{Limited Time Freebie} Stronger Marriage Toolkit

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In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, I have partnered with my friend Brittany Ann from Equipping Godly Women to give each of you a copy of her Stronger Marriage Toolkit for FREE!

Let me ask you a question: Is your marriage everything you ever hoped and dreamed it would be and more? Do you wake up each morning pinching yourself, wondering how you got so lucky to have such a great husband and a great marriage?

Or do you ever wish that your marriage could be stronger, closer, more fulfilling or more fun?

You’ve probably figured out by now — good marriages don’t just *happen* on their own. No one just wakes up one day to find that all of their problems have magically disappeared overnight.

No, if you want a great marriage, you have to work at it. And the Stronger Marriage Toolkit from Equipping Godly Women can help you do just that — and it’s FREE! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, but for a limited time only.

A fun and romantic collection of seven great resources, the Stronger Marriage Toolkit has everything you need to jumpstart your marriage and feel that spark once again.

Here’s what’s included:

♡ An 8 Page Stronger Marriage Assessment Guide to help you uncover the REAL issues in your marriage.

♡ A His & Hers Marriage Instruction Manual to help you know exactly how to best care for each other.

♡ 30 Heart-Revealing “Date Night” Questions for deeper discussion, communication and intimacy.

♡ A 5-page Marriage Communication Guide that will show you exactly how to have those hard conversations you’ve been avoiding.

♡ 12 Printable Prayer Cards to help you make praying powerful prayers for your marriage a priority.

♡ 30 Fun and Romantic Date Night Ideas to help you make time for each other more regularly.

♡ Plus 12 Conversation Cards to keep on hand for increased communication wherever you are!

Pick out a few resources you think will be most helpful for your marriage or use them all — it’s totally up to you! But make sure you grab your Stronger Marriage Toolkit soon. The limited time offer ends 2/18/18!

I’m so sorry that you missed this promotion! Please check back frequently for new freebies!

Strengthen your marriage with the Stronger Marriage Toolkit- FREE for a limited time!