6 Gifts ALL Homeschool Moms Secretly Want for Mother’s Day

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Do you have a homeschool mom in your life that you love and adore?  Are you thinking of showering her with gifts this Mother’s Day?  Perhaps you already have something shiny on hold at the jewelry store.  Stop right there.  Don’t make another move until I tell you what homeschool moms really want for Mother’s Day.

6 Gifts All Homeschool Moms Secretly Want for Mother's Day

A lunch lady

This one tops the list because lunch is an untamable monster for a homeschool mom.  One day she will be super mom and fix three made from scratch meals served on REAL dishes.  At the end of the day, her kitchen looks like a health department inspection waiting to happen.  The next day she returns to her frozen chicken nuggets on paper plates, but oh the guilt!  These are not non-GMO chicken nuggets, and those paper plates are killing the environment.  She’s about to lose her crunchy status at the homeschool co-op.

The lunch lady would solve all of these dilemmas.  Think what a gift this would be.  Maybe she will even bring one of those salad bars on wheels with her.  Granted, the poor woman may not last a week before she runs from the kitchen kicking and screaming, but it will be nice while it lasts!

A “stay at home for a day” certificate

Have you ever looked at a homeschool mom’s calendar?  They are usually jam-packed with “social” activities. An excellent gift would be a whole day off.  One where we didn’t worry that our children would become gothic weirdos if they missed one ballet class.  Of course, she would spend probably spend the day looking at additional ways to socialize her children, or researching statistics on how well homeschoolers function in the real world.  Now that I think about it, a day off is too terrifying.  Maybe hire a taxi driver instead.  That way she could review multiplication facts with the kids instead of driving.

A high-tech lock for the bathroom door

This needs to be one that only she can open (maybe that uses her fingerprint) and can be locked from the inside.  I mean honestly, have you ever tried to shower while explaining how to diagram a sentence?  Trust me; it’s no fun.  Don’t try to pass off just any old lock either.  These kids do LOADS of STEM activities, and they will have that bad boy picked in a second.  You will have to go extremely high tech on this one.  As a matter of fact, if your kids are older I would throw this one out altogether.

School shirts 

You will need one per child with their grade level embroidered on the front.  No more startled children looking up in horror when a stranger asks them what grade they are in.  Not when they have on their handy dandy school shirts!  They will simply look down and it will be right there for them.  Granted, it’s not a gift for the homeschool mom herself, but the peace it will buy her will be priceless.  Perhaps she can even have a matching one that says “yes they are socialized.”

A pencil detector device

It’s incredible how many pencils you can go through in a homeschool household.  I mean where are they all?  Are they like the socks that disappear in the laundry? Is there a giant black hole somewhere that is full of single socks and freshly sharpened pencils with nice erasers?  Wherever they are they must only take the elite top of the line pencils.  I’ve noticed that the broken ones with crummy erasers always get left behind.

A robotic maid

This has to be a futuristic, space-age device.  No normal maid will do for the homeschool mom.  This maid must be able to frequently answer the question; is it a science experiment or is it dinner from last week?  (Don’t feel bad, none of us know this for sure.)  The bot must also be able to remove glitter and glue from all surface types as well as hunt down lost curriculum.  She will probably eventually short circuit from keeping up with the laundry, but mom can at least enjoy her for a little while.

So there you go, six gifts that homeschool moms really want.  Not sure where to find these, or want to keep it simple?  Then you can always spring for a laminator or a label maker, or even better- let her go on a shopping spree at the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale.  Those are always a win 😉

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  1. This is hilarious! Thanks, I needed a good laugh! Thank you also for blessing me with your homeschool mom life Binder for free!

  2. Haha! Definitely need the lunch lady! Glad to hear we’re not the only ones who lose pencils too! Where do they go?! Too funny!

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  4. Haha. Where are all those pencils though?

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