7 Reasons NOT to Shop the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale

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“Build Your Bundle,” I’m sure you’ve heard the term by now.  After all, it’s practically everywhere!  People keep going on and on about this homeschool sale, and the included items, and the practicality of it all, not to mention the savings!  Everywhere you look people are shouting about the advantages of this sale.  Don’t fall for it! 

Before you go any further let me tell you seven reasons why you may want to skip the Build Your Bundle homeschool sale.

Reason #1 – You love to waste money.

If you love throwing money at homeschool curriculum, then this is NOT the sale for you.  I mean I get it, you have money to spare.  Why would you want a product that can save you 95% off the original prices?  I can totally understand why you would prefer to purchase everything separately. Honestly, who needs to be frugal when you are a homeschool mom anyway?

Reason #2 –  You need to waste some time.

If you have loads of time on your hands, purchasing a bundle is definitely not for you.  Instead, you will want to carefully research, select, and buy each piece of curriculum individually.  Having it all in one convenient website will take too much time off your hands.  If you are a homeschool mom with tons of extra time on your hands, then you should really go at this alone.  Browsing all those individual websites will fill up hours and hours of your empty schedule.  I mean, who wants a sale that does all the work for you?

Reason #3 – Flexibility agitates you.

If you don’t like to have options and flexibility, then you need to skip this sale.  With 20 individual bundles, as well as 3 Build Your Own Bundle options, and amazing premium courses and memberships, there’s just so much flexibility.  If you are bothered by being able to build something you absolutely love you filled with the resources that you need MOST, should keep scrolling.  You do NOT want to shop this sale.

Reason #4 – You can’t stand variety.

Maybe you can’t stand the fact that there are so many options with this sale.  I mean why would a homeschool mom need an Elementary Bundle of curriculum or even an Upper Grades, or Early Learning Bundle?  There’s also bundles on parenting, character, special needs, homemaking, unit studies, Charlotte Mason, and the list goes on and on.  Who needs all these choices?  They even offer discounts such as the buy 2 get 1 free, which makes it more affordable to get the exact variety you need.  Can you believe these people?

Reason #5 – You love to decorate with homeschool curriculum.

Is your end table made entirely of homeschool curriculum?  Maybe you are looking to build a new ottoman with next year’s history selections.  Then this is probably not your cup of tea.  Build Your Bundle is a digital curriculum sale so if you love stacks of papers and books, it’s probably not the right shopping choice for you.  I mean who wants curriculum to be contained to your computer when it could be, well, everywhere.  Imagine the surfaces you could cover if this were all in print! But then again, if you really want it everywhere, you could print it all out and wallpaper your kitchen with it.

Reason #6 – You despise freebies, deals, & coupons.

BYB is full of freebies, coupons, and deals.  I mean the bundles are originally up to 95% off anyway, and that’s before we even talk about all the coupons and freebies.  If this bothers you keep on walking.  It’s like they are practically giving this stuff away.  Plus on top of that, they want to give you bonuses and free stuff!  It’s like they actually want to help out with your child’s education or something.  The nerve of those people!

Reason #7 – Your homeschooled children have all graduated.

Okay, you would maybe, almost, have me there.  You probably REALLY don’t need a bunch of homeschool curriculum just for fun.  However, have you seen the homemaking bundle?

Hmmm…..Maybe there really is something for everyone in this sale!

Still not convinced that you should skip the Build Your Bundle Sale?  Fine then, click here and shop to your heart’s content.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. I have been giving these items some serious thought. I do like the early learning bundles.

  2. I love the Charlotte Mason bundle! Hope this counts as an entry because I couldn’t figure out where to post that but I’ve really been looking into homeschooling my 5 year old and trying to gather items. We don’t have a computer yet so I love this giveaway! I think we will do Charlotte mason techniques from what I’ve been reading 🙂

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