My Honest Review of Surprise Ride Monthly Subscription Box

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I received a Surprise Ride box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

If you are on my email list or follow me on Facebook, you will remember a couple of weeks ago, I told you that I was stalking our mailman because I just couldn’t WAIT for my first Surprise Ride box to arrive. Given the fact that we’ve been struggling a bit with getting our daughters to take time away from their electronic devices, I knew something like Surprise Box would be an excellent distraction for them and it couldn’t get here fast enough!

If you aren’t familiar with Surprise Ride, it is a monthly subscription box service for kids that aims to foster creativity and a spirit of learning in children of all ages with fun, hands-on activities. Each box has a different theme. Some themes include:

  • Perform a magic show activity kit
  • Mars sand science kit
  • Paint a birdhouse activity kit
  • Build beeswax candles activity kit
  • Build a volcano science kit
  • Build a model moon science kit
  • Paint a pirate chest activity kit
  • Make monster slime science kit

Each kit contains:

  • all supplies needed to complete activity
  • step-by-step instructions {with photos!}
  • keepsake collectible item
  • book/activity book with related learning activities

So, after stalking the mailman for a few days, our Surprise Ride box finally arrived! We received the “Build a Model Moon Science Kit”, and it was a perfect fit for my daughters. They love studying astronomy, so this was right up their alley!

Here’s what was included in our box:

The step-by-step instructions that were included were very thorough. My daughters {ages 12 and 13} didn’t need any assistance from me.

All materials were included. They even included tissue paper to cover your workspace so that you don’t make a huge mess! And all the mamas said “thank you!”.

The Build a Model Moon Activity Kit really appealed to all senses! It included a “taste test” of “astronaut food”- freeze dried apples. I think it’s safe to say that based on food alone, my daughters don’t have a future in being astronauts!

The girls both had fun working with the orthotape plaster bandage material. It was messy, so they were happy!

After they had applied the plaster, added a few craters, and dried the moon. Nevaeh popped the balloon and Shaylie {AKA Ms. Perfectionist} took on the application of the glow in the dark paint. She insisted that the paint be applied unevenly to make it glow in a “more realistic” fashion. Yes, she sort of made of the instructions on her own at this point. Extra points for creativity, I suppose!

Their moon masterpiece….but the coolest part of all was………….

The way the glow in the dark paint actually made it look like a moon- craters, uneven surface, and all!

This activity took them approximately an hour and a half {maybe a bit more because of some sibling squabbles that were encountered}, but it was 90 minutes of them being creative. 90 minutes where they weren’t looking at an electronic screen. And in my opinion, that alone is 90 minutes of victory!

I have absolutely no complaints with the Surprise Ride box that we received. Both of my daughters asked if they could get another box in the mail, so of course we will be signing up! If you’re interested in signing up, there are many options available. You can sign up to receive boxes monthly or you can order one box at a time. If you choose the subscription, you can choose to pay monthly, or a 6 or 12 month subscription- both at lower rates than the standard monthly rate.

Surprise Ride is so popular with the homeschool community that they have a special offer just for homeschooling families! Click here to learn more!

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  1. There are so many subscription boxes…I want them all! My son would have loved doing this! I was thinking of getting him a different subscription box, but I think this review just made my decision harder. 90 minutes of fun and bonding would be great! Especially since it definitely is a learning activity. I’ll have to see what else they offer. My son wanted to learn about insects (WHYYYYYYYYY), so maybe they have something for that…hmmmm.

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