Turn your Next Vacation into a Field Trip

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Who loves vacations!?! ME! And if I can turn them into a field trip, counting the vacation towards our homeschool time – even better. Plus it helps to make learning fun!

My kids got to experience kayaking for the first time ever on our last vacation. It was so fun to be out on the gentle river and surrounded by nature’s beauty. Plus my kids were so proud of themselves to have learned and conquered kayaking. They got to try new foods and see a different landscape than what we are used to. Win-Win!

Just because it’s vacation doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. In fact, kids are always learning. Mixing your vacation time with your homeschool times will make learning fun for your students.

Turn Your Next Vacation into a Field Trip

Check out these tips that we incorporate when mixing vacation and homeschool time together and encourage your kids to have fun while learning!

Before the Vacation

With your student, search where you are going. Have your student take notes on these details…

  • What state you are going to be vacationing in?
  • What is that state’s capitol?
  • What is that state known for?
  • What is the state bird?
  • What does the state flag look like?
  • Are there any famous geographical sites in that state?
  • If going to another country what is the traditional clothing used?
  • What language is spoken?
  • How are the people different than you?
  • How are they the same as you?
  • Compare traveling by plane, train and car.
  • Which is faster? More expensive?

My Learning the USA 50 States Workbook can help your children learn more about the nation while on the road!

During the Vacation

Have your kids bring a journal so they can take notes and draw during your vacation. Have them take notes on these topics…

  • What is the weather like?
  • How is it different than where you live?
  • Find, draw and identify a flower.
  • Is this flower also found in your home town?
  • Find, draw and identify a tree.
  • Is the tree also found in your home town?
  • Draw the landscape of the city you are vacationing in.
  • Note the differences between this town and your home town.
  • Take note of the gas prices in your hometown and compare them to the prices in the town you’re vacationing in.
  • What food is more popular in this town versus in your home town?

After the Vacation

Go over all the notes, comparisons, pictures and drawings your students collected during your vacation. Ask them to write a paragraph or essay on what their favorite experience was during the vacation. The younger ones who can not write yet should draw a picture, but the older ones can write a paraph or essay.

Have the kids make a collage. Using old magazines, have the students tear out images, colors, architecture that reminds them of the town you just vacationed in.

You can practice public speaking skills by having them stand and share about their pictures, collages and paragraphs. If you are in a homeschool Co-Op consider having the kids share their finding and experience with the group as well.

Homeschool Moms, Turn Your Next Vacation into a Field Trip! Great tips to keep the learning going even when away from home.

The possibilities to learning are endless. You can use some these tips for staycations too!


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  1. OMgosh! This makes me even more excited to homeschool. I always knew that when I started, that learning is always happening. But I wasn’t quite sure how to structure the learning loosely so that it wouldn’t feel so much like “this isn’t a vacation” (know what I mean?).

    Thanks for the tips! We haven’t started yet, but I will definitely take these tips into our next vacation time!! BTW. I love your blog. I found it last night. So even though I should be clearing…I am going to read through some of your posts! haha!

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