Does Your Child Need Extra Math Help?

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Just the mere mention of that word often causes a homeschool mom’s stress level to increase. I think this has to do with the fact that many math programs are simply dry and boring.

If you have a child that struggles with math, a change in curriculum could help to solve your issues. Determining your child’s learning style can greatly help you in determining which curriculum is the best fit. However, sometimes a change in curriculum isn’t all that is needed. Sometimes, we have to find ways to make math fun!

How to Help Your Child LOVE Math

This is where Revolution Math comes in.

They claim that they can make your child fall in love with math…and after sitting through one of their sessions myself, I can definitely see how they can do this!

Revolution math uses a story-based curriculum and engaging math games to help children in grades 2-5 develop math skills and create a love of learning. It is an online-based program which is great because kids LOVE being on the computer! Each session involves your child solving math-based mysteries and completing team challenge with the other students in the lesson.

Now, you might be thinking that sounds great, but my child needs one on one attention when it comes to learning math. That is exactly what they get with Revolution Math! Each Revolution Math class is live and is capped at four students and one teacher. Each concept is thoroughly taught by the instructor and the students engage in solving problems and are provided with immediate feedback and further instruction if needed.

Each Revolution Math session lasts 60 minutes and your child will have the same instructor each lesson. If you’re worried that sixty minutes is a bit too long, don’t! The lesson is so fun and engaging that the time flies. The lesson that I sat in on, one of the children even commented about how quickly the time was passing. Throughout the lesson, as your child completes games and missions, he/she collects gems which can later be exchanged for awesome prizes:

Even though the lessons are live and online, parents can still sign in and track their child’s progress at anytime! Parents also receive weekly updates from the instructors.

Many families {both in the homeschool and traditional school settings} enjoy using Revolution Math with their children in the summer to prevent the “summer slide”. Because the program is so much fun, children don’t mind doing math over summer break!

To truly appreciate all that Revolution Math has to offer, you must see it for yourself!

Revolution Math is giving all of my readers 3 FREE sessions and a complimentary learning kit which includes:

All you have to do is click here and click START TRIAL. It says that the trial costs $19, but if you use the coupon code: HOME18 you will get the 3 sessions and the learning kit for FREE! Simply complete the checkout process {NOTE- you do NOT have to enter in any credit card or payment information}. It is totally, 100% FREE. No strings attached.

Stay tuned next week when I will be giving away a 2-month subscription and learning kit from Revolution Math to one of my lucky readers!




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  1. Thank you – We are excited to try this out!

  2. THANK YOU so very much for the free trial classes. We love it!

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