Story Craze: Making Creative Writing FUN!

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Storytelling and creative writing was something I always loved. It’s so natural to me that I never imagined my girls wouldn’t love it as much as I do. I think the reason many children today don’t enjoy creative writing is because when they are instructed to do so in their studies, often, the lesson isn’t really opening the door for them to truly be creative. But that’s one of the perks of homeschooling, am I right? Instead of handing our kids assignments they don’t enjoy, we look for the fun, find it, and use it to our advantage. That’s exactly what happened when I found Story Craze. I was looking for the fun, a fun way to get my girls to love creative writing. No curriculum, no specific block in our schedule to fill, just something they would enjoy and learn from. Like a game; a Story Craze!

Story Craze makes creative writing FUN!

Story Craze is a fun game that children can play together and with their family. It’s a wonderful game to your next homeschool gathering or co-op because the more people you have, the more fun it is! You just need two teams and a judge to get the game going. The teams will work to create a story based upon the people, places, and things cards they draw. The judge will later decide who told the best story and made the most use of the topics they were given on those cards. The game play is pretty basic, but the stories children can create together are endless! Learn more in the video below.

Story Craze was created with kids

and is parent approved!

About Story Craze:

Story Craze is a division of StoryClub Games LLC where imaginations run wild! [Their] hilarious products are designed to bring people together and inspire conversation, learning and creativity…the perfect combination of that always turns into laughter and fun.

The backstory of [their] newest game, Story Craze , is simple. In this tech age, our kids are spending more and more time behind screens and their imaginations and social skills are being stunted. So, Story Craze collaborated with over 30 kids to create an experience where they could let their imaginations run wild with wacky ideas, silly combinations and crazy stories.

Along the way, [they] discovered just how much creative writing and storytelling does for children. Not only does Story Craze make writing fun, [they] found that children experienced increases in creativity, organization of thought, problem solving, teamwork, self-confidence, charisma and persuasiveness! All of this adds up to a terrific game that is educational AND fun!

Before heading out to your next homeschool planning session,

grab Story Craze so you can learn together through play.

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