!

  24. Never used the good and beautiful, but i was planning on gettibg it for next year. Love the beautiful pictures and my daughter wants to do the arts part especially.

  25. These books look amazing!

  26. These books look great!

  27. We love THe Good and the Beautiful. This is such an amazing giveaway!!

  28. These books look awesome!

  29. id love to win because we adore the Good ans the Beautiful! we use their history, science, and LA!

  30. How fun! We use TG&TB for science, history, and LA (and we’re not LDS). 🙂

  31. What a great idea

  32. we started using the good and beautiful this year and it has been nothing but good and beautiful for my girls. they get so excited each and every day to complete their work. we would love to win the book set to add to our growing collection of good and beautiful books to read.

  33. I am beginning my third year of teaching with The Good & the Beautiful curriculum and I adore it. It is the only curriculum I have ever felt at peace with, and my children are thriving.

  34. Love The Good and The Beautiful. Would love to add these good and beautiful books to our library!

  35. TGTB curriculum looks fabulous and so do the books. We use a lit based curriculum now and can’t ever get enough books! Right?

  36. We just discovered TGTB this summer and it’s been life changing! The books in the library set are on my Christmas wishlist!

  37. this books is awesome! my son would love these.

  38. My kids love books and i want them to read classics.

  39. We love the Good and the Beautiful curriculum! I’m using it with all six our our children who are still at home this year. We would love to win these books. Thanks for sharing!

  40. I just started this curriculum with my youngest in the middle of last year. It’s the first one she’s really liked doing and she’s making great progress. It would be great to have these books to go with the curriculum.

  41. I use this curriculum and books are EXPENSIVE!!

  42. I would love to acquire more quality books for our homeschool library. Thank you for the giveaway!

  43. We are going to be using The Good & The Beautiful Language Arts for the first time this year!

  44. We just started using The Good & The Beautiful for History. Would love to add to our library, wish we found this amazing resource sooner.

  45. Love the good and the beautiful curriculum!!

  46. Would love to win these books! I love reading aloud to my five children. ❤

  47. The Good and the Beautiful curriculum is phenomenal. We are an old book loving family. This would be amazing to win. Thank you for the chance.

  48. We love The Good and the Beautiful and would enjoy more books to round out the curriculum

  49. We love TGTB curriculum and we love reading. What better giveaway to enter?!

    FYI: I put the wrong Pinterest name. I was thinking Instagram until I saw the actual Instagram entry. Lol. My Pinterest name is Holly Junod Grenoble

  50. We love The Good and the Beautiful!

  51. We are going to try out The Good and the Beautiful this year and this would really help us out with our homeschool budget. Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. I just ordered the primer and Level 3 today! Im so excited!!

  53. We love The Good and the Beautiful and can never have enough good books to read!! We would love to win!

  54. What a fun giveaway! Hope I win!

  55. We love The Good and The Beautiful!

  56. Thank you for making so many of your levels free for homeschooling families!

  57. I love what I have seen of the Good and the Beautiful curriculum! Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome books!

  58. Because I LOVE books and these look WONDERFUL!!!!!

  59. This is such an amazing idea…finding out of print books that would be lost to us & printing them to get them back into circulation. Genius idea really!

    I am a huge bookworm and I have a library that I’ve been collecting since I was 5. I would love to add more books to it. The books actually look like stuff my kids would love to read – as would I!

  60. I love books! I want all the books!

  61. I have been wanting all these books since Jenny made them available. I would love to have them all! Winning this set would be a wonderful addition to our personal library! This is our second year using The Good & the Beautiful and we love it! I finally found a curriculum that we all enjoy!

  62. Thanks so much for this positive, encouraging blog! I really appreciate the ideas and information you relay as this is my first year homeschooling.

  63. The Good and Beautiful curriculum is wonderful and we love reading! We would so love to have all of these books for our library, so we can all enjoy them.

  64. It would be such a blessing to win a set of the hardback books from TGTB! These books would help increase our love of literacy!

  65. IM A Homeschooling of 5, and a book lover and collector of Good books! I’d love to win these for our homeschool.

  66. We can always use books for our learning. Thank you 😊

  67. I would love to add quality literature to our homeschooling.

  68. Always on the lookout for good, quality literature for the family. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  69. I would love to win this set to give my kids good quality literature that can’t be found elsewhere.

  70. Our family is volunteering in Thailand, and any English reading books are hard to find. We would love to use these in our homeschool. 🙂

  71. My daughter loves reading and I would love for her to read books that have better literary value. I would love to win this set for her (and our other children).

  72. I love good books. Thanks!

  73. we all need more classics in our reading. This is a great way to increase our children’s vocabulary and grammar skills, Thank you!

  74. We love the curriculum. I would love to have these for my library collection.

  75. The Good and Beautiful produces quality products.

  76. We absolutely love The Good and The Beautiful! The rare books would definitely be icing on the cake for our homeschool!

  77. This is our first year using TG&TB and we are loving it!
    Finding good books for my kids to read can be so hard anymore, these books would be wonderful for our family.

  78. I LOVE The Good and the Beautiful and can’t wait to add these beautiful and wholesome books to my home library!

  79. Would love to win!! My 3 kids and I would love them!! Love TGTB and Jenny Phillip!!

  80. We switched to TGTB this year and we are all LOVING it!! I can’t say enough good things about it. Winning this giveaway would be such a blessing to my family.

  81. Thank you! I was looking forward to try the good and the beautiful curriculum 🙂

  82. We would love to win this giveaway to offer wholesome, beautiful literature choices to our 5 children. thank you for the oppertunity!

  83. Love your blog very nice

  84. I love The Good & The Beautiful and have been wanting to get these books for our library!

  85. I love good quality books for my kids. If they love to read they will never be bored.

  86. I would love to win because we are focusing on reading amazing books this year.

  87. I’d love to win so that my voracious reader has an entire selection of approved books to dig into when she outpaces my approval process for library books! And for her older and younger brothers they would be amazing read alouds exposing them to wholesome literature!

  88. As a new homeschooling family of five, we would live to win this prize to begin assembling quality books and curriculum.
    We’ve heard of the Good and Beautiful through another blogger!

  89. Such a fun giveaway! We just started our two boys in Kindergarten with TGATB.

  90. This is our first year using The Good & The Beautiful and we are so excited!

  91. I have been wanting to try it but haven’t been willing to accept the price tag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. TGTB is awesome and I want everything they make!!!!

  93. We love TGTB curriculum and would love to have good and beautiful books for my children to read on this homeschool journey!

  94. I would over this!

  95. What an wonderful giveaway!!! We are loving TGTB and would love more of these wonderful books in our library.

  96. We enjoy reading especially this style of books. My 10 year old reads faster than my budget can keep up with, even utlizing the library!!

  97. I love the good and the beautiful and I’d love to add these to my library for my kiddos.

  98. We use TGTB and were planning to get these at some point. Would love to win! 🙂

  99. Would love to add these to our library. We love tgtb curriculum and the booklet!

  100. I’ve been hearing a lot about this curriculum this year. I need to look more into it! I really love good books for my children. I would love to win these books. Thanks for the opportunity.

  101. These are all such fantastic books. I’ve read several of them (in a manuscript format) and loved them, and want to share them with my kids. We need more good and beautiful books in our home.

  102. Love the all-in-one language arts!

  103. would be awesome to win this for my book loving kids!

  104. My children love reading and I’m always looking for good and beautiful books to fill my shelves with!

  105. I have a hard time convincing my girls to give some of these good and beautiful books a try, and they are so hard to find at the library! We would love to have a set of our own!

  106. We are using The Good and The Beautiful this year for almost all our subjects and we love it. I have been wanting to buy these books since they released them. This an awesome giveaway!

  107. This is our first year homeschooling and we are using the Good and the Beautiful curriculum. The kids and I would love to have the books to go with it! Loving what they have created so far!!

  108. I have 4 kiddos who would love these books plus i love vintage books and theae are so beautiful.

  109. These books are amazing and what a great selection. We love reading books in our home and these would be a great ad

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