Hands-On Kindergarten Prep Pack {Limited Time Freebie}

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Have you ever wondered if there is a simple hands on kindergarten prep pack? Getting your child ready for kindergarten can seem like a HUGE task. What do they need to learn? Will they be ready? Do I have what it takes to teach my children? What if they don’t learn everything they need to know?

Getting your child ready for kindergarten isn’t really hard if you know what you are doing and have the right resources. Sure, that answer seems simple enough right? But then it leads you to ask, “What are the right resources?” and “Where do I find them?”

I am going to share my simple 2 step secret that will allow you to teach your kids and not stress out and result in tears because you have no idea what to prepare.Are you ready?

Step 1: Find out the pre-kindergarten standards for your country/ state/ area

My go to is a site called IXL. There are books on Amazon that can be bought but I like quick and simple and IXL delivers that. Once I am on the site, I change the country (the default is USA) and then I scroll down to PRE-K.

Once I ‘ve clicked it, I choose the subjects that I am interested in covering and then print. You can also save paper by saving it to your computer or a tablet.

Step 2: Find and use a simple low prep resource aka Hands-On Kindergarten Prep Pack

Help your child be ready for Kindergarten with this 140+ page hands-on Kindergarten Prep Pack {free for a limited time!}

Okay so you now that know what’s covered in Pre-K you need to actually teach them. Well, you can do this a few ways.

  1. You can search online and scour the free websites for worksheets and activities
  2. Become a Pinterest stalker and pin 1000 pins of awesome stuff that you will never do
  3. Grab the Hands-On Kindergarten Prep Pack {below!} and save yourself a ton of tears and trial and error.

Are you still with me so far? If you are, then let me give you a sneak peak of what’s included in this 140+ page kindergarten readiness pack:

Pre-K Math and Language

The Math portion of the kindergarten prep pack covers:

  • Counting to 20 (tens frames etc)
  • Solid shapes
  • Flat shapes
  • Number words
  • Symmetry


The Language Arts portion of the kindergarten prep pack covers:

  • Letter recognition
  • Rhyming words
  • Beginning sounds
  • Letter tracing
  • Sight words

Also included are skills practice:

  • tracing
  • cutting
  • gluing
  • coloring
  • following directions
  • matching
  • puzzles

To get your FREE Hands-on Kindergarten Prep Pack, simply complete the form below. When you click submit, you will be redirected to the file, be sure to save it to your device so that you can access it later. It is a LARGE file, give it a moment to fully download. Remember, it is only FREE through 3/9/18, so get your copy now!

**This freebie promotion has ended! Please check back frequently for additional freebies!**

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  1. This pack looks so useful for my daughter. I am particularly considering it because of added skills.

  2. This looks like an awesome pack!

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