Cheap Methods to Organize Your Homeschool Room {+ $250 Rainbow Resource Giveaway- 2 winners}

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Check out these cheap methods to organize your homeschool room!

Is this the year in which you will get your homeschooling room even more organized? When a homeschooling room isn’t organized, it can cause a lot of chaos in your mind. Spending a little bit of time getting organized is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.

Discover the best cheap methods to organize your homeschool room

Use Arts & Craft Bins

One of my favorite tools to use to organize are arts and craft bins. You know, the traditional “shoe box” looking bins. These bins really help to keep the homeschooling room organized. You can fit everything from arts and crafts to pencils and pens.

What I love about these bins is that you can put them almost anywhere to help you stay organized. Under the bed, under the couch, on a shelf, in a closet—they are very versatile storage pieces.

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Back of the Door Organizers

Who doesn’t love these genius pieces? Back of the Door organizers are perfect for any homeschooling room. The plus side is that they are not very expensive. You can put one on the back of any door in your homeschooling room or on the back of any door in your home if you don’t have a specific homeschooling room. They are the perfect place to store manipulative, art supplies, school supplies, and more! 

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Dollar Tree Bins

Every mom has seen Dollar Tree bins and squealed in delight. The Dollar Tree is a homeschooling mother’s paradise because there are all kinds of awesome and cheap organizing methods available. Not spending a lot of money is any mother’s dream when it comes to organizers. You can find storage bins in all shapes, sizes, and colors….and if you don’t have a local Dollar Tree, you can now shop online {note- there are some minimum order requirements}. Click here to see their selection of bins!

Organize the homeschool closet

A very cheap method to organize your homeschool room is to tackle the closet. The best thing about a closet is that you can build your own organizer or you can purchase one cheap. I love using a closet organizer that has lots of shelves and hooks. Lots of compartments to get things organized and to keep it that way!

Get a Closet Organizer on Amazon now!

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Create an organized homeschooling corner

Most people don’t have a homeschooling space that has tons of room. They NEED it to be organized. Which is why creating an organized homeschooling corner is the way to go. It doesn’t need to be a corner, but some space in your home in which you can add a few extra shelves for storage. Going high for storage is more than okay! I have to go a little higher in my home so that the kids don’t pull anything down.

What are your favorite frugal homeschool room organization tips?

Are you ready for a new (home) school year?

Perhaps you’ve already started your year, or perhaps your school year never ends (you homeschool year-round).  Either way, what homeschool mom couldn’t use a little extra money for homeschool curriculum or resources?
I’ve gotten together with a great group of homeschool bloggers to do just that – give 2 moms a gift card they can spend on their homeschools.  How does $250 sound in helping you buy curriculum, books, games, puzzles, or whatever educational supplies you might need?  Two people will win a $250 gift card to Rainbow Resource Center!!

We know homeschooling can put financial strain on families – whether it’s from living on one-income or buying curriculum for mulitple children – the financial aspect of it can be stressful.  Our hope is that we can bless a couple of homeschool families (although we wish we could bless many more) so they can buy the curriculum and supplies they need for their school year.

To enter for your chance to win, simply use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  Now I know that is quite a few entries for you, but each of these bloggers generously chipped in their own money to bring you this giveaway, so I hope you will take the time to do all of the entries.  And hey, the more entries you do, the better your odds are of winning!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends July 27th, 2018 at 11:59pm ET.  Must be at least 18 years of age.  Must be a resident of U.S. or Canada to enter.  Selected winners will have 48 hours to respond to email notification to claim their prizes or another winner will be drawn.  By entering this giveaway, you agree to be added to the email lists of the participating bloggers.  Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions upon entering the giveaway.

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  1. Some great ideas, especially from the Dollar Tree, need cheap finds!

  2. I would purchase some more homeschool books, like Apologia Science for high school. I might also buy some hands on activities.

  3. I would purchase a curriculum for my 3rd grader

  4. I wish I could spend my age at Rainbow and get everything I need for the homeschool year. 😉

  5. If we won this it would be such a blessing!! We would put the money towards curriculum for our 6 kids.

  6. Great ideas for homeschool organizing!
    I use bins for almost every type of organizing (fridge, school supplies, toys, closets, etc.) Grouping, containing and labeling things are the key to having an organized space.

  7. Lab Kit

  8. I would purchase items for my daughter and son. 😀

  9. I would buy my as much as I could for the school year, seeing how I haven’t started yet and I have 3 kiddos!!!

  10. I love the Dollar Tree bins!
    If I win the gift card, I would use it to buy the math curriculum I really wanted for my son, but couldn’t afford …BJU Press 5th grade.

  11. I would use it to improve our organization and storage in other words to clean up a mess.

  12. I would buy all those little “extras” that didn’t quite make the budget this year 🙂

  13. Love the back of the door idea, never thought of that!

  14. I basically never pin or save anything, but this is a great resource to bookmark. Thanks for including the easy links!

  15. Loving this giveaway! Thank you so much for all your time and love.

  16. If I won, I’d buy all that great Apologia Science …

  17. I’d buy our math and spelling curriculum and maybe some fun games

  18. I am ALWAYS looking for ways to organize better! I don’t utilize Dollar Tree enough. Dollar Tree here I come!
    and I LOVE Rainbow Resource!

  19. I currently have a wish list of homeschool curriculum sitting in my account at Rainbow Rescource. This would be such a blessing to our family!

  20. Thank you to all of the bloggers willing to host this giveaway!

  21. Organizing is my favorite! Thank you for some great ideas!

  22. Thanks for the give away.

  23. Ooh and I would purchase science materials for my high schooler from RR!

  24. I would probably purchase some Apologia Science for elementary, a Bible timeline, and some hands-on manipulative tools for my little guy.

  25. I would orchard some learning games and graphic novels to supplement the curriculum.

  26. I would use this for anything we needed!! You can even buy curriculum on their site!!

  27. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to actually buy physical materials! It would be phenomenal versus doing just online like we have due to the lack of funds. Any chance to change that is always appreciated and this is a fantastic giveaway!

  28. Thank you for this opportunity! I would purchase math manipulative and other school supplies.

  29. Great giveaway! Thanks for the suggestions on organizing your homeschool for cheap

  30. I love Rainbow Resources! I would buy my curriculum with this. It sure would come in handy this year. Thank you for offering it.

  31. I would love to win this, it would be an awesome blessing!

  32. I help homeschool my 2 grandchildren. This would be a great help!

  33. Great ideas!
    I would use the gift card to purchase all the extra things I couldn’t buy this year…spanish, drawing, some extra science books.

  34. I would buy more math curriculum. My daughter is going through her current level quickly as most if it is a review for her.

  35. I would purchase all about spelling.

  36. I would purchase math, science and history curriculum for my 2nd, 7th, and 8th grade boys!

  37. Love Rainbow Resources and I love tops you give for organizing. I need more organization in my life!

  38. I have a 5.5 year old we started homeschooling this year. I’m on summer break for Kindergarten but I am beginning to look for First Grade curriculum. I would use the gift card to help with this and to also get new enrichment and preschool items for my 4 and 1.5 year olds also.

  39. I would purchase more books. Honestly, I want some for myself! hahahaha

  40. I am a certified home organizer and love to help others get organized. I always find inspiration from your blog! If I would be picked, I would love to invest in some more Notgrass history and IEW resources.

  41. Dollar Tree is my favorite place to go for organization!!

  42. I am definitely going to check out those dollar tree bins! I really need to keep organized.

  43. We love the Dollar Store. And repurposing!

  44. My life were just paging through the Rainbow Resource catalog this afternoon, and I have a full wish list on their website! They carry so many amazing things. If I won, I’d love to let my kids help pick out some hands-on science activities in addition to the books I already have picked out.

  45. Love Rainbow Resources, what an awesome giveaway!

  46. Analytical grammar and All about Spelling
    Thank you so much for having these kinds of giveaways!!!

  47. This would be a huge Godsend to help purchase this year’s curriculum –
    Apologia science, Sharon Watson’s literature courses to name a few.

  48. This would be amazing help for this year

    1. I would purchase the telescope and microscope we can never budget for.

  49. Would love to get organized this year!

  50. I have my eye on several IEW products. I teach violin lessons in the evenings to help offset the costs of books for our homeschool (so I measure costs in terms of how many lessons I need to teach in order to buy something…lol), and the Student Intensive Continuation Course is worth 2 months of lessons! But, my oldest really wants to do it since she has enjoyed the first Student Intensive course so much.

  51. I am using Well Planned Gal this year and they are connected with Rainbow Resources! I am so excited and want to win but am praying for whoever does win to be a great blessing! I know it will be!

  52. I would purchase Dr Jay Wile’s Berean Builder’s Science series!

  53. I already have a cart with things in it waiting on me at Rainbow Resources. I want to try the Fallacy Detective book.

  54. These are great organizing ideas, and Rainbow Resource is a fantastic place to get homeschool material.

  55. I’d purchase some grammar. That’s what’s up next in the decision-making process.

  56. I would love to win a Rainbow Resource gift card, they are on top of my list for homeschool curriculum and with a high schooler and middle schooler with opposite interests I need more supplies!

  57. I still need a few pieces to round out curriculum for my 2nd grader and KG. Who knows, maybe the $250 would even allow some cushion to buy a couple things for the 2 year old and 1 year old to feel like they are “doing school” with the others!

  58. With two starting college this fall and two more at home to teach, the gift card would be so very helpful! I have been so focused on college planning, I haven’t bought the first thing for homeschool.

  59. definitely their book (art) selections!

  60. Excited for the chance to win and help our family out for our first year officially homeschooling!

  61. I would buy curriculum and school supplies! it’d be a huge help!

  62. I would buy 8th grade history and all about spelling and reading

  63. Thanks for the fun ideas! I will definitely use the Dollar Tree organizers 🙂

  64. Over the door hangers work great! We put small craft and office items up top; flash cards and kids’ personal supplies down low. The clear ones are best because then labels aren’t needed 😉

  65. If I won this, I would use it towards curriculum and supplies.

  66. I would get art kits, and extras that I haven’t gotten yet. I’m homeschooling 5 of my 8 kids this year. So this would help in easing our budget. Thanks for the tips, I like the dollar store ideas.

  67. Where to even start…Rainbow Resource is like being in a candy store. We would love to be able to get curriculum from preK through high school for all ours that have different learning needs as well as supplies. This would be a great help!!
    Love the organizational ideas!!!

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