Summer Homeschooling: 13 FREE Movie Unit Studies

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Ahh! Summer is finally here. While we do like to give our children a break from formal school studies during the summer, we do like to encourage them to keep learning all year long. Our entire family loves to watch movies…so I decided to turn some of their favorite movies into unit studies!

These movie unit studies are based on popular movies and will have your child diving into the following subjects:

  • history
  • geography
  • cultures/customs
  • character study/virtues
  • literature
  • and much more!

Every day for the next 13 days, I will release a new movie unit study! You can see the release schedule below. If you would prefer that I email you a link to the movie study released each day, please enter your name and email address into the form below.

13 Days of Movie Unit Studies schedule:

6/13: Lilo & Stitch

6/14: Wonder {Book/Movie Study}

6/15: Frozen

6/16: Anne of Green Gables

6/17: Beauty and the Beast

6/18: Princess & the Frog

6/19: Pride & Prejudice

6/20: Moana

6/21: Toy Story

6/22: Tangled

6/23: Brave

6/24: Pirates of the Caribbean

6/25: A Wrinkle in Time