Surprise Ride: The Coolest New Homeschool Resource You Don’t Want to Miss

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Yay – Heather is going to try Surprise Ride!

This is Bethany from Surprise Ride. We make hands-on science and art project kits for kids – I have a pretty fun job, right? This week I “have” to make sample crafts at work for an upcoming event. 😉

Surprise Ride has been around for over four years now delivering screen-free, educational activity kits to families. We had a hunch that many families were using Surprise Ride as a homeschool resource, but we didn’t know just how many. In a recent survey, we found out that over 10% of our subscribers are using Surprise Ride for homeschool. So, we connected with Heather to reach more of you!

Surprise Ride was founded by sisters Rosy & Donna Khalife. Their artist father created fun and educational DIY activities for them throughout their childhood, which makes up some of their best memories, so they vowed to build a company with a mission to create the same memorable moments for all families. We were even featured on Shark Tank and received funding from Kevin O’Leary on the Shark Tank spinoff Beyond the Tank!

Right now, “Life of a Homeschool Mom” readers can get 15% off any Surprise Ride subscription. We don’t do promotions often and this one expires February 9th.

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Last week, I talked to three homeschool moms and here’s what they had to say about Surprise Ride:

“I love it because we can get the boxes and create curriculum around the monthly topic. We move off of the kit and add our own exercises.” – Susan, NC

“We loved the gold rush and probably used it for curriculum for two weeks, reading the book that came with it, and we went to the library and found another book on the subject. The topics are really useful as a springboard into a topic that we expand on.” – Susan, TN

“I love your philosophy, and my son just loves it. He knows about what time it is delivered every month and asks ‘Is my Surprise Ride here yet?’” – Jackie, CA

We’re so excited for Heather and her kids to try the kit we’re sending her. Check back to see how she likes it!

-Contributed by Bethany from Surprise Ride

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