Ultimate Homeschool Mom Giveaway {Laptop, Printer, iPad, Amazon Gift Card, and more!}

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And the winners are…..

HP Touchscreen Laptop: Amber E. {abe83920}

Wireless Printer: Heather C. {kaylasmommy0404}

iPad mini: Paige T. {hs4themtoo}

Amazon Gift Card: Erin Y. {E8F389Y456}

2018 Homeschool Moms Conference All Access Passes: Diahanna Harris {Diahanna.Harris}, Shasta Puckett {cno1sissy}, Heather Link {heather_md78}

Winners- please check your email.

It’s May! In honor of Mother’s Day AND my birthday being in the same week this month, I thought that we should celebrate in a BIG way!

So…here’s what we are going to do.

Because I am SO incredibly blessed by my amazing readers, I want to celebrate you this month. I’m going to do that by making a few of you VERY happy.

Enter the Ultimate Homeschool Mom Prize Pack!

Last week, in my Facebook group, I asked this question:

If you could be blessed with ONE item for use in your homeschool, what would you choose?

You guys weren’t shy in answering. You told me loud and clear what you wanted….and now I’m making it happen!

We will have SEVEN winners:

Amazing, right?! But- that’s not all- EACH PERSON WHO ENTERS will receive my Homeschool Mom Life Binder for FREE! {Entrants will receive an email on 5/21 with a coupon code to get the binder for free.}

To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below. All entries will be verified. The giveaway period will close on 5/14/18 at 11:59pm EST. The winners will be announced via email the following day! Good luck!!
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  1. That elementary bundle looks great!

    1. The entire bundle looks amazing! I am really curious about the Character building bundle!

      1. I think the Character Bundle looks awesome too!

    2. Trying to make a post to enter above but can’t figure it out. The bundle looks awesome just the same.

      1. I can’t figure it out either! I’m very excited to build y own bundle!

    3. Just starting my homeschooling journey with my twin Kindergarteners next year – great resources on this site!

    4. I tried to leave a comment but couldn’t figure it out either. I’m interested in The high school bundle #1!

    5. Your posts are so helpful. We would love be this bundle

    6. I like the character building bundle!

    7. The character building bundle looks wonderful!!

    8. I’m excited about the elementary bundles!!

    9. I can’t figure out how to comment so I’m replying! They all look amazing and very interested on the character building! Thank you!

  2. I love this sale!!

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  5. Wow, we are new to homeschooling and I have found your site very helpful! I think it is great that you are giving everyone a coupon and a free binder, thank you!

  6. I love the organizing binder! I could definitely use some help with organizing!

  7. We have a large family and are homeschooling, we learn new things and ways of schooling each year.

  8. Great Contest, thanks for sharing

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  10. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Could really use the laptop!

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  13. The organizing binder looks great!

  14. Great contest!

  15. Thank you for all the wonderful information you provide for families.

  16. This looks great!

    1. I can’t get to the place to make a new comment but this is a great giveaway!

  17. I learned that the winner wins all 20 bundles!

  18. The bundle sale looks wonderful

  19. We have used several things this year that I bought on this sale last year. I a mom looking forward to this one!

  20. Thanks for the contest!

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  22. The Highschool bundle looks great.

  23. This is super exciting, thank you!

  24. I am excited about the elementary bundle this year!

  25. Thank you! <3

  26. Awesome! Thanks for the freebie. New homeschool mom here. Need all the help I can get 😊

  27. All the bundles look amazing

  28. Just starting out homeschooling, and would love to have these resources!!

  29. What an awesome homeschool portfolio FOR FREE 🤩 I love the options to choose what I need with these bundles.

  30. Look terrific! Can’t wait for the sale!

  31. There are a lot of very neat bundles. Looking at them has given me some needed motivation for the end of the school year.

  32. The elementary bundle looks very interesting. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  33. Looking at the middle/high schooler bundle. I have an 8th grader this year and I’m looking to get a little more structured for her high school years.

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  35. I have enjoyed so many things on your blog! Thank you!

  36. All the bundles looks great!

  37. Love this!! Really need some help organizing

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  40. This is a great giveaway! Such useful items, things every homeschool mom can use!

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  47. This is an amazing giveaway- and I am super excited to get the binder😊

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  49. The exciting thing I saw on the link was a sale on bundles. 🙂
    I’m excited about this give away.

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  51. You are awesome for doing this for other homeschool moms! My fingers are crossed that I win something, but I’m sure these things will be a huge blessing to whoever wins them! 💕

  52. I enjoy your blog and thank you for all you do! This giveaway is very generous!

  53. I love this! Especially the build your own bundle affiliation! They have such a huge variety of resources that are helpful and visually appealing.

  54. The high school bundle would be Great!

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  56. I think the Charlotte Mason bundle or the Middle/High School bundle would be interesting to see.

  57. This is so exciting. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  58. What a great giveaway! I am interested in learning more about Charlotte Mason, and also homemaking and parenting.

  59. What a blessing any of these items would be! Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. The laptop looks amazing and would be so helpful!

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  62. The Charlotte Mason bundle is exciting! That is how we’ve been homeschooling!

  63. So cool! So excited! We feel blessed to have the resources provided by this blog!

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  70. I am interested in the Character bundle, charlotte mason bundle and elementary bundle! Thank you for the opportunity!

  71. What a tremendous blessing! Thank you for sharing your birthday with us and offering these amazing prizes and sales on your curriculum bundles. This is too cool!

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  74. It all looks amazing!!

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  81. I would love an organizing binder. My life feels so hectic right now. And my printer is on its last leg so that would be nice too. Thank you for doing such a great giveaway.

  82. Thank You! This is a wonderful resource I appreciate!!!

  83. I absolutely love the middle and highschool homeschooling materials. Thank you soo much for all of the information you consistently provide. In addition , thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  84. Thank you for what you do.

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  87. I love the buy 2 get one free, always a favorite of mine!

  88. Middle and High School bundles

  89. I’m just beginning to look more into miss Charlotte Masons teaching techniques so that bundle would be N absolute joy to us! You are so kind for doing this giveaway! God bless!

  90. I love this sale. Every year it’s full of such amazing things!

  91. Great Prizes! I could really use a laptop!

  92. The homeschool helps bundle really grabbed my attention…and then I seen all the rest!! 🙂

  93. Wow!!! What great prizes … and freebie just for entering?! Yes please and thank you!

  94. Thank you for all the great information and the giveaways.

  95. Oh my stars, girl you have done it this time! I’m not sure how you pulled it off, but what an incredible blessing this will be to your lucky winners. That HS Life Binder is going to be everything!
    I love the BYB sale, can’t wait to see what’s in the bundles this time around.

  96. I am on the hunt for Charlotte Mason resources, so the bundle named the same is just what I want!

  97. Character bundle and elementary bundles are the ones I will take a peak at first.

  98. I could so use something free. We are looking at being totally broke with having to rent and car payment or being homeless or having a place to live with no job.

    1. It wouldn’t allow me to edit. I really like the elementary bundle.

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  100. A giveaway😀😀😀

  101. Looks awesome! I am new to the Homeschool thing so crossing my fingers I can win one of these sweet prizes! 🙂

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  111. The Middle School and High School Bundle

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  114. Wow! This is an amazing giveaway! I’m so excited!

  115. There are so many useful tools and resources within your bundles and on your site. I look forward to your freebies and all the information you share.

  116. Can’t wait for the bundle sale! So many great resources!

  117. I am new to homeschooling, so any information or help I can get is definitely appreciated!!

  118. Looks great!

  119. This has been our first year homeschooling and I have really enjoyed your site!
    I’m looking forward to the build your bundle sell to start building our curriculum for next year:)

  120. !!

  121. Thank you so much for all your wonderful resources. I look forward to your emails because I get good ideas and motivation to keep going. The middle school/high school bundle would be so helpful because I’m always stumped as to how to continue with my boys for the higher grades. Thank you so much for a great opportunity!

  122. I have to say I am most excited about the fact that you can build your own bundle because there is ALWAYS something in each bundle that says “Pick Me!”. This way I can make sure to get the “I need this!” items as well as some of the “Oh, I want this!” items 🙂

  123. They are all amazing! I’m most interested in upper elementary courses and high school electives. I think I will check into the unit studies for an opportunity to add variety and delight-directed learning.

  124. I’m new to homeschooling and have found your information so helpful. I’m really excited about the bundle!

  125. Unit Studies!!

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  127. I think the Elementary bundle or the homemaking bundle would be most helpful to me currently!

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  141. How NEAT! Thanks so much for offering this and the freebie portfolio! It’s been a year, you’ll understand: 5th Grade. Thanks for this nudge to trudge LOL 😉

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  147. Cool. We need a laptop for our oldest who is off to collegr

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  149. I’m interested in the middle and high school bundle. Gone are our elementary school years. It goes by fast.

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  151. One exciting thing I saw was the PHENOMENAL homeschool portfolio!! It’s beautiful and comprehensive! An all in one resource for newbies and vets alike!

  152. Early learning bundle looks interesting.

  153. Wow this sounds awesome! Would love to win any of it!

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  155. What?!! So incredibly generous. I’m definitely interested in the character bundle, among many others.

  156. I am so grateful there so are many wonderful people out there who share their talents! What a great opportunity!

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  162. I’ve almost given up hope on ever being organized, but I will keep trying. Thank you for your blessings.

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  177. I love the addition of the free planner from previous years. It will help me think out what I may want to purchase.

    1. Looks awesome!

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  179. The build your bundle sale! I’m excited!!!

  180. Soooo wanting the Charlotte Mason bundle + Amazon card to purchase living books, too:) Thanks for the entry!

  181. Love when people help other people!

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  183. what an exciting array of prizes in this giveaway!

  184. The Charlotte Mason items look interesting

  185. The homemaking bundle because I need help, lol.

  186. The bundle looks awesome!

  187. I love the boredom buster for tweens! I also love the bundles. Great blog full of great info!

  188. I am always excited for this time of year. I look forward to utilizing elementary bundle materials with my kiddos.

  189. Looks awesome! I could definitely use help in the organization department. 😉

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  192. I would love to win this.

  193. So fun! Lots of great bundles! The unit study pack caught my eye.

  194. Some of these look great to supplement what I’m doing with my son. I always look forward to these, though I don’t always buy.

  195. Looks super awesome

  196. Always like the Character Bundle and Homemaking/Parenting bundles. There’s definitely something for everyone.

  197. Such beautiful graphics!

  198. This giveaway is amazing! And the character building bundle us my favorite right now.

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  206. I’m excited to see what CM resources you have in the bundle, along with Middle & High school too:)

  207. Thank you for putting this awesome giveaway together! With one in Kinder this year and 2 going into high school, this all would be an amazing help to our family. I am very interested Character Building bundle as well as the Early, Middle and High School bundles.

  208. One winner will win all 20 bundles

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  210. The character building and homemaking & parenting bundles looked super exciting!

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  218. Great way to share the blessings you have received!

  219. The build your bundle sale is starting soon! So excited!

  220. I am excited about the early learning bundles.

  221. I think the homeschool bundles are interesting. I haven’t purchased one because I’m more of a physical-book person, but I would love to win one so that I could see what I’ve been missing out on.

  222. I am so excited for the byb sale! I already own your Homeschool Mom binder and I am so in love with it! It makes everything so easy to keep track of!

  223. Getting ready to start homeschooling, the Early Learning or Homeschooling Help bundles look like they would be helpful

  224. The bundle sale looks awesome.

  225. The binder looks great!

  226. What a wonderful giveaway!

  227. The character building bundle looks great! Thank you for being so generous!

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  233. The Build Your Own Bundle sale has so much to offer, but so does your giveaway. Thank you for sharing.

  234. The elementary bundle ….DROOL!

  235. The Middle and High School bundles! 🙂

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  241. I would be interested in the Elementary Bundle!

  242. I had fun doing this last year 🙂

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  244. Character building, homemaking, and parenting all look great!

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    Would be awesome to win even some of the products!

  253. WOW! WOW! WOW! A homeschool mom’s best dream 🙂 Thank you for hosting such an incredible giveaway!!!!

  254. P.S. The Elementary and CM bundles look awesome! But, then again, I have a middle schooler, too LOL

  255. Thank you for this chance to win!:)

  256. My wife and I have actually been talking about homeschooling our Son he has some learning issues and we feel more comfortable where we can show him more 1 on 1 attention and help him learn and be the best he can be

  257. I love giveaways even though I never win!

  258. I always love the character building bundles!

  259. Wow! All the bundles look amazing!!!

  260. I love the Build your own Bundle! I can get everything I need and will use for a great price!

  261. I love seeing the craft and learning activities you have found for your kids.

  262. I am very interested in 3 bundles (Charlotte Mason, Character Building, and Unit Studies). But where can I learn more? Do I have to wait until the sale starts to see descriptions of each bundle? If not, where can I go to read about the bundle contents now?

    Renee G.

    1. Yes- you’ll have to wait until the sale officially starts on Monday! 🙂

  263. Looking forward to seeing what’s in the life binder! My birthday is the day before Mother’s Day, so I’m right there with ya on that one. ☺️

    1. Happy early birthday and happy early Mother’s Day…my birthday is the 16th 🙂

  264. The Early Learning bundle looks great! Thank you!

  265. Great way to stay organized!

  266. Parenting bundle is interesting.

  267. WOW!

  268. Always love the BYOB. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

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  288. How amazing is this!

  289. All the prizes are amazing, not to mention the Bundle giveaway. We are homeschooling for the first time starting in fall and the laptop would be perfect for my oldest who is doing part of his schooling online.
    Thanks for all you do and offer!

  290. The Middle and High School Bundle looks fantastic!

  291. Amazing Bundles!

  292. The elementary bundle and the unit studies bundle look great!

  293. Fine Arts Bundle

  294. So glad you are doing this. Really hoping to be one of the lucky ones but even if I am not I know it will help whoever wins out.

  295. Charlotte Mason and Elementary Bundles are what I’m looking at!

  296. That if I refer a friend that it gives me a great chance at winning. So many great things. So excited.

  297. What an awesome giveaway! We could use another computer in our house-we have a large family and many of them are often waiting their turn so they can get their work done!

  298. The high school bundles look great
    thank you for the chance to win such an amazing prize pack

  299. Thank you for the great contest!

    1. I like the unit studies bundles!

  300. The Character bundle caught my eye!

  301. I look forward to this sale every year!

  302. Build your own bundle for those of use who have trouble choosing.

  303. Thank you for this great opportunity! I can’t wait to open the Unit studies, Middle School, and Build Your Own Bundles…not to mention the chance to win a lap top!!!

  304. So excited to check out your binder! Thanks!

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  307. It is a great giveaway!

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  309. Character Building and Early Learners would be great right now!

  310. The Character Building Bundle sounds good.

  311. It’s hard to pick just one. They all look great.

  312. So many great helps for homeschooling! Awesome collection!

  313. I can’t believe you are giving away so many wonderful items. I saw and loved your portfolio for Homeschool.

  314. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I have my fingers crossed for the laptop or Amazon card!

  315. I’m intrigued by the binder!

  316. The Bundle Sale Contest looks exciting! Winning all 20 bundles? Score!

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  321. Good Luck to us All!

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  324. The Elementary Bundle and the Early Learning Bundle would be my picks.

  325. I love them all but the Organizing Bundle looks like it is perfect for me.

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  331. Unit Study Bundle

  332. Build a bundle sale? They all sound great. Will have to see what’s in the Charlotte Mason bundle.

  333. I would love to win! So exciting. I’m a homeschool mom!

  334. I would love to win! I’m a homeschool mom! I put the wrong email on the last comment!

  335. Portfolio Pack looks helpful

  336. I’ve been so busy that I hadn’t checked my email to know that the bundle sale was soon. 🙂 Yay!

  337. I found out that there is another giveaway!

  338. I am excited about the high school bundle!

  339. I would love to win this!

  340. Looking forward to building my bundle! THanks for the opportunity!

  341. It’s hard to pick just one thing to be excited about but I guess I’m most excited about the unit studies.

  342. The Elementary and Early learning bundles interest me.

  343. This looks awesome, what a wonderful giveaway. That Amazon card would go really far!

  344. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day. I love the BYB sales. Last year I got several awesome books that really helped with our school year. I’m interested in the Charlotte Mason bundle. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Free stuff is always nice!

  345. Thank you for the chance to win! We are just beginning our homeschooling years and the character bundle looks great!

  346. The Early Learning bundle looks great.

  347. Thanks for the opportunity.

  348. Love the bundles

  349. I love seeing such a great community of homeschoolers! Thanks!

  350. Yeah for Build Your Bundle and Giveaways.

  351. The Elementary Bundle looks great!

  352. Some lucky moms are going to be so blessed.

  353. The early learning bundle looks great

  354. Thank you for the give-away!

  355. I’m interested in the Charlotte Mason inspired bundle. Thanks for this give away! Bless you!

  356. The Character Bundle looks interesting!

  357. Thank you for the chance to win

  358. I can’t wait to see what is in the Upper Grades Bundles! Last year we got some great science products that we used this last semester, and I’m hoping for some more wonderful finds 🙂

  359. It’d be great to win the 20 bundles! ^_^
    Thanks for the giveaway and the Homeschool Mom Life Binder.

  360. The Elementary Bundle looks interesting.

  361. My favorite sale of the year!

  362. Really loving your website!

  363. Great giveaway! I enjoy the emails!

  364. Wow, what a give away. Keep up the great work!

  365. Such a great giveaway….Thank you for making us all a winner with the binder… 🙂 Blessings

  366. The bundles look interesting. I like the idea of a portfolio as well.

  367. I am planning next school year now, and I love the Build Your Own Bundle sales! It makes teaching children over several years easier on the budget!

  368. I’ve been wanting to try a portfolio! And I’m always excited to see the BYB sale!

  369. Thanks for the opportunity!

  370. This is so exciting!

  371. Everything looks great!

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