The Best Essential Oils for your Homeschool (And How To Use Them!)

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As homeschool moms, we all have had that fairy tale vision in our heads of the perfect homeschool day. Waking up to the sun shining, bird chirping, kids in a lovely mood, being super productive, no fighting or complaining from anyone in the house. AHHHH! Perfection.

But then reality hits. Not every day is all sunshine and roses, even for homeschoolers. There are lists of tips and tricks to make sure your homeschool day is awesome, but everyday will not be perfect.

And that’s ok!

We all deal with different frustrations, lack of concentration, low energy and stress. We use essential oils to help with some of these symptoms that the kiddos may be experiencing on any given homeschool day.

Diffusing essential oils in the room where you homeschool can help improve your family’s productivity and mood.

Yes, Please!!

The Best Essential Oils to Use in Your Homeschool

#1 Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil is known to improve mental focus. So that makes this oil a staple in my oil bag! I love the perkiness my kids and I get after applying it. You can diffuse it, inhale it or add to a carrier oil and apply to the skin to get that mental boost you and the kids need.


#2 Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is said to have a calming effect. On those really rough homeschool days, we love that little extra help from Lavender Oil. I love it combined with peppermint oil myself. It’s also said to be good at soothing skin rashes. Diffuse it or add it to a carrier oil and apply to skin.

#3 Rosemary Oil

Does you child get stressed during tests? Rosemary oil may help your child’s memory during studying and exam time! WOOHOO! Try having your student inhaling a little rosemary oil when bored and needing a little brain boost.

#4 Vetiver Oil

Vetiver Oil is calming to my homeschool. It’s uplifting and soothing at the same time. Diffusing 3-5 drops when the day drags on and you need a pick me up, this is it. After the lunch break, you may experience a drag in energy, Vetiver oil in your diffuser may be the oil your homeschool needs to get out of the afternoon drag.

#5 Immune Strength

A powerhouse blend! Diffusing Immune Strength may aid in supporting the respiratory and immune systems. Especially during allergy seasons, this is a staple oil we diffuse. I also add a few drops in my dishwasher to help sanitize our dishes. Keeping the germs away is important, because kids loves to share them. LOL

The Best Essential Oils to Use in your Homeschool

Do you remember the story of Jesus’ birth? Some of the gifts He received were essential oils!! Yes, they have been around for a very very long time. The royal kings must have highly prized essential oils to offer them as a gift to the Savior.

Of course, look into the proper use and benefits of essential oils. See what works best for your family. Each family will have their own favorite blends. We love essential oils in our homeschool!


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  1. I find Ylang Ylang helpful for those times I am a bit tightly wound. It mellows and calms me, which is a blessing to my children during school. Also, I have discovered that lavender affects one of my sons in the opposite way; it revs him up rather than calming him. Each person may respond differently. Knowing this helps me be watchful and try new oils during the day instead of at bedtime. A missed naptime would have been much easier than keeping a wired child quiet until the sleepytime blend applied at bedtime wore off at one a.m. Experience is an effective teacher.

  2. Do you mix all these oils together in the diffuser for each school day? If not, please provide a schedule and how many drops of each work best. I’m new to homeschooling and this is helpful information. Thank you.

  3. This sounds promising and could be the help that I need. I don’t know anything about oils though. Could you post what brand of oils you use or tried (I know you won’t be promoting them) and what diffuser you use? I have no clue where to start. Thanks.

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