The Most Affordable {and effective} Way to Teach Your Child Spanish

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As homeschooling parents, my husband and I wanted to begin teaching our daughters a foreign language early on in our homeschooling journey. The problem that we ran into time and time again was the cost of quality foreign language materials. Popular language learning programs like Rosetta Stone easily cost hundreds of dollars. Don’t get me wrong, we were able to find some options that were of lower cost…but they were also of much lower value. It was SO frustrating.

Since I had numerous years of Spanish instruction in high school and college, I found myself piecing together various resources and trying to create my own Spanish curriculum for my daughters. If you have ever attempted this method, you know how time consuming it can be. Truthfully, it became too time intensive for me and I let it slide thinking that we would pick up foreign language curriculum again down the road when *hopefully* we could afford a quality program.

“Down the road” quickly turned into a few years later when we found ourselves being fully immersed in Spanish while spending four days on the ground in the Dominican Republic with Fathom Travel. It was at this point that I wished I had made learning Spanish more of a priority for my daughters. However, I was amazed at how quickly they were picking up the language naturally…but the even more amazing part was the fact that it sparked a desire to learn the language within my children.

The Most Affordable {and effective} Way to Teach Spanish

I knew that when we returned home, I needed to capitalize on their interest, so I went to work once again searching for a quality Spanish program that wouldn’t break the budget.

It was at this point that I found Spanish For You!

Spanish For You! is an incredibly simple and easy to use and teach curriculum that is totally affordable!

It is designed for students in grades 3-8, and if you have multiple children in these grades, you can purchase ONE set and it includes all grade levels.

Spanish for You! is a theme-based curriculum that engages students through a variety of easily taught activities and techniques. If you are a homeschool mom/dad who likes to have everything clearly laid out for you so that you know exactly what to teach and HOW to teach it, you will quickly fall in love with Spanish For You! Like I previously mentioned, Spanish for You! is a theme-based curriculum, but the various themes can be taught in any order. Each theme is a 24-30 week homeschool program. Themes include:

  • Mi Vida {my life}
  • Conversaciones {conversations}
  • Viajes {travels}
  • Fiestas {celebrations}
  • Estaciones {seasons}
  • Verbos {verbs}

Each themed package contains:

  • a textbook
  • daily lessons guide
  • flashcards/activity pictures set
  • worksheet set
  • audio files which include the audio of the entire textbook, plus bonus audios recorded by a native speaker

The amazing thing about this program is the fact that even if you have NO Spanish background, with Spanish for You! you can teach your children to become fluent in the language while learning the language yourself!

Spanish for You! can also be used in homeschool co-ops, schools, and private lessons. Once you begin using the program, you may decide that you enjoy it so much that you would like to offer online classes or lessons to other students using the Spanish for You! program and make some extra money for your family, and that is allowed by the program creator! You can find out all about how to use Spanish for You! in a classroom-type setting here.

We decided to begin with the Conversaciones theme and it was perfect for us. I have been amazed at how quickly my daughters have been able to have full conversations in Spanish. They’ve learned how to hold conversations around common situations that they find themselves in: at the park, at the grocery store, at the mall, at the movie theater, and at the restaurant. Through these conversations they learn vocabulary and verb conjugations. The lessons are engaging and interactive. I love the worksheet practice pages for added review. They’ve also learned basics such as: the alphabet, common words/phrases, commands, colors and numbers, months/days of the week, etc. The audio files are definitely what sets this program apart though. It is SO nice to have them available when I want my children to hear a native speaking the language…because despite how much I try, I just can’t pull it off exactly right with this southern accent that I have going on. 🙂 We have also enjoyed the songs included in the audio files which help to foster memorization.

If you’re looking for a quality Spanish curriculum for your children that is thorough, engaging, easy to teach, with proven success, and a price tag that won’t break your budget, Spanish for You! is your answer. You can purchase the program for ALL of your students in grades 3-8 for less than $65!!

Check it out for yourself here!

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