Fun Fall Field Trips For Homeschoolers

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For many homeschooling parents and kids, planning a field trip to get out of the house and do some hands-on learning can be a much-loved part of the experience. When the seasons start to transition from summer to fall, the new season ushers in a fresh round of opportunities for fun and enriching field trips to enjoy with your little learners.

Fun Fall Field Trips For Homeschoolers

Fun Fall Field Trips For Homeschoolers

If you’re looking to plan a field trip this fall but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are a few suggestions the whole family will love:

Visit a pumpkin patch… As Halloween rolls around, pumpkin patches pop up at farms around the country. The novelty of getting to pick your own pumpkin can’t be beat, and the experience of visiting an actual farm can teach your child quite a bit about where food comes from.

… or an apple orchard! Like pumpkin patches, visiting an apple orchard during the fall months can be a ton of fun and a great learning experience. Hand-pick apples to eat fresh, bake into pies or press into cider with your little learners, and see if you can schedule time for your homeschooler to speak with someone who works there and ask a few questions about the growing process.

Take a hike! Get outside and enjoy the crisp fall weather by going on a hike. Find a nearby trail or a local park with a decent walking path and see what you can find along the way. Spend time before you go reading up on the different types of trees and other plants you’ll encounter on your way, and try to identify the fallen leaves by their shapes. Collect a few for a future art project.

Go stargazing. For a hands-on astronomy lesson and a lot of fun, take your homeschooler stargazing. This field trip may be after-hours, but it’s well worth the experience! You can study up on constellations and lay down on a blanket in your backyard, but for a real field trip, check out a nearby college or astronomy society. Many host open house events, where astronomers set up telescopes and help visitors explore the night sky.

Check out a piece of history. Whether you live near an abandoned ghost town, significant trail, or historic site, fall can be the perfect time to experience American history up close. Ask your homeschoolers to do some research and find a place that interests them to visit, or search the National Register of Historic Places or the National Park Service website to see what’s in your area!

See what’s happening at the library. Your local library can be a tremendous resource for fun – and free activities and events. From storytime and craft sessions to guest speakers and opportunities to pursue STEM interests, it’s the perfect place to spend a few hours when you’re faced with a cool, rainy autumn day.

Plan a trip to a nearby fair. Many state and county fairs are scheduled for the fall months. While many associate fairs and festivals with fun rides and funnel cakes, you can often check out exhibits highlighting antique farm equipment and learn directly from local farmers and livestock owners.

As you can see, there are plenty of awesome ways to get out of the house and learn something new on a field trip with your homeschooler this fall. What field trips do you have in mind for your homeschooled student? If you have an idea in mind that didn’t make the list, leave a comment and let us know what else might make a worthwhile fall experience.


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