Free Math Websites for Homeschooling Grades 6-12

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If you are like many, math might not be the easiest subject to teach when it comes to homeschooling. One thing I have learned along the way is you learn as you go, right there with your child. Below are a variety of math websites to use in homeschooling your child. These are free resources for grades 6th through 12th to help your child learn and break down those hard to learn areas.

Math Websites for Homeschooling Grades 6-12 | This is an AMAZING resource for homeschooling middle school and high school. So much free videos and worksheets to add to your homeschool curriculum!!

Below you will find 10 math based websites to use in addition to your curriculum. I find the videos extremely helpful, as I like to learn visually. But, there are a variety of ways your child can learn, and that is what makes these math websites so useful for homeschooling.

10 Math Websites to Help With Homeschooling Grades 6-12

Math Games| This website goes up to the 8th grade and is full of games your child can play. It is a great way for them to have a little fun and practice on math they are learning at the moment. Lots of games to choose from!

Purple MathLots of tutorials and really breaking down and teaching in a non-technical way, that makes math easier to grab. You can find tons of resources for ages 5th-12th!

Khan AcademyJust like I posted in my science website page, you can also get math help at Khan. They help teach you how to learn your math skills in a very easy and direct way, it is a great website. Khan is one of the top STEM websites out there and is great for homeschooling.

Adapted Minds| Great site for lessons on math for grades 1-8th. Print off lessons on fractions, percentages, number sense and more, depending on the grade you are looking at. Each grade has around 170 lessons you could print off. Very useful.

Wolfram AlphaSimply type in a question, and it will give you instant results. This is great if you are trying to find the answer to an equation and more.

Ed HelperIf you want some math worksheets to print off or fun games to help add into your lesson plan, check them out. A nice wide variety of learning for your child.

Math WarehouseAlgebra, Calculus, Trig, worksheets, and so much more. You can also enter a problem into their spreadsheet and get instant answers like Wolfram Alpha!

Quick MathStruggling with a math formula, this site will give you simple answers to your equation, that can maybe help you learn to solve it.

Algebra HelpUse the online calculator, print worksheets, and lessons, for your child to learn and more.

MathChimps| Let your child learn in a way of fun games! Play games on exponents, decimals, variables and so much more. This site goes up to the 8th grade.

More Math Homeschooling Resources:

Do you have any favorite math websites for homeschooling grades 6-12? Please share them in the comments below!