Help Your Teen Ace CLEP Tests

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How to help your teen ace CLEP tests

If you have a child who is preparing to take a CLEP test and you want to give them the best help available, you simply MUST check out the CLEP prep program from Scoring well on a CLEP test grants your child real college credit, so this is a time for them to do their absolute best.  The CLEP prep study guides are a great way to review and see if you have missed any vital areas before your child sits for his/her test.

One of the biggest assets of the CLEP prep program from is the fact that it works for all types of learners. The materials are presented in a variety of ways at a pace that works for each individual student. The goal of the CLEP prep program is to help your student master various subject areas. The program includes:

  • brief, highly engaging videos
  • text transcripts to accompany the videos
  • quizzes with immediate feedback
  • practice tests
  • and a personalized study plan with a week by week study schedule

While we are still a few years away from college in our home, I am always on the look out for products that will help my daughters when the time comes. The CLEP prep program from is one that we will definitely be using then, and I’ve even found a few ways that we can use it now as a review for topics we have already covered. It gives them another source to help them really dig into their curriculum and see what they remember and what topics they might need refreshers on. CLEP study guides are perfect for all students!

Science, mathematics, foreign languages, history and social science and more are a few of the areas of CLEP tests.  To see a full list of all CLEP study guides available, click hereSay your child wants to work on the Spanish Study Guides, you can see instantly that has 184 lessons on this, which is outstanding to me.  You will not fall short in the information on the subject you choose, they each have tons of lessons each, to really help your child grasp the subject at hand. After lessons, your teen can then take a little quiz to make sure they are retaining what they learned that lesson. If you find they didn’t do well, let them go over the lesson once again. is more than just CLEP prep! Homeschooling is something we love, but let me be honest sometimes the curriculum is a bit hard even for me to teach my child. So when offers 24/7 expert help if we run into a snag or your child has a question, it is nice that they can easily talk us through. Plus you can access over 500 practice tests, to really help your child feel prepared as they can be, and access over 100 hours of videos. has all the major exam types your teen might need to work on. 

If you have a child preparing for a CLEP test, I cannot recommend the CLEP prep program from enough! I’m so impressed with it that I asked for a unique discount code only for my readers and they were happy to oblige. Here are the details:

CLEP test prep product:

  • 20% off your first 3 months
  • New members only
  • Coupon expires March 31, 2018

Click the “Have a Coupon Code?” link on the last page of the registration process, input the coupon code LIFEOFAHOMESCHOOLMOM, and click the “Apply Coupon” button.

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